Lil Scrappy Is Proud That Momma Dee Got On The Stripper Pole

Momma Dee stripper pole

By: Taren Vaughan

Momma Dee dancing on a stripper pole for dollars? Lil’ Scrappy’s momma indeed was. Momma Dee was captured on video in a night club working a pole with cash falling at her feet. After hearing her pimp stories and her snapping on Erica over Lil’ Scrappy, the things that this woman does don’t quite surprise us anymore. Keeping in mind Momma Dee’s outlandish behavior on and off the show, many people probably weren’t surprised to see her on a stripper pole either. The real shock (or disgust) may have officially set in when Scrappy offered his thoughts about the whole thing, something that we all knew sooner or later he was going to do.

So just how did Scrappy feel about his mother twirling around a pole?

After hearing all the bashing that people were doing after the video leaked out and hit the blogs, Lil’ Scrappy took to his Twitter account to speak his mind about the show that his mom put on, a move he is notorious for doing when he is ready to vent about something. As many people were straight up disgusted and appalled at Momma Dee’s “performance”, Lil’ Scrappy found no problems at all with what she did, thinking that it was in fact cool:

Lil Scrappy Momma Dee

These two do club hop together like homies so why wouldn’t he think this deserved a round of applause?

Scrappy went on to blast those who criticized her and said that they were just jealous that they didn’t have a momma like her:

So not only is Scrappy a momma’s boy but he is proud that her 48-year-old self was caught swingin’ from a pole.


  1. LOL man the joke’s on Scrappy because don’t nobody want their moms to be like Momma Dee but him. The two are some of the most disgusting people I’ve ever seen on reality television. When she crawled into bed with him I was done.

  2. Lil Scrappy and Momma Dee are the symbol of what can go wrong when the wrong kind of woman has to be a single parent and raise a man alone. Because Momma Dee has failed. He is not a man, and she is not his mother but his woman. This was evident on the first episode. None of his other relationships will work and this is why. Women need to stop spreading there legs for these boys.

  3. Oh come on y’all he was just defending his mom. I refuse to believe that he’s that messed up that he’s proud of this mess. It’s got to be hard to be getting tweeted all day about your mom and baby momma. Not to mention people be dragging him about Buckeey’s busted azz.

  4. Does Momma Dee have a man. If not, she sure does need one. This behavior is pretty pathetic. I liked her at first but now I’m just embarrassed for her.

  5. Only hoodrats think Momma Dee is someone to admire. And Lil Scrappy is a hoodrat. Period. This boy never had a chance in hell to become a real man and actually grow up to be someone who had something to offer women. But no one should be surprised, especially when Momma Dee decided to pimp and sell drugs to take care of her kids. I don’t admire that because if she had been a real smart woman she would have started a legit business and created wealth for her family. Now that I would have respected. Not this hood sh-t.

  6. These two are just sad. But watching this show has given me a bigger appreciation about my mother. father, and how I raised. It’s crazy because when you’re a kid, you hate that your parents act like your parents and not your friends, but then you see Scrappy and Momma Dee’s relationship and you get it now.

  7. Yes, he is that messed up and it is very possible to be that messed up when you’ve been brainwashed by a woman like this because I know a mother and son who are just like these two. She treats her son like he’s a lil boy or her man which means he will never have the opportunity to grow up and be a man and have a successful relationship outside of her. No matter what either of them do and no matter how wrong and f***ed up it is, these two will always go to bat for one another. Scrappy got an Oedipus complex. If I was Erica, I would not look back because it’s always gonna be this way and she’ll never be happy with this dude. I know from experience with people just like these two! Whats up Debbie, Andre!!!

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