Benzino Drags Karlie Redd For Having No Talent

Karlie Redd Benzino

By: Taren Vaughan

The Karlie Redd Benzino relationship on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta seemed to appear out of nowhere. Putting her beef with K. Michelle  aside, Karlie found an interest in Benzino and has now started dating him and the two have become an item on the show. At the beginning of the season, Karlie claimed Antonio Reid, L.A. Reid’s son, as her boyfriend. But due to lack of common interest and him not being supportive of her career, Karlie said she had to end things between her and Antonio. Honestly, knowing that Karlie is so pressed to get that hit song that she has been talking about repeatedly since the show first started, it wasn’t surprising that she was all for hooking up with Benzino, probably thinking that he could help her make some significant progress with her career.

So what does her manager think about this new relationship of hers?

Karlie sat down and chatted with her manager Malcolm Miles about what she had going on at the moment. And she rattled off a number of things including a lip gloss line, hair line and several other things that he thought were consuming too much of her time. After dismissing her other business ventures and telling Karlie that she needs to be more focused on her music career, Miles asked her about what was going on between her and Benzino. And she responded by saying that they were seeing each other and it was getting serious:

“We’re dating…We’re seeing each other, I like him. He loves me.”

After hearing Karlie claim that Benzino “loves” her, her manager cut her off and clowned Karlie for thinking that Benzino was really that sprung:

“Shut up Karlie, he loves you?”

Clearly he finds humor in the whole romance between her and Benzino and thinks it’s a joke just like many other people do. Miles said that he had no problem with Karlie dating, as long as it wasn’t Zino she was with because he has made too many enemies over the years in the industry:

“It’s cool with you having friends. I ain’t saying you can’t have no friends…But putting your energy into going dating Benzino and all that and being in the public eye. And the public eye, I don’t know how people looking at Benzino right now.”

Karlie went on to say that Benzino was going to help her in the studio, giving her manager another laugh because at this point, Benzino is irrelevant in the music industry and can’t do much for her:

“Like I don’t understand what Benzino could do to help. If it was somebody that’s maybe hot and relevant that’s gone put you in a certain light yeah maybe…”

Karlie must have let Benzino know what was said about him in her conversation with her manager because towards the end of the clip, Benzino goes off and slammed Karlie’s lack of talent and her quest to get a hit record:

“If you want to let them guide your life and everything has to be hot and cold or whatever, they need to get you a hit muthaf-ckin’ record, you what I’m saying ‘cause it’s not like you so muthaf-ckin’ hot yourself either.”


Letting your true feelings come out now huh Benzino?

No matter how many rappers or sons of producers she gets with, Karlie and her career probably won’t budge much. And I think we all know why.


  1. Karlie needs to stop dating dudes for a come up and start dating for love. Until she does, she’s not going to end up with anybody but clowns. Benzino is a joke and I can’t believe she is dating him.

      1. LOL! Girl I know. It was on of the wackest sex tapes I’ve ever seen. Just nasty and weird as all get out. I would say more, but I know certain words are going to be censored. LOL.

  2. I think Karlie is a real pretty girl but I still don’t know why she feels the need to be hooking up with Benzino. The man’s reputation is terrible and he just seems really shady to me. Maybe it’s just for the show, but every scene they have together has been disgusting to me so far.

  3. Why is her manager talking to her like that though? He’s talking to her like he’s her pimp or some sh-t. Yall ragging on Benzino for being a creep, sh-t well look at her manager.

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