Damn Son: Tyrese Cannot Be This Ignorant And Arrogant, Can He?

Tyrese Twitter

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

From time to time, celebrities will show their followers that although they may be successful and filthy rich, they still didn’t obtain a college degree, nor even a high school diploma. While neither of these things guarantee success in these difficult economic times, they do ensure that a person knows the proper way to spell “necklace.” As much as I love Tyrese’s music, it’s clear that his tweets have painted him as the very typical, arrogant and narcissistic celebrity. He means well by most of his tweets, but sometimes his horrible failures at spelling the simplest of words gets the genuine messages lost in most of them.

The other night, Tyrese decided to tweet about relationships, and he landed on the topic of how men should treat women if they plan to keep them in the picture. He wanted to use symbolism to make a point, but the misspelling of a common word (necklace) made what was supposed to be a powerful tweet, a hilarious one that had everyone torturing him in his mentions for the remainder of the night.

Peep the tweet. And yes, he meant to say “necklace”:

tyrese neckless tweet


Of course, one of our followers went in on him for it…and eventually after being dragged so bad on Twitter for it, Tyrese eventually just deleted the tweet.

Poor Tyrese, we know he means well but it’s obvious that he’s trying too hard to be deep and not hard enough to spell words properly. “Neckless.” But hey, this is the same man responsible for that infamous “Aurthur” (author) tweet.

I guess Tyrese.


  1. Neckless? You have got to be kidding me. And he’s rich as hell too. This is the kind of ish that makes me mad and regret that I didn’t skip college and just become a celebrity. LOL they can be dumb as hell and still be successful in life. Ugh!

  2. Yeah Olivia I actually feel quite the opposite. Reading Tyrese’s tweets on a daily basis actually helps me appreciate my college degree a whole lot more. LMAO

  3. To answer the question of this post, yes he can and is! LOL! I follow him and he really does tweet this kind of stuff all day, regardless of his inability to spell the simplest of words.

  4. Neckless?!! Now there is absolutely no excuse for that one. You don’t need a college degree or high school diploma to know how to spell “necklace.” Tyrese isn’t dumb because he’s famous, he’s dumb because instead of reading books and trying to improve himself intellectually, he’d rather tweet and pose on Twitter all day. And he’s not the only idiot who does it, there are many, famous and normal.

  5. Tyrese’s tweet was already funny, but your follower’s response just made it even more hilarious! Tyrese means well but he’s not as deep as he’d like to be.

  6. I used to be a BIG fan of his…however I had a chance encounter with him that made me see what kind of man he is outside of the celebrity aspect…long story short, I was in line at his appearance to take a picture with him…I was using my phone but he thought I was taking pictures…he pointed directly to me & told his people to keep me from taking pics…he was nasty about it & I promptly got out of the line…I had his book but left it at home & I was seriously thinking about buying it AGAIN to get a picture…that completely turned me off to him 🙁

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