Gossip: Is Chris Brown on Drugs?

Chris Brown Drugs

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Is Chris Brown doing drugs? Recent photos of the singer Chris Brown and model girlfriend Karrueche Tran exiting LA nightclubs have caused more speculation that Chris Brown is on drugs. While we try our best to be selective in what gossip we report, we can’t turn a blind eye when reports of Rihanna being broke were somewhat confirmed by the recent revelation that she had filed suit against her former accountants for causing her to lose millions in tour money. Here’s the picture that caused the rumors to get louder:


chris brown drugs 2012


This picture has confirmed for many that Chris Brown is taking drugs. Most believe the young singer is on Ecstasy or a harder version called Molly, while many others are citing cocaine use. There have also been a few reports that the real reason Chris Brown had to sell his home was because his neighbors hated his frequent drug doing parties. But to be fair, we thought we’d show all of the pictures taken that night:


chris brown drugs


chris brown drugs abuse


chris brown does drugs

And here’s Chris and Karrueche again, a couple of days ago, exiting a dinner party with friends in Hollywood:

Is Chris Brown on drugs


Chris Brown girlfriend drugs


So what is the staff’s verdict? Well, we can’t confirm Chris is on drugs by one photo or because there have been rumors suggesting that Karrueche is a junkie whose past includes heavy cocaine, crack and Ecstasy use and being a LA groupie to anyone with music fame that could supply her habits. It’s just not fair to take one bad photo out of several good ones and scream drug addiction. But anything can happen in Hollywood. We do have to wonder WHY THE HELL HE IS WEARING JACKETS IN THE SUMMER TIME though. Someone close to me did tell me they had a family member who was addicted to PCP who would not step out of the house without a jacket and skull cap, even in the Summertime. And no one with any solid connection to Chris’ camp is talking…yet. So for now, we’d like to believe that the druggie Hollywood crowd hasn’t gotten to Breezy just yet. But the dramatic weight loss, sunken face, and jacket wearing in the summer is making it very hard to do.

Damn Breezy. We hope you’re not getting caught up in the Hollywood life.



Photos: Just Jared & Chris Brown-US.com


  1. I have been wondering about this for the last few months because honestly, he has been looking terrible. He looks like he is on something. His girlfriend is nothing but a yes girl, so it’s not like she would try to talk him out of doing drugs. It’s hard to be rich and famous because all it does is attract enablers who don’t really care about you.

  2. Most celebs do drugs. It’s actually stranger when one doesn’t than when one does. I hope he gets it together, but no one around him will push him to.

  3. Something ain’t right with the boy. For crying out loud, in that opening picture he looks like a lighter version of Ol’ Dirty Bastard.

  4. Chris is on drugs and his fans don’t want to admit it. They will cuss you out before they believe their idol is on something. But it’s all in the pudding and it’s clear as day that he is doing some kind of drug. He doesn’t even look sober. And his girl is probably doing them with him because she seems like the typical spineless leech.

  5. I like Chris. I really do. But I’m too damn old to act like I don’t know what the hell I am looking at. He is on some kind of drug and he’s obviously addicted. I hope he gets help but I won’t act blind to the obvious.

  6. This is well known in the industry but people are going to act like they don’t know because no one wants to get involved. Chris is on something and his PR team tried to blame it on his break up with Rihanna. Problem is, they released that lie a few months ago, a few years after the break up and after he’s been with another chick for 2 years. They released the statement to get everyone to shut up and draw sympathy but he’s not mourning no break up with Rihanna. He’s on drugs and it’s most likely Ecstasy. No sober person wears a jacket and beanie in July. His little girlfriend has been a druggie for the last few years and she is down for pretty much anything Chris wants so she can have access to drugs and a lavish lifestyle. Everyone in LA knows about her past. And she’s a big part of the problem.

    1. could be heroin or some other opiod. Ecstasy makes you pretty hot and the coat would be the last thing you would want to keep on.

      People where long sleeve shirts and coats to cover track marks from needles. They also usually have low blood pressure and are usually cold a lot, even in the summer time.

      Doubt he would wear a coat if he was on coke either. So more than likely hes on opiates

  7. Where is the boys mother, they were so close……….lady get your boy before the child end up DEAD! We have seen this happen to our young ones too many times………I don’t know Chris, but i love him, i watched him grow and i din’t wanna see him die. SOME ONE PLEASE SAVE HIM!!!!!!!

  8. Sh-t, he’s just gonna end up dead just like all the other young celebs that died of drug use. I have been through ups and downs. I have 3 different autoimmune diseases at once. I almost died 2 times in the past 5 years. WTF reason does he have to do drugs? Pressure? oh well too bad. Love Life? So what. I have never done drugs, well the prescribed ones while being in the hospital, but that’s it. They have money, fame and live a good life but want to let love or the lack there of, turn them into drug addicts. Young ppl these days dont have any brains. GTFO yourselves and live your life the right. I am not saying not to party, but you can do it clean. Sorry I cant feel sry for u. Maybe your parents should of taken control of you earlier in life, not its too late.

    1. Probably the price of fame.. Homie coulda sold his soul to get where he’s at now and can’t cope with the sh-t, and everything else escalates it. Look at what happend to T.I. when he left Jail the first time after, he was caught with some coke and pills with Tiny.. You’d be bullsh-tting to believe these celebs are doing this sh-t just because it’s “cool” or stress going on tour.. Getting page 100K to half a Million to show up places or perform, it’s surely more to these stories and drugs. I don’t know if Chris does Coke but I believe he’s experimenting perhaps. Buncha yes men in your circle will do that though.

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