Erica Dixon on The Lil Scrappy Stevie J. Fight: That ‘Man’ Hit Me in the Jaw!

Lil Scrappy and baby mama Erica Dixon

By: Taren Vaughan

The Lil’ Scrappy Stevie J. Fight on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is still the big talk amongst reality TV show watchers as the Lil’ Scrappy Stevie J. fight continues to be the talk of the urban gossip blogs too. Lil Scrappy claims that the fight was edited and that Stevie J. and Joseline Hernandez ended up in the hospital. Lil’ Scrappy’s baby mama Erica Dixon, who was also involved in the fight, has now spoken out about the incident that went down Monday night. She revealed to Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club that she feels that Joseline was the reason why the fight escalated like it did after her random accusation of Erica and Stevie J. having sex and took some jabs at Joseline’s womanhood, or in her eyes, lack thereof:

“I don’t know. They edited a lot. It all started because I was struck by a man. Joseph, Jose, Shenellica, yeah… All I remember is when she hit me I lost it, completely lost it, security just bum rushed everybody and was just knocking everybody to the ground and on top of everybody”

“Shenellica”, as in Shenellica Bettencourt, the name that Joseline went by during her alleged prostitution days. Even though Joseline has made it a point to prove to the world that there is nothing manly about her at all by tweeting nude photos of herself, Erica probably just reinforced that thought back in people’s heads with her comical shot firing.

Erica continued by saying that when Joseline hit her in the face, that’s when she just lost it and went after Stevie’s side chick:

“It was his h-e. His sideline. She didn’t know nothing about nothing. She seen the bad b-tch and got a lil’ insecure. “Oh didn’t yall sleep together?”  I’m like what?! Who are you? What is your relevance? Who are you?”

“The man caught me inside my jaw. That is a man,” “ I was struck by him and I just went H.A.M.”

Joseline got on Mimi’s bad side with the quickness by the end of the first episode as Karlie Redd insisted that Stevie was much more than just Joseline’s manager. And now this fight has Erica looking at her crazy too. Joseline stays making enemies.


  1. Both need to move on from the losers they are with. Erica seems to have done so, but Joseline is equally as stupid as Mimi for falling in love with his nasty a–.

  2. That whole “fight” scene was pretty ratchet and hilarious. I wish I could see the whole unedited version though. It just looked like so much was cut out.

  3. Erica knows damn well that Joseline is not a man. They all do. I wish they would stop saying it because at the end of the day, she’s still the biggest star on the show. Watch her nutty behind get her own spin off show. LOL

  4. Damn Joseline actually got her in the jaw! Why couldn’t we see the actual fight?!! That ish they had on there was just dumb and confusing as all get out. All I saw was rolling and falling on the ground.

  5. She and Scrappy seem to be real pressed to let everyone know they didn’t lose that fight. It sure did look that way though. Just sayin.

  6. So Joseline got the best of her? I didn’t even think Joseline threw any punches. Man who has the unedited version of the fight? I feel cheated.

  7. i think buckeey is cool but i also think she wrung fa datin scrappy again afta all em nd erica bein thru. Erica yu is a strong lady. Joseline seem cool but i think wen she try to tlk bout mimi behind ha bac b a woman nd mimi need to leave stevie the hell alng fa gud jus let em cum c da lil one

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