Source: Kanye is So Controlling, You Won’t Believe What He Asked Kim to Do!

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have to be one of the most controversial couples we’ve seen in a minute. Sure, we were also a little shocked by Amber Rose, but Kim Kardashian was one we thought we’d never see happen. We all know ‘Ye has been allegedly smashing Kim for years and even while she was engaged to Kris Humphries, but we always thought Kanye had higher standards. Amber Rose may have been a former stripper, but Kim’s reputation makes her look like a virgin waiting for marriage.

The gossip about these two is always pouring in, and we’re kind of tripping over what a source told us:

“Kim and Kanye look so cute together, but their relationship is nothing more than a very controlling one. And I’m not talking about Kim. Kanye is such a control freak. They have only been together¬† a few months, and he has already demanded that Kim change several things about herself to be with him. He asked her to stop wearing her tracks, less makeup, and only wants her to wear certain designers. The man even picks out her outfits. Kim hasn’t picked out her own outfit in weeks! He literally treats Kim like his human Barbie doll. It’s kind of sick. And it doesn’t even stop there. He’s even demanded she stop wearing her butt pads, and he asked her to get vagina rejuvenation surgery so the sex could get better.

Kim has been looking an absolute mess since they hooked up and she knows it, but she’s needing this relationship to work out because Kanye is her last chance with the general public after the fiasco with Kris Humphries. She cares about him, but she’s not used to letting a man control her so much. It was intriguing at first, but now she feels like she is losing herself.”

As always, we can’t verify everything we were told. The way people keep running to the press about these two, you just have to take the reports with a grain of salt. But we can say Kim’s booty has been looking real weird lately.


  1. I can believe this. Kim used to be fly as hell, but she’s been looking real tacky outfit wise since she’s been dating Kanye. I understand she likes him a lot, but you can’t lose yourself for no man. She’ll be miserable until she stands up to him. He did the same thing to Amber Rose.

  2. So Kanye needed her to get her cooch tightened up before he could date her? LMBO, that’s hilarious if true because than he’s admitting what we all thought about Kim all along.

  3. I did notice that her butt wasn’t as big as it used to be in a recent photo. Kim really needs to grow a spine and tell Kanye to back off. I’m no stan for her, but I can’t stand to see a woman let a man dictate her life so much.

  4. I think this may be true. Her style has become quite laughable and her booty is barely there now. As far as the vagina surgery thing, it’s not like she didn’t need one. Kim has been ran through more than than a damn race track. The only reason she still has money and fame is because she’s a white woman. Her 15 minutes won’t ever be up as long as she keeps dating in the public eye. If she gets married to Ye and has his babies too soon, her career will be over.

  5. Isn’t this the same thing he did to Amber? What the hell is wrong with Kanye? Why does he treat women like toys instead of people? Kim must be really desperate to be dating this guy. He’s not even attractive and he doesn’t seem like he’s that nice of a person or boyfriend. I see the pictures all the time and he doesn’t even hold the door open for Kim. In a few pictures, I actually saw him walk ahead of her and open the door for HIMSELF. What in the hell? I wish a man would!

  6. Most of this can be confirmed by the pictures. Her outfits are terrible these days. I’m sure Kanye is the one putting them together. He seems to be treating all the women he dates like objects since his mother passed. He needs therapy because it’s obvious that he has not healed from her passing. Kim needs to stand up for herself but we all know she probably won’t because she needs the relationship to stretch out her 15 minutes.

  7. I guess everything that glitters isn’t gold. I’m not sure what women see in Kanye if that’s how he treats them. But hey, I guess it’s worth it if he can keep you relevant in the press.

  8. LOL! Of course Kanye is dressing her and telling her what to do! That’s what he does to all his famous girlfriends! And I’m glad I’m not the only person who noticed that he doesn’t even hold the door open for her like a gentleman. And her stans think people are hating? Please. There’s nothing to hate on about these two.

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