5 Things Women Can Learn From Stevie J. (Raw & Uncensored)

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Just another column from an educated black man who doesn’t spare feelings or want women to miss what lessons can be learned from a–holes like Stevie J.

By: Mike J.

Stevie J. might be a slime ball, but there’s a lot of women dating him in real life.

The sad thing is most of them turn their nose up at Mimi like they are somehow smarter than she is. But if I broke down all the sh-tty characteristics of this man, I guarantee things would begin to look real familiar. What if I told you that the Stevie J.’s of the world aren’t always so obvious? They don’t always have four baby mommas, and they don’t always end up on reality television. Some of them have college degrees, good paying jobs, and bring a lot to the table financially. But they’re all selfish, deceitful, and charming enough to keep women in the picture because they understand the importance of knowing what to say and when it should be said.

If you’re smart, you’ll pay attention to the dynamics of Stevie J. and Mimi, and learn how to identify the addictive unhealthy relationships that most women like Mimi have a hard time walking away from for 15 years.

1. Some men aren’t capable of loving nobody but themselves.

There’s a lot of women who have a hard time believing that some people just can’t love. In fact, y’all take that sh-t so personal. Your egos will be the death of you and the cause of your heartbreak because you can’t see why a man doesn’t deem you “loveable.” What should be seen as cautionary becomes a challenge. Oh you gone make that n-gga love you. But sometimes it’s not really about you, sometimes it’s about us not wanting to be emotionally tied to anyone. Some of us can’t connect besides the physical. You shouldn’t fall in love with these types of people. Yet most of you do and you find yourselves loving men who don’t even love you back or even care to. When feelings aren’t reciprocated, there’s nothing else to work on or prove. Bounce.

2. Too much charm isn’t always a good thing. Even the Bible noted that charm is deceitful, but so many women refuse to date a man that isn’t charming. Nowadays we call that swag and there’s a lot of good brothers not getting your attention because they aren’t “swaggy” enough. See how stupid that sounds? If Justin Beiber is singing about swag, you still aren’t convinced of how childish the whole premise of it is? It’s even dumber when the value of someone’s charm is higher than how they treat women.

3. All we gotta do is sing and bang on some piano keys to keep the p_ssy. Mimi is more common than y’all think. Sometimes the piano and good singing voice can be substituted by inauthentic “I Love You’s” and “I’m sorry’s.” Y’all make it too easy sometimes. Action beats any apology, so demand that first.

4. Men have baggage, but it’s usually in the form of baby mommas and promiscuous lifestyles. Why are you trying to walk down the aisle with someone who clearly doesn’t value marriage?

5. There’s a lot of us that don’t respect or reward loyalty. Sometimes being a ride or die chick is pointless. Know who to ride and die for, or you’ll end up wondering why you wasted 15 years. Not everyone ends up like Tiny and T.I.P. In fact, most don’t. But a real dude wouldn’t want you to.


Mike J. is our featured relationship columnist. Read more of his columns on being a single black man and relationships here.


  1. Loved this. Yes, any one of could be Mimi if we’re not careful. A woman’s instinct is never wrong, but we ignore it because we want it to work out anyway. SMH.

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