The-Dream Calls Christina Milian A Has Been And Says Her 15 Minutes Are Up

The-Dream Christina Milian

By: Taren Vaughan

The-Dream Christina Milian Twitter beef continues as it all began when Christina took it upon herself to blast the singer/producer for being a deadbeat dad, an accusation according to him his ex-wife Nivea doesn’t seem to agree with. While the two have not been an official item since 2010, the Dip it Low singer has continued to drag his name through the mud seemingly every chance that she gets for not being there for their two-year-old daughter Violet like she thought he should be.

Having just about enough of her shade throwin’, The-Dream took to his Twitter account and tweeted what appeared to be shots at Christina for trashing him:

“You and I know what’s going on. Them n-ggas aint dyin for you.”

“There are certain things I will not be Doing in the name of my loved ones. When we choose Money over Love be prepared for the outcome.”

Dream then gives a shout out to his fan followers, showing his love to them for their support of his music:

“Love You Radiokilla Nation. My Kings and Queens.”

And then he appears to give a solo one to Christina, reminding her that her short lived fame has fizzled:

“Love You too. Those 15 minutes are almost up though boo!”

“Has Been!”

Was The-Dream clowning Christina Milian for being an industry has been?




  1. the dream huh, what a name to give ones-self. I just watched him on the show signed and he is an arrogant somebody who doesn’t look like jack. chile, please let it go. you have his kid and that’s all you should be thinking of, later for him. You know what they say about Karma and he’ll get his…… and without dough ain’t nobody checking for him.

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