Which NFL Player Allegedly Smacked His Mom in Her Face?

By: A.J. Niles

An NFL Player was arrested in Texas for Assaulting his own mother during a Domestic Dispute. The incident took place at his Mother’s house  where he also allegedly ripped parts of her clothes.

According to TMZ:

… cops were dispatched to Dez Bryant‘s mother’s home in DeSoto, Texas on July 14 at 1:47 PM after receiving a 911 call reporting an assault — family violence.

Once cops arrived to the scene, Dez’s mom Angela Bryant told cops she had gotten into an argument with Dez and demanded that he leave the home … and that’s when Dez got physical.

During the 911 call, Angela tells the dispatcher,

“My son has assaulted me. He’s here now. he won’t go home. I keep telling him to go, he won’t go. I can’t let him keep doing me like this. I’m gonna put an end to it today.”

After Dez Bryant was released on $2000 bond, his attorney Royce West tells TMZ,

“We’re going to do an investigation, find out what happened for ourselves.  The most important thing is that we heal the family.”

Dez Bryant has had multiple issues with the law during his short stint with the Dallas Cowboys. He was once banned from an upscale mall in Dallas and was allegedly involved in a fight at Liv Nightclub in Miami, Florida.

What we are trying to understand is what would make Dez act out violently towards his own mother. It has been rumored and reported that Dez and Angela have not had the best relationship as she is a recovering drug addict so it’s not surprising to hear of them engaging in an argument, plus many parents have arguments with their adult children. But to hear of a grown black man supposedly striking his own mother in the face is quite bizarre.

This story is developing.

Dez Bryant Assaults Mom



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