So Did Lil Wayne Sic His Goons on The Dream For Tweeting Reckless About Christina Milian?

the dream christina milian beef

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The Dream and Christina Milian made headlines recently for their masterful shade throwing which consisted of scandalous interviews and ratchet ass tweets. After Christina Milian revealed details about The Dream’s hands off parenting approach, The Dream went to his Twitter account and let Christina Milian have it, properly. After snatching her wig and scalp off on Twitter, we were convinced that he in his own way confirmed the rumors that the singer f-cks for tracks, and ended his rant reminding her that her 15 minutes of fame are up. Christina responded by telling her ex to get some class, and uploaded a photo of herself in the studio recording her upcoming album. Of course, The Dream got even more childish and suggested that he and his ex wife Nivea got hip to Chrisitina’s “plot” of gold digging and breaking away with The Dream’s hard earned producer money.

Interestingly enough, a day later, some phone calls must have been made since The Dream (who’s known for running his mouth too much on Twitter) apologized and even suggested that his tweets weren’t about Christina at all. But by the looks of these very forced apology tweets, it looks like Lil Wayne made some calls and got his goons involved. Read from the bottom up:

the dream christina milian beef

He also tweeted that he will no longer be using Twitter to discuss his personal life. Now before you say we’re reaching, we’d like you all to keep in mind that it’s been known for years that Weezy gets a little too involved with the personal lives of his artists. So the possibility of him checking The Dream about his dragging Christina Milian on Twitter isn’t really too far fetched. Especially since he’s the same person who told a pap he’d have him shot and had his goons kick some fan’s ass with a skateboard.

 In other news, folks are claiming that this is The Dream’s new fiance:


We’re not buying it. But we’ll have to see what we can find to back that up. We’re in Atlanta (and NC), so we’re sure we’ll find out the details soon.


  1. Someone obviously checked his a–. He sucks for airing out all of his business on Twitter like that. And we all know damn well he’s never been that good of a dad anyway. Nivea may not have been as vocal as Christina but he sounds too self absorbed to be that good of a dad. Read all his past interviews.

  2. Well Christina is dating the manager of Cash Money, so please believe some calls were made and some threats were said. That’s why The Dream said his tweets were being watched by the Feds. He was referring to Lil Wayne’s goons. From what I heard, expect The Dream to keep his mouth shut from now on about Christina.

  3. The Dream is such a queen, so it’s hard for me to take him liking women seriously. And who other than a queen airs out all their business on Twitter? Can’t stand him.

  4. Weezy probably never really liked The Dream anyway since Nivea was his boo and now baby mama. The Dream fronts like him and Niv are so cool but they weren’t always cool. Especially when he started to cheat on her and left her because he started getting some buzz as a producer. So I can def see this going down.

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