Lil Scrappy Chooses Buckeey Over Erica?

Lil Scrappy Buckeey

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The Lil Scrappy, Buckeey romance continues? That seems to be the latest gossip, besides the upcoming Stevie J. and Lil Scrappy fight. Despite trying to reconcile an old romance with baby mama Erica on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Lil Scrappy seems to grow more disinterested in Erica with each episode.  Erica was willing to try to make things work despite Lil Scrappy dating Diamond, and Lil Scrappy dating Buckeey two years ago, but when it comes to making things official with Erica, Lil Scrappy just doesn’t seem to go all the way. In fact, Lil Scrappy and Shay Buckeey Johnson have more chemistry on screen than he and Erica seem to. Although Erica took Lil Scrappy back when Diamond and Soulja Boy started dating, she can never seem to make a dent in his heart the same way Diamond did, which would explain why he talks about Diamond more than he does her in interviews.

According to some ATL gossip, Lil Scrappy not only moves out, but he seems to allow Buckeey to move back into his life romantically. The two first dated and became a couple after Diamond and Soulja Boy became a couple publicly the first time in 2010, leaving Lil Scrappy scrambling for a rebound. He found one in Buckeey, and the two began a long series of photo opps and blog relevance. Fast froward to now, sources claim the two are indeed messing around again and ultimately the reason Lil Scrappy and Erica call it quits for good.

Lil Scrappy Buckeey

While this can only be classified as gossip, our same sources were right when they revealed to us that Joseline got an abortion at Stevie J’s request and that the Lil Scrappy and Stevie J. fight was orchestrated by the producers when they got Lil Scrappy drunk before Stevie J. came to the club to face the cameras.

If this is true, hopefully, Erica is already moving on and finding someone who values her more than Lil Scrappy ever has. It sure looks that way on her Twitter account.


  1. Wow. I don’t know what it is, but Scrappy just doesn’t seem to have any real romantic feelings for Erica. He will date anybody except her it seems. Diamond is a cute girl, but she seems like a user and Buckeey has a sex tape and is only known for her body. And he chose both over Erica, who’s a gorgeous girl and went to school. I hope she moves on and finds better because Scrappy ain’t it.

    1. All that she done worked for in Lil’Scrappy,,I dont think she just gonna up and leave him with everything that they had going on.But she do gotta’ realize that if he gonna be treatin’ her this way then there’s no choice then to leave him.

  2. Erica just needs to move on. They didn’t even have any chemistry on the show. It seemed forced and very sad. Buckeey is no prize, but Erica needs to stop trying to make something work with someone who isn’t really interested in her.

  3. What does Buckeey even have to offer besides her booty? I can’t even take her seriously. I say let Lil Scrappy have her because he keeps losing when it comes to women anyway. Diamond is a pretty girl but seriously, she was obviously using him. And this chick here was on Flava Flav’s show, so that alone speaks volumes. As long as they are cordial and take good care of their kid, nothing else matters.

  4. I doubt he would ever admit it but I think he knows that Erica is too good for him and sabotages himself at every corner. I hope he is Happy with Bucky cause you know Erica aint gonna take his ass back when he tries to come back cuz we all know he will.

  5. Lil Scrappy and Buckeey deserve each other. They are both two ignorant and raggedy looking individuals. And they have made up their own hoodrat language. It works. Erica needs to move on because even her sh-t is better than these two.

  6. Erica needs to move on cause Scrappy will always cheat on her and lie. if u noticed scrappy cheated and he cheated again. Dont tell no damn female you working on the relationship knowing u cheating on her. Men are just A*%. Erica will find better.

  7. Shay you dum a-s hell he cheated on erica with you an diamond what make you think he aint gone cheat you plus every relationship you had havent you always been side line hoe an mama dee mind yo daum business let scrappy be a man an grow the f-ck up cause regardless just like scrappy gotta answer to you cause you his mother he gotta answer to erica to thats his childs mother!!!!!!!!!!!

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