Rapper Lil Mama Drags the Hell Out of Her Natural Hair Critics And Nicki Minaj Wannabes

lil mama natural hair

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lil Mama is proud to rock her natural hair. Although it’s always dope for anyone to embrace their natural selves and try something different, unfortunately even in this day and age, the acceptance of natural hair isn’t yet universal. And it’s not even universal with black people. There may be tons of natural hair bloggers and YouTube legends, but the mentality regarding rocking our natural kinks and curls isn’t always embraced or encouraged from the black community. As a fellow natural, I guess Lil Mama didn’t get that memo because she was quite shocked at the initial reaction from other black women when she uploaded a photo that revealed that she had gone natural and ditched the relaxers. Immediately after sharing a photo of her big gorgeous fro, many began to hurl insults over the internet about her wearing her natural hair, instead of wearing weaves or opting for a relaxer.

During a recent interview with LoveBrownSugar.com, Lil Mama recalls what she felt like the moment she realized that it would be other black women that would be so critical of her natural hair, that they would even resort to telling her she looked like a slave:

Lil Mama says:

“I posted the picture of my hair and people were like ‘Omg you look like a shocked slave!’ I didn’t get one comment from a white person about my hair. All of them came from the sisters that had these bullsh** helmut weaves looking like a fake a** Nicki Minaj. They don’t know who they are. And the people they’re looking to for guidance don’t know who they are either, which sucks.”

I can understand how Lil Mama feels, since when I first became natural, it seemed like white people were more accepting of it than black people, which was baffling to me. I remember being shocked that an Asian woman walked up to me and told me how much she loved my hair and wanted my kinky texture. Even when I was in Corporate America, white women would approach me daily about how much they loved my hair, my black woman hair. But now since so many more black women are going natural, the support system has extended at such a fast pace, that being natural has just gotten easier and it’s becoming more encouraged.

I hate that Lil Mama saw the ugly side of being rocking her natural hair, but the good news is, as more black women do the same; those all too familiar slave insults become the exception instead of the norm.

But she did go in a little, didn’t she?


  1. Her hair is so cute! I love that look on her. 🙂 PS, I won’t drag you for hating on my fave bish, but you’re treading a thin line! LOL

  2. I really appreciate her for saying what needed to be said. The negative comments other black women give to the ones wearing natural hair can be very sad and disgusting. It’s just sad that we’ve been brainwashed to think beauty can look one type of way (European).

    1. Is she serious, please, people are always going to find something about you they don’t like. That’s them, don’t subscribe to other’s people issues. To be honest her hair looks really nice now, I am natural and I have also been relaxed some people like some don’t but I like it. This is one of her better looks she has worn some wack hairstyles when she was relaxed or weaved but she like so she wore it. Why make these comments. I can assure you that there are people of all races that both like and dislike her hair, black people just feel like they can want to say which is most of the time out of order.

  3. She snatched some wigs off for sure. They needed it though. Calling someone a slave for wearing their natural hair is ignorant as hell.

  4. Standing ovation for this young lady! I’m glad someone is telling these wig addicts to sat all the way down! They run around here with like 5 packs of someone else’s hair on their heads and have the nerve to read somebody. Honey bye. And yes, they look like helmet heads. Not cute and I’m glad most women are giving that ish up.

  5. Look how much better Lil’ Mama actually looks now. That weave and those wigs weren’t doing her any justice. She actually looks pretty here and I love her hair. When I first went natural, my girlfriends thought i was having a nervous breakdown or something. Every other question was like, “girl you ok?” All because they couldn’t understand why a black woman didn’t want to keep relaxing her hair. It was really frustrating but I’m glad there’s such a big support system for it now.

  6. To be honest, I think a lot of black woman look better with their real hair. Rather it’s natural or relaxed, real hair looks better on us. When we go out here and wear some other woman’s texture, we looks stupid and the beauty is borrowed. There’s nothing wrong with finding beauty in your own.

  7. It’s sad that the ignorant comments usually come from our own people (not always because I did receive an ignorant comment from an older white lady, asking how did my stylist get a comb through my hair when I cut it) but it\’s to be expected because the majority of them don\’t know any better. Yes, the comments do hurt because we are human, but we have to realize that the people that are saying these things are brain washed. It\’s just as simple as that, the beauty that they perceive is one sided and doesn\’t come in any other form. There is nothing wrong with straight hair, heck I am natural and may straighten my hair one day just for a different look, HOWEVER if a woman feels that she can\’t let go of her wigs, relaxer, or weave in fear that she would look \”crazy\” (as I\’ve heard before) then there is a problem. And I hate to say it but I find self hate lurking some where in that area. I feel bad for those women and young girls who are a slave to the weave and the MAC. Their beauty is superficial. Keep your head up Lil Mama and continue to march at the beat of your OWN drum. Let em talk!

  8. I am SO wishing that black women will claim a year of NO MORE WIGS AND WEAVES. This movement needs to be started by a person who is a big national name: Michelle Obama, Beyonce’, Oprah, Tyra. It would be a hit!

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