Hilarity: Ray J. Shades Kim Kardashian, While Kris Humphries Shades Kanye West

ray j kim kardashian beef

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

You got to love it when celebrities drag their even more famous exes. Especially when it’s on the social networks. Kim Kardashian might be in a romantic bliss with Kanye, but did we really expect Ray J. to be happy for Kim’s latest public spectacle of a relationship? Of course not. In fact, Ray J. has mastered a way of shading Kim so effortlessly that it kind of makes him look kind of bitter. Either way, we surely enjoy each time he manages to drag her on Twitter and interviews. The last time he did, it was the day before she got married to Kris Humphries. And we all know how that turned out.

In his latest wig snatching of Kim Kardashian, Ray J. may have sh-tted on what was supposed to be a positive and motivational message from Kim Kardashian to her fans. Check out Kim’s tweet and Ray J’s hilarious response:

ray j shades kim kardashian

We also find it hilarious that Kim suggests that a person’s past doesn’t define them, when hers launched her entire career. But anywho…

Looks like Kanye West isn’t the only master of epic shade throwing. It may have taken Kris Humphries a few months to respond to Kanye’s diss in that Theraflu song, but does shade ever come with an expiration date? Peep Kris Humphries’ little shot at Kanye that eventually got deleted eventually:


kris humphries kanye beef

I have a feeling Kanye will just respond in another one of his songs like the diva we all know he is.

And how is Kanye and Kim’s relationship really doing? We thought it was all good until we heard this.


  1. Ray J. is just jealous of Kim’s success and high profile relationship with Kanye. Who is checking for Ray J.’s dusty azz anyway? And don’t even let me get started on Kris Humphries. No one even knew he was before he started dating Kim. LOL!!!!

    1. Now Barbee, why on earth would Ray J. or Kris need to be jealous of Kanye and Kim though? Neither one of them seem to be that great at relationships and we just read a few days ago that Kanye treats Kim like a damn toy. It’s not that great of a relationship from the sound of things. And did it ever occur to you that maybe Ray J. and Kris are happy they aren’t with Kim anymore? You don’t find it odd that’s she’s been divorced like 3 times at 30? Come on now.

      1. Kris may not be jealous but Ray J. most certainly is. They both made that sex tape together for fame. But only Kim became a big star after the fact. You’re crazy if you don’t think Ray J. isn’t still bitter that’s he still Brandy’s little brother after all these years and a sex tape with one of the biggest reality tv stars for the last several years.

  2. Ray J. and Kris seem real bitter and hater like with these tweets. They need to worry less about Kim and Kanye and focus that energy on their careers. Just sayin…

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