So I Guess This Means Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran Didn’t Break Up

chris brown karrueche tran drake

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

With rumors circulating that Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran have broken up (due to reckless reporting based off Instagram photos), a Chris Brown and Rihanna reconciliation seems to be the main topic on the urban gossip blogs these days. While Chris Brown’s camp never confirmed that the couple had indeed split, many of Chris Brown’s most loyal fans have just taken the gossip as fact, simply because Karrueche Tran hasn’t necessarily been a fan favorite out of all Chris Brown’s public romances (there hasn’t been many, besides Rihanna and a rumored one with Draya). And because Rihanna is the queen of shade, she’s been tweeting enough questionable tweets to make many believe that Chris Brown did break up with Karrueche Tran and that the two celebs would be rekindling their old romance in France this weekend. But a recent tweet might have just put the rumors to rest.

Not too long ago, a young woman who works at an Airport in France took to her Twitter account to tweet that she saw Chris Brown arrive to the airport with Karrueche Tran:

chris brown karrueche tran didnt break up

Instantly, the poor girl was attacked on Twitter. But it looks like a recent follow confirmed that she wasn’t lying:


karrueche tran chris brown didnt break up

It looks like minutes after her tweet, Karrueche Tran followed her. And I’d think Karrueche followed her because she wanted to confirm what had been tweeted.

And we honestly have to say that we never bought that Chris Brown and Karrueche had broken up. One reason is because look at the source (MTO), and the second being, dude seems genuinely happy with her. I know people want him back with Rihanna, but if he’s happy now, I don’t understand the problem. Maybe she’s not the rebound chick everyone thought she was. After all, he is still with her.  How many rebounds last this long? And this is like the 5th time blogs have reported that the two have split. And if Karrueche is as down as the rumors suggest, I doubt she’d ever try to holler at Drake while she’s with Chris, seeing as the two have become arch enemies.

I’m pretty sure neither Chris nor Karrueche will be confirming this by saying anything right now because this is great publicity for someone who has an album out. It’s not harming his sales which have been amazing, so it’s a good way to keep people talking.

And even though he is in France, it’s most likely because he’s rumored to be shooting a music video with Ludacris and Swizz Beatz. He also uploaded pictures of him and Luda arriving to France and on a boat. And if he did take Karrueche Tran with him, I’m sure it’s safe to say that he won’t be meeting up with Rihanna this time around.

Only time will tell. But something tells me we’ll be seeing some pictures of Chris Brown and Karrueche strolling around France very soon.


  1. Wow. Yall put in some work and research into this one. LOL. But yeah, I don’t think they broke up and it’s probably killing Karrueche to not say or tweet anything about it, but hell, it’s keeping EVERYBODY talking and that’s a plus for a new album. I honestly don’t think he wants Rihanna anymore. I don’t know why folks don’t think he can’t be human and move on from an ex like everybody else has and does. Rihanna is a pretty girl, but I think he just figures she’s too much drama and his current gf is a like a walk in the park compared to Rihanna.

  2. They ain’t break up. MTO and all these other lying azz blogs completely made the story up. Look he loves that damn girl and she’s somebody he likes being with. She is drama free and they have a good time together. And yes, I know she in France for a fact. And the world will see very soon. They know what they are doing.

  3. I was about to call that girl a liar but Karrueche actually followed her. So there you have it I guess. Good for them. I like them together.

  4. Why do people want them to break up some damn bad? And then it’s like they want him back with Rihanna so hard. For what?! Look at what happened with that. Damn, let him be with the girl who he hasn’t had any drama with. Him and Rihanna together is NOT a good look.

  5. Okay I didn’t think they really broke up either. And to me, Kae is coming off more mature than Rihanna. Rihanna keeps trying to stir the pot and tweet sh-t to make it seem like Chris is coming back to her. And Kae keeps quiet, and just goes to France with her man. Now THAT’S how you do it. Just sayin…

    1. So yall just gonna act like Karrueche’s wack a– didn’t start the beef? She is the one who got on Youtube and dissed Rihanna and her accent with her two friends. But I guess that’s ok because yall don’t like Rihanna. Girl please. Get YO life.

      1. Umm actually she did that video before her & Chris started going together and the accent that she did was a ASIAN accent. If ppl weren’t so dumb y’all would know that. Stop making everything about Rihanna!

  6. They are smart as sh-t for not confirming or denying it while his new album is selling like hot cakes. Then they just had the Team Breezy Day thing. Breezy went from a PR fool to a PR genius and I love it.

  7. I was kind of hoping this was true so he would go back to Rihanna. And it’s not because I’m a stan, but I just wanted people to see that if the rekindled their relationship as two grown a– people. the relationship wouldn’t have worked. I think the passion they had together as kids was on some puppy love sh-t, and as adults, I think they would get together and see that it’s not really meant to be. And then I think he’d go right back to Karrueche because at the end of the day, she’s a better fit for him than Rihanna from what I see that has happened in public. No man wants to be with the dramatic chick over the laid back one. And that’s real.

  8. Are yall serious? Just because Karrueche follows this chic doesnt mean she’s confirming her story! Just saying when did she have time to go on twitter, read all her hateful mentions & pick this one out to follow? Really? Chris obviously hooked up w/Ludacris bcuz Chris tweeted a picture of he & Luda ONLY landing a helicopter that Luda flew, on a boat in St Tropez (where Rihannas yacht is. HUGE COINCIDENCE?) According to Luda’s twitter, why would Chris bring Karrueche ontheir doing a video shoot for “Birthday Cake” SheKae has to be just an outright gold digging idiot or totatlly faded to tolerate Xhris hanging with his ex’s (Draya & Rih)! I still contend that Kae is Chris’ “PAID ESCORT so she see’s, hears , does nothing about any of his affairs! But whatevers done in the dark, , comes to the light… #TRUTH

    1. You’re pressed and SAD. The damn girl saw them in the airport together. And that is why Kae followed her on Twitter. You guys are dumb as hell for still believing everything MTO says! How many times must they be caught in a lie before you simpletons get it? They write lies and get hits. Then dummies like yourself and other bloggers report it out of thirst. They never broke up. She’s not an escort. And you sound stupid. Chris is happy and doesn’t want Rihanna. And they are not on the same damn boat. I know Kae’s friends and they are all laughing at Rihanna and you other idiots thinking he’s checking for Rihanna. You typical Chrianna fan.

    2. So Kae’s a paid escort for doing nothing about when he allegedly cheats on her? So then what does that make Rihanna then? He cheated on Rihanna MANY times and she stayed. She would have stayed after he beat her a– too, but the public made her move on. Rihanna stays on Twitter shading Kae over the same guy that beat her and left her on the side of the road. But Kae’s worse? LOL wow. You Rihanna stans are hilarious. This girl wins while Rihanna is still single and sleeping with anything that walks in the industry. But I guess it’s cool because she’s famous. WTF.

  9. So I’m supposed to believe that Chris went from calling Rihanna a h-e to trying to get back with her? Please. I don’t buy it. And I may be in the minority, but I don’t think Chris’ beef with Drake was over Rihanna. Drake went after him first and he responded. But because all the bloggers are ratchet, they said it was over Rihanna. No, it was over Drake throwing a bottle and being a b-tch. I’m sick of hearing about Chris and Rihanna. She’s not a prize and he’s happier with who he’s with anyway.

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