Momma Dee Drags Erica Dixon on Twitter And Confirms That Lil Scrappy is a Momma’s Boy

Erica and Momma Dee

By: Taren Vaughan

So the Erica and Momma Dee beef has begun. Momma Dee plays no games when it comes to her son Lil’ Scrappy. First episode in, she damn near lost it after the subject of Lil’ Scrappy dating Diamond came up. She didn’t say she would put Diamond in her trunk like she would Tami Roman but she did have a pimp flash back when Diamond’s name was mentioned. It seemed like Erica and Scrappy were working until Shay “Buckeey” Johnson popped into the picture, having people wondering if Lil’ Scrappy and Buckeey were dating again and who was it that Scrap was really checking for. And surprisingly (well, not really), Momma Dee encouraged Scrappy to continue pursuing Buckeey, thus igniting a beef with Erica.

Despite Erica defending her love for Scrappy, Momma Dee claims that Erica is not affectionate enough towards him. Doesn’t kiss his a– enough I guess. And she went back and forth with Erica in a crazy beef on this past episode about her not taking Scrappy to the hospital when he was having an asthma attack. Most people think Momma Dee babies Scrappy entirely too much, beyond what most mothers do to their children.

But do you think she gives a damn? Nope, not a one.

Momma Dee took to her Twitter account to say that she will always defend Scrappy, even if he is dead wrong whether you like it or not:

Erica and Momma Dee Beef

Shade thrown at Erica? Probably so.

No two ways to put it…Scrap is a certified momma’s boy times ten. And if Momma Dee isn’t feeling whoever he brings home, it’s a wrap. Meanwhile, most would say it’s rather tacky for Momma Dee to beef with Erica, the mother of her grandchild.

And this folks is the reason that the best Lil Scrappy will ever do is Flava Flav’s leftovers.


  1. This woman disgusts me!!! I don’t even know how someone great as Erica has put up with Lil Scrappy for so long. He and his momma are nothing but trash.

  2. These two are both pathetic. I’m so glad Erica is moving on. I just can’t believe this grown a– woman actually gets so involved with every aspect of this grown man’s life. The act like they a couple, not mother and son. It’s disgusting and it’s no wonder he ain’t sh-t now.

  3. LMBO! Buckeey and Scrappy deserve each other. She wants to kiss this raggedy old woman’s azz and is just as trashy as they are. Erica and Diamond are way too good for that dude and his overbearing momma.

  4. Momma Dee is the perfect example of what can go wrong when a single black woman raises a son by herself. I know there are a lot of women raising great men, but for every 10 of them, is one of Momma Dee who gives everyone else a bad reputation. It really seems like Lil Scrappy’s dad is not involved, so it’s not like he ever learned how to be a man. She knows this and uses it as a reason to involve herself in his personal life. Just sad.

  5. Damn these helicopter mommas and their momma’s boys. He will never leave the nest and get married at this rate. Thank goodness my mom and I do not have a relationship like them.

  6. Momma Dee must not have a man. That’s the only reason I can think of as to why she can’t seem to mind her own damn business. She needs a man or the same dildo K. Michelle keeps talking about on the show so she can get out of Lil Scrappy’s affairs. I was done with her when she said Buckeey’s bear looking a– was marriage material. Damn hood rats.

  7. Lil Scrappy always manages to look like his breath stinks. Maybe it’s because he mouth stays open for some reason. I don’t see how he even gets females besides desperate tacky ones like Buckeey.

  8. She need to let her grown a-s son be a man. Stop influencing him to mak the wrong choices does she even care about the type of influence this gone have on her grandchild. She needs to cut the umbilical cord and let his a-s grow the hell up.

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