Momma Dee Says Scrappy Pays Child Support and Erica Just Wants Extra Money For Herself

Lil Scrappy child support

By: Taren Vaughan

The Lil Scrappy Erica Dixon child support drama, Momma Dee included in the mix, won’t be coming to an end anytime soon it seems. Leaving Lil Scrappy on child support was something Erica Dixon debated with herself about and talked everything over with her mother before making any final moves. We saw Mingnon (Erica’s mom) speak her mind about the issue and bluntly told Erica that there was no way in hell Scrappy was coming off child support. Momma Dee has now offered up her opinion on the whole thing. She was caught on video in a club slaying Erica for being greedy and said that Scrappy was paying child support already for their daughter and accused Erica of “double dippin”, trying to get some extra money out of him so she could spend it on herself for personal things and not spend it on their daughter:

“Listen, Scrappy pay child support, it’s just the b-tch doing double dippin’…Y’all can’t listen to one side of the story. But I’ma keep it 100 and I kept it 100 with you guys from the word beginning, you heard me”

We all knew Momma Dee would back Scrappy to the fullest on this one and probably, like Scrappy suggested on Twitter, thinks Scrappy is a way better parent than Erica to their daughter. And it’s obvious that Erica is not one of Momma Dee’s favorite people these days as she stays gasing up the Lil Scrappy Buckeey relationship. Erica however would probably beg to differ as she continues to let it be known that she holds it down when it comes to taking care of their child.

Aside from the child support drama, in the clip Lil Scrappy alluded to the fact that we are probably about to be in for a very emotional reunion show:

“Oh yeah, the reunion off the chain man, Love and Hip Hop man, we doing it real big man, check us out man, it’s gonna be pretty turnt up. I’m thinking a lot of tears, you know, a lot of tears. A lot of f-cked up sh-t happened but you get a check for it man, you feel me”

If the rumor that Mona Scott Young inviting Memphitz to the reunion show to confront K. Michelle about pinning him as an abusive ex-boyfriend is true, we might very well see a lot of tear shedding from the cast members.

Regardless of whether or not this Mona rumor is true and Memphitz does make an appearance, with all the drama that has gone down this entire season, it’s safe to say that the reunion show probably will be a wild one.


    1. And a strip club at that. This is probably the same night her tranny looking arse got on the stripper pole. Both of these idiots need to just go away.

  1. Maybe they are telling the truth. If you take away the ratchetness of these two, can you really not see the possibility in this having some truth? Why is everyone so Team Erica? Chick is a hoodrat, with a lot of mouth and she’s just as much as ratchet as Scrappy and Momma Dee.

    1. You don’t need a transcription. It’s typical Lil Scrappy and Momma Dee talk. So that means a whole bunch of “You Feel Me’s?” “Bitches” and defamation of Erica’s character.

      1. Y’all can’t understand Momma Dee cuz y’all ain’t up on her Swag. Y’all are just some squares that are lame and have no swag. You need to go on somewhere and quit hatin.

  2. So now they want to gang up on Erica at the reunion. These people are nothing but trash. I believe Erica over both of these fools because everything that comes out of their mouths is questionable. How can you trust people that can’t even talk?

    1. LOL girl you made me holler. We don’t know the whole story but Erica definitely looks like the winner and the one with the cleanest hands in this one.

  3. Why would Erica want extra money when Lil Scrappy’s been broke for the last few years? What extra money was he going to give her? She’s the only one that had steady income and a real job. Lil Scrappy and his momma are some very pathetic souls. If she’s asking for more, it because now he’s making more and should pay up.

  4. But Erica just took him off child support. SO what’s the damn beef? What is he mad because he looks trifling on TV? i just don’t understand why he’s mad about child support now and he doesn’t even have to pay it anymore.

  5. LMAO Well damn can you at the very least be some what sober when you try to keep it 100% ROFL
    These two are such a hot mess. What extra money he has been broke for years!!!! No one is listening to you idiots cause mostly you make no damn sense. I can’t stop laughing at how ridiculous they both sound.

    P.S. Anyone who defends these clowns is instantly written off as a damn fool as well. So I’d think twice before going to bat for these morons.

  6. All I can say about celebrities momma is that them bitches happy they on TV they go the extra mile for what but momma dee you should be a shame of yourself this girl have a baby by your son your grandchild you must not forget but all you want is him to get into a relationship with shay a b-tch who kiss Flavor Flav with 99 other motherf–ker what you need to do is sit you long head a– down somewhere talking like you street smart like you book smart are words but your simple minded a– spell B–ch wrong it’s not BICTH. Ms I’m so f-cking smart now you want to no who have a brain Erica mother she need to whip your a– lady you just make me silly

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