Mimi Says Meeting With Joseline Was Fake and Staged By Producers

Mimi Faust and Joseline Hernandez

By: Taren Vaughan

Has the Mimi Faust and Joseline Hernandez beef over Stevie J. finally come to an end? The rumor that Joseline and Stevie were engaged, a rumor that we shut down shortly after it surfaced, may have added fuel to the already blazing  fire. Not to mention that these two stay bashing each other every chance that they get. However, Mimi and Joseline were somewhat civil towards each other on Monday night’s episode as they met up with each other at a restaurant; a meeting that was just too calm for most people to deem it believable.

So was Mimi and Joseline’s “bonding moment” fake?

In a recent interview she did with TT Torrez, Mimi set the record straight about a number of things, including her chat with Joseline. After all the junk talking that she does about Joseline, Mimi got the side eye from people about the whole sit down with her. But she assured viewers that meeting up with “Big Homie” was not at all any of her doing and something that she never desired to do. In fact, it was staged by the producers:

“I didn’t feel the need, that was y’all’s entertainment okay. Let’s be clear”

Who is “Big Homie” you ask? Well that’s just the name that Stevie had Joseline disguised as in his phone according to Mimi:

“Yes, Yes. I mean what? I don’t go through this n-gga’s phone. I just knew “Big Homie” kept calling him all the damn time like damn why you taking Big Homie’s phone calls what’s up?”

Really Stevie?

Mimi also said that the insults that people throw her way aren’t warranted because she seriously didn’t know anything about Stevie and Joseline’s side romance:

“For people that are, you know, judging and saying we are so stupid, I did not know what he was doing. When I’m at home with him, when he tells me “Baby I’m going to work”, I’m not running behind him, “Who are with?” “What are doing?” “Who is that in the studio?” I’m at home raising my daughter, you know what I’m saying, I didn’t know”

As far as her and Karlie Redd’s supposed “friendship” is concerned, Mimi says don’t get it twisted, her and Benzino’s new boo are not as tight as Karlie tries to make it out to be on the show:

“Friend…she uses that word real, real loosely. And a friend of mine would not do the things that she has done and is still doing”

And we knew she couldn’t end this interview with about being asked about Stevie’s so called engagement to Joseline Hernandez. And Mimi responded by laughing it off as complete bullsh-t:

“Oh God, Come on, stop it”

The meeting between Mimi and Joseline may have been staged. But maybe Mimi and Joseline will get to a point where they are truly done with the nonsense and will stop going in on each other. Hmm, probably not.


  1. I started laughing when Joseline started crying. It was just so hilarious to me. I think a lot of things on this show have been staged. That fight with Stevie J. and Lil Scrappy is another one. It all just entertainment and no one needs to take anything or anyone on this show seriously.

  2. Damn the engagement is fake, the sit down was fake, what’s real on this show? Was Joseline ever really pregnant? So we’re basically watching a cheap a– ghetto soap opera then.

  3. I can’t say I ever thought of all of this was real. It was just too ratchet. I think the way MImi keeps dropping bombs in interviews, it’s real evident that she’s not sweating coming back for a second season. She’s burning all her bridges by doing all this talking. But I don’t think she cares.

  4. I never believed they were engaged either. You could always depend on Mimi to spill the tea in her interviews in the shortest of words. LOL.

  5. Didn’t yall say that Mimi doesn’t want to do another season? I’m starting to think that too. She sounds like she is over all of this in the interview. I can only imagine what it’s like to get dragged by so many women for doing the same thing they do in their real lives too. Her mentions be something terrible.

  6. Did we really need anyone to tell us this? It was obvious Mimi was W/E/B the whole time. (During the meeting with Jose)
    I am getting so tired of Mimi having to say over again and over again. I had no idea. Is this really so farfetched ?
    Further more who the hell is the disc jokey to talk to Mimi like she is a 16 and pregnant child who needs someone to tell her what her business is? RUDE!

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