Waka Flocka’s Mom Puts Rasheeda In Her Place And Calls ‘Marry Me’ A Flop

Rasheeda Husband Kirk

By: Taren Vaughan

Is Rapper Rasheeda’s husband Kirk about to get fired?Her recentmeetingwith Deb Antney makes us think so. Rasheeda and Kirk Frost are by far the calmest pair that Love and Hip Hop Atlanta has to offer and the show’s only married couple. Although they don’t have an ounce of the drama that Mimi and Stevie have and won’t be caught putting paws on people in a fight like Erica and Scrappy, Rasheeda and Kirk’s relationship is not exactly a fairy tale as Kirk is Rasheeda’s manager, a position of his that may be about to change soon. Rasheeda’s constant push to get her career to take off and the miscommunications that consistently go on between them has weighed heavy on their marriage. Rasheeda and Kirk, like most managers and artists, may not always see eye to eye but usually smooth things over with each other.

But after her video premiere party flopped due to technical problems and lack of promotion by her management team she claimed, Rasheeda decided it was time to seek outside management to figure out what her next move should be.

She sat down with Deb Antney, CEO and Founder of Mizay Entertainment and mother of Waka Flocka Flame to discuss her future as a female emcee. Now for those who don’t know, Antney managed Nicki Minaj at one point. And seeing how things are happening for Nicki, Rasheeda thought who else better to go to than Flocka’s mom.

The conversation began with Antney bringing up a couple of tidbits about Rasheeda that she thought were true, one of them being that Rasheeda was a grandmother. Guess Deb caught a glimpse of all the pictures circulating around the Internet of Rasheeda holding a newborn baby in her arms.

Rasheeda quickly responded claiming that she isn’t grandma for her son hasn’t had a little one yet:

“Well first of all, I’m not a grandmother. I mean, let me just make one thing clear, I have one child that I birthed who’s eleven years old. So that’s it. So whatever other attachments, you know what, I just don’t time to sit here and try to answer everybody’s questions and the whole wide world…”

That last comment of hers didn’t sit too well with Antney as she straight up told Rasheeda that she will ask whatever questions she needs to about potential artists that she may put her name on. She also got on Rasheeda for blaming everybody else for the pitfalls of her career instead of taking responsibility and owning up to it herself.

Antney also informed Rasheeda that as crunk as she was about her single “Marry Me”, it just wasn’t a good track.

The “Georgia Peach”  Rasheeda has been going so hard in the game for years, even back when she was with former group Da Kaperz. And sadly, has yet to become a heavyweight in the industry. And the way Deb sees it and many other people for that matter, poor management and a lack of self confidence could be the cause of her career standstill, a fact that is hard for Rasheeda to face. Speaking of poor management though, it’s been rumored that Waka Flocka fired his mother as his manager because she was allegedly stealing money from him, a tidbit Rasheeda might want to take heed to.



  1. I have to be honest though. Waka’s momma has a point. Rasheeda is one of the most forgettable people on the show, and it’s not because she’s happily married. She’s gorgeous, but she doesn’t have that “it” factor. Nicki MInaj has that. So NIcki got big in one year. Everyone wanted to sign her. When she walked in the room, you knew she was in the damn room. But Rasheeda is forgettable and lacks that kind of presence. Then her music is wack. “Murrrrry Me.” Really?! That’s the best she has?

  2. She is trying to blame Kirk, but everyone watching the show knows better. Rasheeda never took off because she lacks the image needed to become a big artist. Her music isn’t good and she hasn’t done anything but just established herself as an ATL local. She should be taken advantage of the opportunity of being on the show, but instead, she’s got a new album out and not doing enough to promote it. It will probably never happen for her.

  3. Let’s see Rasheeda has been trying to rap for like 15 years now. 15! She’s gorgeous but she never had a hit record. Even Khia has had at least one hit record. If you’ve been in the game for about 15 years and you don’t have any hits to show for it, it sounds like the problem isn’t management, but you, the artist.

  4. Hate to say it but nobody is checking for Rasheeda. Even the blogs don’t really talk about her. She doesn’t really have an interesting personality or good enough music to be successful. Marry Me is a terrible song.

    1. She’s beautiful. But her music is pure doo doo. Always has been and it will be until she gets over herself and stops making music for herself and starts making it for potential consumers/fans. I’m in my late 20s, and II feel dumb as hell even listening to that song. I think it’s the cheesy a– chorus. I’m from the A, not everyone identifies with that hoodrat sh-t.

  5. Her mixtape/street album is just not good. She doesn’t appeal to that critical black female fanbase that will buy your record. Maybe she should see if she could break some records in the strip club.

  6. Waka’s mom can’t help her. She’s too old and the female rap game is over and dominated by Nicki. If you can’t do pop, you won’t sell.

  7. Why do chicks still want to be female rappers now anyway? They don’t survive and they are only in the game about 3 years tops anyway. I say she hags up the damn mic and looks into owning a business or even acting.

  8. Niki did not blow up in a year. She was doing the music hussel for a while. What changed for her was that she got a gimmick and a couple of songs with good hooks.

    Rasheeda does not have a strong gimmick further more Rasheeda is playing to the wrong demopgraphic. Part of the reason Niki has gotten so big is because she is appealing to the tween and teenager set.

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