Busted! Prince Jackson Confirms That Janet Jackson Is Involved In Grandmother’s Kidnapping

Katherine Jackson Grandchildren taken by Janet Jackson Jermaine Jackson and Randy Jackson

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Things just got real on Twitter between the Jackson Family. As we recently reported, Katherine Jackson was reported missing a few days ago, and since then, all hell has broken lose between just about every member in the family. Blogs even falsely reported that Janet Jackson and Michael’s daughter Paris got into a fist fight and slapping match, but Paris took to her Twitter account to shut down those rumors. I guess her siblings also prefer Twitter as the method to set the record straight on all the drama because it looks like Micheal’s son Prince Jackson just confirmed that Janet is more involved in the scandal than she wants the public to know.

After rumors hit the internet pointing to Janet and a few of her siblings as purposely setting up a plot to kidnap their mother in an attempt to overthrow Michael’s estate, Janet’s PR team denied the rumors. Too bad they weren’t able to take phones away from Paris and Prince because he just tweeted a text message of Janet pretty much confirming that she is very involved in Katherine’s disappearance:

prince jackson janet jackson

Damn Janet. We wanted to believe she wouldn’t involve herself in something like this but I guess the rumors of her involvement are right. I didn’t think Janet was hurting for money to the point that she’d do so much to hurt her own brother’s kids. Damn shame.

To her defense, this could be a fake, but Paris and Prince’s accounts have been verified on Twitter.


  1. I honestly think their Grandmother is sick and dying and an attempt to try and protect them went horribly wrong. These kids are going to resent their family just like their father did.

  2. No one needs to be shocked. Janet has always been bout that life. Yall never heard about her and Katherine beating the breaks of Joe’s jump off that day? LOL she been crunk.

  3. This is one f’d up family. I hope everything is eventually resolved but the longer this goes on the less I see Mike’s kids wanting to have a relationship with them.

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