Oh Snap! Chris Brown Drags Soulja Boy & Frank Ocean And Blocks Some of His Own Fans on Twitter

chris brown blocks fans twitter

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Is there a Chris Brown and Soulja Boy beef? Well if any of his latest tweets are an indicator, it surely seems like these two aren’t on the best of terms at the moment. Last night was another crazy one on Twitter for Chris Brown once he started tweeting about how he appreciated the dedication of his fans and how he was becoming a better person because of them. Shortly after, he shaded the hell out of  Soulja Boy. The beef  came out of nowhere it seemed. Then in a matter of minutes, he started tweeting about his new album Fortune, and then a riot started once he tweeted that “Team Breezy” needs to step their game up when it comes to his album sales. Although Chris eventually deleted the tweet that demanded his fan base gets more serious about improving his already good album sales, some of Team Breezy decided they had enough of the singer’s frustrations being taken out on them, especially since they are supporting the singer and helping him stay high on the charts.

After some of Team Breezy and Chris’ usual haters demanded he started being more appreciative and step it up in his own promotional efforts, Chris Brown then proceeded to block some of his own fans (and of course haters) on Twitter.

Peep the tweets that weren’t deleted yet (read from the bottom up):

chris brown blocks fans on twitter

Of course the fans blocked were incredibly pissed that their criticisms with the singer were taken as a reason to be thrown out of Team Breezy. Hours later, a petition was created demanding that Chris Brown be taken off of Twitter. This is just a week after that infamous Ciara petition.

And so what’s with the new beef with Soulja Boy? Well while I’m not completely sure, I can only guess that Chris is feeling some type of way that Soulja Boy just got a new hairdo that looks strangely like Breezy’s:

soulja boy chris brown beef

We find it completely petty, but hey, it’s his feelings. I really hope Chris wasn’t serious though. Regardless, Soulja Boy never responded, and that’s because Soulja Boy has been a little too busy lately launching new business ventures to beef with Chris. According to new reports, Soulja Boy has his own line of cell phones and tablets coming out. He’ll also have a television station that will be accessible on the tablet. You have to admire Soulja Boy for having pretty good business sense at such a young age. Dope sh-t.

In related Chris Brown news, looks like he might have offended even more people with his latest comments on rival singer Frank Ocean. Apparently people are pissed he said “no homo” when the paps asked him about Frank. Lord. Here’s the report:

In a never ending mission to destroy his career Chris Brown has dissed singer Frank Ocean, again. This time he summed it up with one short, grammatically unfriendly phrase, “No, homo.” While leaving Gothia night club a rude photographer brought R&B rival Frank Ocean. In response Chris Brown said “No Homo”.

Update: Looks like there may be a reason behind Chris going in on his fans on Twitter, plus he’s fighting in the clubs again.


  1. Chris Brown is a PR nightmare. How do you manage to be so reckless in one damn day? The thing with Soulja Boy was stupid and I’m glad he didn’t respond but the Frank Ocean comment is the thing that really got me. It was insensitive and totally immature. I thought Chris was growing up but then he tweets. Sad.

  2. He says his fans need to step up but he needs to step up as an artist. His music isn’t good anymore. There’s a reason why Nas snatched that number one spot from him. He made better music and a better album. Had Chris done the same thing, he’d sale more music. People are getting tired of the crappy music. Come harder and stop blaming your fans.

  3. LOL that n-gga mad cause his album was only number one for like 2 days. He’s ranting because he’s jealous that Nas slayed him like he should have. You can’t keep making garbage music and expect to sell. People though record sales were dead and look what Nas did. Pay attention Chris and Nicki. You guys flopped when it comes ot the numbers of units you sold.

    1. What does Nicki have to do with this though? And why does she need to pay attention? Bish is certified platinum. Sat down!!!!

      Back on the real topic, Chris has every right to say what he did to his fans. It’s like 11 million of them suckas following him, so why are his album sales so low? Yeah he made number one last week, but the numbers just aren’t impressive and they don’t read like an artists that has a huge fan base. There’s got to be a lot of people frontin Team Breezy.

      1. I so agree with you girl. People mad at Chris but he has the right to question his fans’ loyalty. It’s a lot of them on Twitter but not a lot of them buying albums.

  4. When people usually say “no homo” they’re usually gay themselves. Come all the way out of the closet Chris. Because that would explain why you act like such a female on Twitter.

  5. Definitely saw this go down on Twitter last night. Team Breezy is mad as hell. How you take them to the amusement park and say you love them and then diss them because you’re salty about Nas? Man, grow up Chris. The only reason he still has a career is because of his fans. And they go hard for him. He needs to stop treating them so hot and cold.

  6. Not sure why he went after Soulja Boy but his shot at Frank was due to jealousy. He knows Franks’ album is better and Frank has better album reviews than Chris.

  7. He’ll apologize and his fans will forgive him like usual. It’s the sad cycle of his whole career. And I am pretty sure Frank doesn’t care about what Chris thinks right now. He’s riding high from his own album selling like hot cakes.

  8. All fans need to learn from this. These celebs don’t care about you when it’s all said and done. Because the moment they don’t make the money that they wanted to make off you they will discard you like a piece of trash. Stop wasting money on folks you don’t know. If you like the music buy it. Make them make good music before you spend money. That’s what it should be about anyway. Not because you like them or obsess over them. Stans are the reason music got so bad. Artists know they can make trash and their fans will buy it. Make them work for you!

  9. He’s obviously looking at his number of followers and has mistaken most of them to reflect his true numbers of fans. And he shouldn’t have because most of the people following Chris on Twitter are only doing it for entertainment reasons. Dude pops off every day and it’s hilarious enough to make him worth following. If he wants a legitimate reflection of his fan base on Twitter, he needs to tone down his Twitter account. Then he needs to make better music. Because that new stuff is garbage.

  10. Yall it was ugly on Twitter. His fans were tweeting him like “I bought 3 of your albums, I can’t afford this!” He is really being a douchebag and his fans might surprise him and move on to someone more relevant, like Frank Ocean. LMAO.

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