Stevie J. And Eve – What Went Wrong

Stevie J. and Eve

Stevie J. and Eve continue to be a hot topic during the popularity of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta. Mainly because everyone knows producer Stevie J. and Eve used to date back during the female rapper’s reign, however, many have no knowledge as to why the couple split. Sure, Stevie J. is probably relevant now more than ever because of the messiness that is Stevie J. and Mimi (one of many Stevie J. baby mamas), and the fact that he got Joseline pregnant while he was supposed to be in a committed relationship, and the Lil Scrappy and Stevie J. fight that everyone is still watching the show and dying to see. But what happened while Stevie J. dated Eve that caused the female rapper to throw up the deuces and barely mention Stevie J. again in interviews?

For one thing, Stevie J. has a long standing reputation of cheating on every woman he dates. Even though he dated Eve at the height of her career, he still dogged Eve like he had done and still does every woman he sleeps with and romances. Eve was 19 years old when she met and began to date Stevie J. Things went so great and Eve fell in love so hard that she made one of her biggest hits to date “Got A Man” to tell the world how in love she had fallen. Eve even credited Stevie J. as her first love, but it didn’t take too long before she learned that the producer was cheating on her with several women. One of them possibly being Mimi, since it’s been confirmed that Mimi has been in Stevie J’s life for at least 15 years.


stevie j. and eve


While Eve and Stevie J. dated, they also made a sex tape. Unfortunately for Eve, the Stevie J. and Eve sex tape got in the wrong hands, and Eve was black mailed by an unknown person for a large amount of money. Refusing to be bullied, Eve gave up none of her Ruff Ryder dough, and as promised, the tape hit the internet causing quite the embarrassment. While many have said for years the tape was given to the black mailer by Stevie J., Eve said in her version of Behind The Music that it had actually been a former girlfriend who sold the tape. Stevie J. also confirmed this in a recent interview, though many still believe he is responsible. That’s understandable, since it’s also rumored that Stevie J.’s love of unprotected sex has caused him to burn many women not only emotionally, but physically, by transmitting STD’s. These are some of the reasons many think Eve finally left allegedly, besides just learning of other women.

However, Mimi knows this full well and has stayed for years. But if the timing reveals anything, Mimi might have been a Joseline Hernandez to Stevie J. herself for years before the two became parents together. Especially since Joseline just outed her for being Ja-Rule’s former groupie not too long ago.

As for Eve, she was smarter than Mimi. She left before she could join Stevie J’s baby mama club, which currently holds 4 women, including Mimi.


  1. I have so much more respect for Eve now that I know she got the hell on after she found out how dirty Stevie J. really is. No woman should ever subject themselves to that kind of behavior. He’s not even attractive and he looks short as hell. I’m not sure how he’s even pulling all these women and converting them into baby mommas.

    1. Stevie J is a gooofy looking nga and his whole demeanor is childish. He only gets females by making it rain and telling them he will make them stars. He\’s a pretty good producer but that\’s about it.

    2. The guy must know how to ” do it” to make those women stay like that. Eve obviously did not let that get in the way of her leaving….I say bravo for her.

  2. This man is just disgusting. I’m so happy to know that not every woman he dates stays and continues to put up with his crap. And Joseline is just as bad as Mimi, so I don’t know why she looks down on her for staying too.

  3. Eve was young as hell, but she was no dummy. She saw what her mother went through for picking and staying with losers, so she just wasn’t having it. She left ASAP, and she even made a song about how trifling Stevie was called “You, Me, and She.” But anyway, Stevie was so dirty that I’m sure it’s no coincidence that he was basically the last black man Eve has dated publicly. She won’t even talk about him now in any of her more recent interviews since the show has been on. #Burn.

  4. This man is such a creep! And there are women who STILL want to bone him. His mentions on Twitter are so pathetic. Women can be so sad.

  5. First of all, Stevie J is disgusting. To have run through as many women as he has, it’s amazing he doesn’t have AIDS. What makes women think their baby is going to be the “Golden Child” that will make this man grow up and be a man? These women are just ignorant to the fact that Stevie J only loves Stevie J. Hell, I would sleep with this man if his d*** was gold and he could c** diamonds……….I’d jack him off though. LOL

  6. Ummm MiMi who’s the Slut Monkey now ??? MiMi was dogging Joseline for being with Stevie J. it appears that she was Sluting around grimey Stevie J. when he was with Eve,but Eve dropped his grimey A- – as soon as she found out about the other women . Then the sex tape showed up out of know where thanks to Stevie J. glad Eve moved on….

  7. Why is it that everyone seems to down Stevie J, although I think he’s hoe a-s dude, his hand with these females can’t be denied, it’s their fault that they get dogged, not his, as the old aphorism goes, don’t hate the player, hate the game.

  8. I watch this show and all these actors must be on something cause there ain’t no way I would carry myself like they do the only ones on the show to me that got sense is Mimi and rasheeda benzino is ok cause he put out the magazine and had a little beef wit u no who Niko is wack Stevie j is wack scrappy is broke and wack his baby mother and bamboo are ugly
    As hell then kirks wack a-s is dumb but I love the way Mimi carries her self as a women I really do love her wit her sexy ads lol it’s me mama raymond holla Mimi at [email protected]

  9. I’ve always knew Stevie J was mentally ill and emotionally torn apart since watching the first 2 episodes of L&HHA. Most people who exhibit irrational and risque behavior are normally hurting from some type of psychological event(s) that occurred throughout his/her life. Stevie definitely has low self esteem and he seems to hide his pain behind dating and hurting as many women by exposing them to dangerous and harsh elements, thus,causing them to feel his pain. In order to relieve the hate he feels daily about himself, he has gotten in front of the “COONIN CAMERA” before millions of viewers to not only clown himself but the women who willfully allow him. Why would someone in their right mind deliberately hurt people like that, if they highly regarded themselves? Ladies and Gentlemen, if you cross paths with people such as Stevie J or Joseline,run for the hills. These types of people are not to be taken seriously and they should be banned from the entrance to any person’s heart. These people are extremely sick and need to be counseled and possibly medicated to help them face reality. I hope he gets the help he urgently needs.

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