Joseline Hernandez is NOT Engaged to Stevie J. And We Have Proof

Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J engaged

By: Taren Vaughan

Is Joseline Hernandez engaged to Stevie J. has been the big question that everyone has after a picture of Joseline wearing her alleged engagement ring hit numerous urban gossip blogs. Joseline and Stevie J. obviously sleep together as Joseline was pregnant by Stevie at one point while he was with Mimi Faust. And Joseline did throw some hands in Stevie’s defense during the Lil’ Scrappy Stevie J. Fight and sent threatening text messages to Mimi. So one would assume that her and Stevie are together, or Joseline is just damn crazy. But to go as far as to think that these two are on their way down the aisle, and that things between them were really getting that serious just didn’t fly with us. We just found it hard to believe that Joseline and Stevie J. are engaged.

So you know we had to dig for the truth on this one.

Rewinding back to a previous episode, before Joseline ditched the long hair for the shorter style that she has on the show now, on her left hand, she is wearing a ring during her studio chat with Karlie Redd:

Joseline Hernandez engaged

Now peep this picture, the one that sparked the engagement rumors:

Joseline Hernandez engagement ring

Spot any similarities? And just for kicks, look at Joseline Hernandez’s “engagement ring” in the very first picture.

We sure did as the rock that Joseline is wearing in this picture is the exact same one from the picture above. This just confirmed our doubts about the whole Joseline Stevie J. engagement rumor. On top of the fact, neither one of them has fully addressed the rumors at this point, avoiding giving true responses to the constant tweets that they keep getting from their followers.

Stevie may be loading Joseline with cash as she hinted on her Twitter account. And they may be in a relationship with each other. But these two surely aren’t on their way to becoming an official married couple, at least that “engagement ring” doesn’t say so.

Besides, even if they Joseline and Stevie J. were engaged, this would make Stevie J’s like 40th engagement. So far, he’s been engaged to most of his old girlfriends (including Eve), but has yet to walk down the aisle with any of them. We tried to get a confirmation from those close to production, and they are very tight lipped due to contractual obligations. Boo.

And what does Mimi think about all of this?

stevie j and joseline hernandez engaged mimi


  1. I don’t why anyone would take these two fools seriously. No they ain’t getting married and they both need to go to rehab and counseling asap.

  2. As broke as everyone is saying Stevie J is he probably couldn’t afford a ring that size anyways…Knew it was fake and if it is not they deserve each other they are both dirty as hell!!!

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