Busted! Karlie Redd Admits She’s A Liar and Lied About the K. Michelle Sex Tape

K Michelle Sex Tape

By: Taren Vaughan

A K. Michelle sex tape? Karlie Redd claimed so. The K. Michelle Karlie Redd beef escalated after Karlie Redd accused K. Michelle of being in a sex tape during a heated exchange of words that the two had on Monday night’s airing of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.  K. Michelle already said that she doesn’t like Karlie Redd whatsoever and will never get down with a woman who doesn’t claim her own child. But when Karlie accused her of sexing on camera and having a sex tape, all hell was about to break loose. Nothing like The Lil Scrappy Stevie Fight, but forks were thrown and tables were shook.

To air out the details of what went down and why she lied about a K. Michelle sex tape, Karlie Redd sat down with Hot 97. And in her interview with them, she said that the whole thing stemmed from K. Michelle being envious of her as an artist and that’s the reason why K. drags her like she does:

“It looks like to me it’s a situation where she’s jealous, you know, she’s trying to come against me because, you know, because I’m up and coming and she had her shot, everybody knows she’s a lil looney, she’s on the downside, she a lil cray cray so it’s like okay I’ma come against Karlie Redd which is fine, you know, let’s do this but at the end of the day, let’s make some hits, I ain’t got time for that”

Karlie’s performance for Stevie J. though…

And of course she was asked about the shot firing that they were doing with Karlie taking it a step further with her insults, blasting the R&B songstress for pulling a Kim Kardashian and doing a sex tape:

“I’m like okay you wanna take shots, I’ma take shots back. I saw you on tape. Now what, you know, you’re a h-e, you know”

Cutting her off in mid-sentence, the crew at Hot 97 asked Karlie did she actually have a copy of the alleged K. Michelle sex tape. And her response:

“No, I don’t”

And she admitted that she was flat out lying about the K. sex tape, claiming that it was supposed to be a shot a K. Michelle in the argument and nothing more:

“No tape, that’s my point ‘cause she’s taking shots at me so I’m like alright I’ma take shots at you, you wanna take shots, let’s take shots…”

“She wanna lie on me so I’m was like alright fine, I’ma lie on you”

We knew something was up with Karlie’s claims. After all, K. Michelle blatantly admits that she doesn’t like sex so her in a sex tape didn’t quite add up.

Damn, can we believe anything that comes out of this chick’s mouth?


  1. I knew she was lying. K. got a little too angry about it like she was really being lied on. Karlie sucks and I don’t get why she’s even on the show.

  2. I can’t stand Karlie. K. aint much better but at least she has talent. When Karlie got on stage, I almost died of laughter. She’s absolutely terrible and I can’t see anyone signing her. What was Cash Money thinking?

  3. I don’t condone violence but I definitely want K.. Michelle to get off in her a– last night. Karlie is a joke and it was disrespectful for her to go around bashing K. Michelle and then smile in her face like everything is cool. Then Karlie has absolutely no talent. How she got on the show is obvious. The only question now is which producer she slept with to get her spot on the show.

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