Trey Songz: Women Love to Be Called B-tches, So I Do

By: Taren Vaughan

Trey Songz’ new single, “2 Reasons” has been on full blast on the radio and in numerous night spots. And as many might bob their heads to the track, not everybody is all hyped up over the club banger featuring T.I. due to Trey throwing around the b-tch word one time too many. Although people are coming down hard on him for flooding the song with the word, Songz doesn’t really see the problem with using it as women have essentially made it okay for people to call us b-tches anyway:

“The second single is just a fun record for the club. The way I view it is women have kind of made ‘b***h’ a word of empowerment amongst themselves,”

He continues by saying that women who refer to themselves  as “bad b-tches” are doing it because we have turned it into a phrase of positivity, something to stand proudly behind. And those are the type of chicks that he goes after:

“For example, they’ll say ‘I’m a bad b***h’ — that’s not bringing their character down, they’re just embracing what been so fought over for so long. So I came for the bad b***hes and the drinks, believe that. The thing about doing music, you’re in a public space so you have to be prepared for people’s opinion. I make a lot of my music for people and the same amount for myself, so there’s a bit of truth in every song.”

Worst of all, Trey Songz’ comments have led some of his devoted younger fans to believe that walking around calling yourself a b-tch is cool, because he said so:

RT @BriaSongzz: @TreySongz said he used the word b-tch as a term of empowerment 🙂

Is it our fault that Trey Songz and others like him  got this notion that women get a kick out of being called b-tches?





  1. This man is an idiot. And sadly, he’s got more money than the people who actually have a college education and KNOW BETTER. Our society is beyond destroyed. There is nothing empowering about calling yourself a b-tch. Because as soon as a man says it and calls you that, you feel disrespected. Who says, “OMG, this random man just called me a b-tch, I feel soooo empowered right now?” Really, who does that? I’m so over these stupid celebs trying to reason why they are ignorant.

  2. He doesn’t even like women right? That’s the only way I can explain why his lip gloss be poppin more than mine does. Those that disrespect women the most usually don’t like women.

  3. I can’t even be mad at him when this is how most women refer to themselves. And it’s not even about education level, college educated women are even calling themselves “bad b-tches.” Men treat you how you treat yourself, so they damn sure call you whatever you’re cool with (and calling yourself).

  4. I think yall are overacting a little bit. Don’t get mad at Trey for trying to make lyrics that relate to his target audience. Hell most women call themselves b-tches. Trey ain’t the problem, the women who made this okay are. That’s just my opinion.

  5. I don’t find calling myself a bad b-tch or boss b-tch empowering. To me it’s stupid, but I’m sure I’m in the minority on that one. I may not be able to control how men refer to all women but I can help what he calls me. No need to get upset about anything else.

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