K. Michelle: Karlie Redd Doesn’t Even Claim Her Child!

K Michelle Karlie Redd Twitter beef

By: Taren Vaughan

A K. Michelle Karlie Redd beef appeared to be brewing as the two took shots at each other over Twitter. K. Michelle, took another swipe at Karlie Redd on her mixtape track “Shut Up” where she slays the Trinidadian singer for not getting a deal even though her boo thang’s father is big time producer L.A. Reid. The beef continues. Judging by the sneak peak that we got of the upcoming episode, a heated exchange takes place between them over a comment that Redd made to K. Michelle’s manager, one that leaves people wondering just how much they can’t stand each other.

The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star recently chatted with Kempire Radio, touching on a number of things the show’s viewers have been dying to know the answers to, one of them being about whether or not she would ever bury the hatchet with Karlie Redd. And she made it clear that her beef with Karlie hasn’t ended:

“She’s just really irrelevant, she really is trashy…she’s a user. And that’s one thing I don’t like. If I don’t like you, I don’t like you. I don’t play the games like I like you. I don’t start to like you. And she’s just a user. I don’t like people who use people and I don’t like people who, you know, find joy off of other people’s hurt, you know what I’m saying and cause other people hurt. I don’t like that. I don’t get down like that and I would never put her in my circle”

Not only does K. Michelle think she runs her mouth too much and disregards people’s feelings, she says that Karlie Redd isn’t being a mother to her kid either and that really gets under her skin:

“I don’t have any respect for a woman who doesn’t raise their child or doesn’t even claim the child. So yeah that’s just not my cup of tea. I don’t fancy that too much…”

As far as Joseline Hernandez is concerned though, she says she has no beef with her. In fact, she and Joseline share a lot in common:

“I actually feel for her. You know how some people know better because they had parents and they had people to care and they just go and be foolish. She didn’t have that.  I’m not taking up for her because my heart is Mimi, you know what I’m saying but I just  truly feel like this young woman really wants fame so bad and really wants somebody to actually love her that she’s balls to the wall and she just goes HAM.  I do see a lot of Joseline in myself when it comes to, you know, having self esteem issues and just wanting somebody to love you…So I’m not gonna judge another woman for what she’s doing you know I crack jokes and stuff on her and it’s funny. But at the end of the day she ain’t never done nothing to me so I can’t go that that HAM on her… I feel kinda bad for her if anything…”

Continuing on an even more positive note, when asked what brings her joy, K. Michelle talked about her son and how intelligent he is for his age:

“My son like my son’s so cool…He’s a cool little boy. Like super smart. Like what brought me joy is the fact in order to be, you know, determined a genius, your IQ has to be 118.  My child scored 123. That brought me joy. Yeah he’s very smart, very mature. And I think God knew that’s what I needed for what I would have to go through and for the field that I was in so he brings me great joy”

In the interview, K. Michelle also spoke on her love life and said that although she is currently dating, she still doesn’t like sex. And on the subject of Frank Ocean coming out, she heavily applauded him for doing it and said that there are some other artists who should follow in his footsteps and stop frontin’.

As K. Michelle’s beef with Karlie Redd may not be nearly as deep as the one Mimi has with Joseline, she surely is taking pleasure in dissin’ Karlie’s “deflated a—cheek” and her struggle to get put on.


  1. I love K. Michelle because she just seems so real to me. I think I like her and Joseline the best because they seem to be so transparent about everything. I hope she doesn’t come to blows with Karlie Redd though because the entire beef between these two just seems real childish.

  2. I need both ladies to act their age. If Karlie is a bad aren’t, it isn’t K.’s job to expose her in every interview she does. We got it the first time.

    1. First of all, learn how to speak English! That message is too jumbled to figure out. Second, K Michelle is only answering the questions given here. It\’s not like she is calling a press conference just to blast Karlie.

  3. So Karlie Redd doesn’t claim her son but we have yet to even see K. Michelle’s. I haven’t seen any pictures and this is the most I have even heard her talk about her child. No shade, just sayin.

    1. so you think all ‘upcoming’ or ‘famous’ people should show their kids to the paparazzi.. honey that’s where the drama starts.. kids in school all bothering that child and getting followed.. she don’t want that type of attention on her child.. why the hell would she bring him on that reality show?? she taking care of him herself and that is what counts! reevaluate your priorities!

  4. its ALL childish really. Don’t get me wrong, I like the show & everything but the bottom line is that people ned to make the most of THIER own life & stop worrying about the next. K, we know you dislike Karlie, Karlie, we know your old.. NEXT

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