Lil’ Kim Fans to Lil’ Kim: I’ll Punch You In The Stomach If You’re Pregnant!

By: Taren Vaughan

Lil’ Kim is bound and determined to get her career back on track and reclaim her spot in the music industry. Slamming Nicki Minaj is not her top priority right now as she seems to be channeling all of her focus and attention on her new music. Kim launched a “Return of the Queen” tour and so far critics have had nothing but positive things to say about what they have seen. Although she is receiving much praise for her attempt to make a strong comeback, the ones who you would think would be the most hyped about her return are not, her fans. And they blame Kim’s new boyfriend for distracting her from her music.

Shortly after she launched her tour, Kim introduced the world to her new boyfriend, who is known as “Mr. Papers”. And Kim fans feel like this “Papers” character is causing her to become sidetracked. And he further irritated her fans with a tweet last night about Kim whipping him up a quick meal:

“@MR_Papers I had my Babygirl in the hood last night making me sandwich… #justlikedat,”

While most fans would think it was cute for their favorite artist to be in a relationship and happy that they found someone to be with, Kim fans are apparently on something totally different as they went in on her for being all boo’d up, even sending out threats to the rapper via Twitter if she was with child:

“Lmao > RT @ThicknessTyanna: Shes not prego and shes not fat !!! RT @LilKimNiece_: If lil kim pregnant, ima punch her in the stomach,”

Damn, I thought potential pregnancies excited fans, not made them want to start swinging on an artist.

As one fan threatens to deliver a blow to Lil’ Kim’s womb, another one says that they think Kim should chill out on the sandwich making and get back to business and make some music:

“@ILoveKimAndKeys poor @ihate2minaj; she use to slay so hard for @LilKim and kim too busy making sandwiches to make music lmfao.”

Lil’ Kim’s critics may think she is doing her thing. Her fans however, not so much.


  1. So I see Kim is still dating those controlling types of men. Her low self esteem will be the last nail in the coffin of her career. Nicki may have stole her style, but she is focused and extremely successful because of it. Why waste time with a man who needs to brag on Twitter about your rolling him up blunts and making him sandwiches? He sounds like a douche.

  2. And this is y’all fave right? LMBO!! The washed up rap chick who rather make some thug a sandwich than get in the damn studio???? Ha! Team Nicki babee! 🙂

  3. Kim just needs to hang it up. The rap game for females is pretty much non-existent, so if she wants to play housewife and weak minded girlfriend, by all means do it officially and go sat down somewhere.

  4. Sigh. Damn Kim has really fallen off. This guy must be very young too to tweet some of the things he has tweeted. I guess he wants the world to know that Kim bends over backwards for his wack behind. Who dates men who called themselves Mr. Papers anyways?

  5. The fans who said these things must be young as hell because these are some of the dumbest tweets I’ve ever read. So what if the woman has man and is in love? She can make the man a sandwich, right? And who the hell threatens to punch a pregnant chick in a stomach except hoodrats? I can’t.

  6. None of this even matters anyway. Kim’s relevancy ended years ago and by the way she looks, I can tell you that won’t be changing any time soon.

  7. Wtf is wrong with people…. It’s a damn sandwhich grow the F up…well this is what happens when you spend 20 years catering to the musical needs of trash.

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