Stevie J. on the Lil Scrappy Fight: I Didn’t Bite Lil Scrappy During The Fight!

lil scrappy stevie j. fight

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The fight between Lil Scrappy and Stevie J. was supposed to be an epic one. However, it left many people scratching their heads about what the hell they just saw. In fact, I’m still trying to understand what even happened my damn self. Maybe it’s because as much as they hyped the fight up, I was severely shocked and disappointed to only see about 60 seconds of rolling on the ground, and two minutes of two grown men on top of each other, while biting was involved. Who even knew that Joseline slugged Erica? And perhaps Lil Scrappy and Stevie J. could sense the disappointment, since both have taken to Twitter and interviews to discuss what wasn’t shown on camera. And at this point, Lil Scrappy seems to stick by his revelation that the fight was heavily edited to keep him from having any probation violations due to fighting on camera.

Stevie J. doesn’t want to go out like a bitter, er I mean punk, so he’s been doing plenty of damage control for the last few days. He finally vents on Twitter that he wasn’t biting Lil Scrappy (even though we actually saw him chewing on Lil Scrappy like he was a ham sandwich), but Stevie J. says our eyes were just fooling us:

stevie j. lil scrappy fight


I love this show.


  1. Is he serious though? Everybody saw him biting Lil Scrappy. That’s why I can’t understand people who claim he won the fight. How? He bit a man. You can’t win a fight by biting. And I doubt he slammed Lil Scrappy because it just looked like he jumped on top of him to restrain him. And the way he was stumbling, I believe Lil Scrappy when he said he punched him in the face. I never saw Stevie get an upper hand during the fight.

  2. It’s hard to say who won really because what we saw was pretty much nothing. I can’t wait until someone gets their hands on the unedited version though.

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