Confirmed: New Picture Shows Chris Brown in France With Karrueche Tran

Chris Brown and Karrueche in France 2012

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told y’all yesterday that we weren’t buying that Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran had broken up. In fact, just yesterday, we posted the reasons we came to this conclusion. We know a lot of y’all were mad and we get that Karrueche isn’t a favorite for a lot of people, but we just weren’t believing that the two split off some bogus ass Drake rumor from MTO. Just like I said yesterday, I suspected that someone would get a photo of the two in France to prove that they were still together. And it looks like one of our favorite Chris Brown bloggers was on the job early this morning.

Here’s the photo of Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran in France in 2012 that just snatched off some wigs. Sorry guys:

did chris brown and karrueche tran break up, france 2012

We really want to shout out the Chris Brown Blog because he stays on his job. At this second, we hate to say it but he’s being dragged by the Karrueche haters something serious right now. But we told y’all we just felt like Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran were in France together. Regardless, the truth needed to be revealed and just maybe it’s just best that everyone lets Chris choose who he wants to be with and respects it.


  1. The funniest thing is they will all still go to MTO today like they didn’t just get busted in a lie. It’s ridiculous.

  2. And now because Chrianna fans are so desperate, they have resorted to calling her an escort “covering” for Chris and Rihanna’s “secret” relationship. GTFOH.

  3. You know what I think Rihanna’s fans are jealous of Kae. She’s prettier than Rihanna and Chris seems to get along better with her than he did Rih. Rihanna has NO MAN, but we hear about her whoring on a daily basis. Kae’s even got Rihanna so insecure she can’t do nothing but take Twitter shots all day. Meanwhile, Kae is with her old boo in France chillin. LOL I LUV it.

    1. Lies you tell! Kae does not look better than Rih! I’m sick of yall giving mixed girls the “prettier” label just because you believe that mixed > black. Stop dot com!!!!

      1. Chile…say that and stamp it on their foreheads! They kill me with that slave mentality about beauty! Rihanna is gorgeous and it’s beyond race!

      2. Both of yall are arguing over two light brights who are considered more beautiful than darker black women..the same type of women Chris will never date. So excuse me if I find this convo beyond stupid.

  4. So I wonder how many blogs will be picking the egg yolk off their faces this morning? They should know better than to trust MTO in 2012. I mean seriously. And folks still go there like it’s justified. I haven’t been there since 2008. There’s no point.

  5. Damn Twitter is going HAM yall! People really thought they had broken up! So many hearts were broken this morning. But man he really does like this girl. They obviously are in a real relationship and he doesn’t want to be back with Rihanna. Maybe everyone will move on now.

  6. IDK why people are mad at MTO when the story wasn’t believable to begin with. Why would Kae holla at DRAKE out of all people? That sh-t was mad stupid from jump but everybody hopped on cause they hate her and want him back with Rih. But MTO gave people what they wanted because they get how gullible and stupid people are.

  7. Why does everyone hate this girl?
    Why would people want two people who very obviously do not belong together to get back on a dead horse?
    I personally am worried his girlfriend is gonna end up another one of his victims. The boy aint right and we know this but because people find him attractive and he makes fun music we overlook it.
    The level of trashyness knows no bounds in the Urban entertainment industry from th people who run it down to the people who buy it.

  8. Well, people, some of you are going to far .RIhanna has unique looks. RIhanna has unique style is not boring. RIHANNA has unique voice, that when you hear her voice you know is her. RIHANNA IS TALENTED.RIhanna is young and rich that if she wanted a PENIS she COULD get it anyway ;however , Rihanna even thought she can get anything SHE WANTS with her beautiful body, heart or money , she is just cool and down to earth. SO please people stop comparing RIhanna with Chris Brown girlfriend because karrecha chris B. girlfriend is not at rihanna’s level at all. I DO NOT WANT TO BE MEAN BUT KARRECHA IS KNOWN NOW BECAUSE OF CHRIS. SHE SAYS SHE is a model and she is 5′ 3′. how is that. HO! MAYBE A FACE MODEL, BUT SHE HAS BIG CHEEKS, LIKE A PIG.

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