Confirmed: Nas Admits He Cheated on Kelis And Reveals He Cheated Due to Frustration

Nas Kelis Divorce

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nas and Kelis had a pretty nasty divorce. Although the two looked absolutely adorable together and took some amazing photo ops, the break up seemed to be inevitable once the rumors began to circulate about their marriage problems. While Nas never really revealed what caused the two to grow apart and eventually split. most suggest that Kelis may have had her last bit of Nas once she heard gossip pertaining to Nas being unfaithful. The split got so nasty that Nas even revealed in his Behind The Music episode that he only learned of the birth of the former couple’s son Knight through a popular gossip blog.

Kelis has been made out to be the most bitter of the two with some faulting her rumored crazy antics as the cause of the divorce. But Nas finally admits in a recent interview that not only did he cheat on Kelis, but his cheating may have been the last straw for Kelis to encourage her to seek a divorce from the rap legend.

In a recent interview with VH1, he says the following about Kelis, the divorce, and being unfaithful:

On why he wrote “Bye Baby” and used Kelis’ wedding dress on his album cover:
I just wanted to do things that really have meaning, that have impact. And it just so happens, my life had been so public in the last couple of years that I felt that if everyone else wanted to tell my story and it wasn’t an accurate story, ‘Why not me tell the real story?’ And I wanted the album to show reality, love, pain, heartbreak, happiness, joy. All of the emotions of life. And there’s nothing more emotional that I could think of that’s been so recent in my life other than my divorce. In my VH1 thing (Behind the Music)…I told that story about the dress. And it just felt like the right thing to do for closure, for me.

On whether or not using Kelis’ dress on the album cover gave him closure:
I don’t know man. Certain things don’t go away so easily. The album cover made it fresh again to me in my mind, a little bit. I had to rethink things and stuff but its all good.
On the biggest lesson he learned from his divorce and what he’d do differently next time:
The biggest lesson I learned is respect…trust…no infidelity. I at some point got pissed off during the relationship and strayed. And I wouldn’t do that again. I would be all good.

On whether or not he told Kelis that he’d do things differently:
Yea. I told her. I told her that. I apologized. She apologized and we just move on. We live and we move on.


Are we the only ones hoping for a Nas and Kelis makeup?

In related news, The Game and Tiffney Cambridge have called off their wedding. So this is how many failed engagements for Game now? Why did we see this one coming?


  1. I am glad he is being honest. From what I heard of his album, his blunt honesty is what makes it one of the best rep albums of 2012.

  2. I kind of just assumed he cheated. Kelis was way too bitter about the divorce, which is usually sign of a woman scorned and cheated on. I really did like them as a couple though.

  3. So Nas is just going to blame his cheating on Kelis? Wow. He cheated because he wanted to. I love Nas, but I think his lyrics are smarter than he is in real life. And that’s very disappointing.

  4. I have to agree with Queen on this one…that was a punk move by Nas. How do you blame the woman for your cheating? I don’t get it. If they were having problems, he needed to man up and work through them with her. Not go out and start cheating. I really liked them as a couple. but it’s clear neither one of them were mature enough to get married in the first place.

  5. But he and Kelis had an open marriage…and didn’t she just out his love of men on Twitter a couple of years ago. I doubt Kelis who seems bisexual broke up with him for having an interest in other women. Something just isn’t adding up with these two.

    1. I was thinking the same thing too! It’s like no one remembers that tweet though. I guess it’s because it’s Nas out of all people, so people refuse to believe he could possible be bisexual. But whatever. Only those two will ever know what really happened.

      1. This was just a a couple of years ago. Google it and you will see the tweet and picture I am talking about. I’m not sure if we can paste links on here.

        1. Damn you learn something new every day! But for all we know, Kelis could have been lying because she was still mad at Nas. Not doubting what you’re saying, I’m just saying you have to take all these rumors with a grain of salt.

  6. @queen nobodys perfect,in a marriage to work it takes 50% give and take from both sides but it comes a time where one patner does not give,only takes nas is human,not justifin wat he did was right,maybe kelis wasnt givin so nas cheated COME ON THERE MUST BE A REASON,my point is dont al blame it on nas@shyla not everything is reconsilable honey

  7. Kelis liked to suck d-ck( milkshake) did for fun and money. Nas did like to f-ck around. He knew she knew. Both damaged. Made a child together when all lost. She sings a song about making deepthroat and enjoying it just sings about being a whore. After she takes in anger money from cheater even when she wasnt better. Very sad. They have gifts, but sh-tty lives

    1. Yea u clearly know nothing about Kelis to bash her like that. She has awesome songs food and kelidascope r my fave albums of hers. Being a sexual human, like we all are, does not make her a whore.maybe if u knew how to loosen up with someone I trust u wouldn’t be “nobody”

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