Rapper The Game is Engaged, Again

the game engaged tiffany cambridge

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The Game is engaged. The West Coast rapper proposed to longtime girlfriend Tiffany Cambridge the other day, and the happy couple is on their way to marriage, a third time? I’ve lost count, but for those of you that aren’t familiar with The Game and Tiffany Cambridge’s 7 year on and off relationship, The Game has proposed to Tiffany about three times. The two also have two children together, so we’re hoping things work out this time around. While we can’t really confirm why things didn’t work out the first three times (there are rumors of infidelity on The Game’s part), we sure do wish the couple the best and a beautiful wedding again. We love love.

Here’s video of the proposal:


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And The Game and Tiffany Cambridge’s engagement photos:

the game engaged

the game engaged

the game engaged, 2012, tiffany cambridge

the game engaged

the game engaged

the game engaged again

the game engaged

the game engaged


Source: Joy Marie Photography


In other news, The Game recently recorded him handing over an ass whooping to another West Coast rapper. Oh Game:


  1. So she had to have his baby first and put up with his cheating before she being deemed worthy of the FIRST proposal? I can’t with some of these men. I’m sorry, but my uterus is reserved for the man who actually wants to marry me before impregnating me.

  2. The whole thing is a joke to me. These two stay getting engaged but never make it down the aisle. I don’t see how a woman is ok with being some man’s yo yo for seven years. No real man is going to be proposing to the same woman 3 times. I’m embarrassed for her. Nice photos though.

  3. If he cheated on her before they were married, he will cheat on her after they married too. And why did he record this on video, especially after the last two proposals were public too? I think this is just another one of his PR stunts. You know he’s bout that Kardashian life.

    1. “I see the bitter b-tches have made their way bright and early to this post. Being man-less is hard, ain’t it?”| Tell your MAMA and Aunties they are too old to be on gossip blogs. You’re welcome.

  4. They look really happy, so I won’t be negative about them being engaged three times. The Game seems like a handsome and cool dude besides the rap bs. So I’m happy for them. More men need to marry their baby mommas if you ask me, so I won’t throw any shade.

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