Erica Dixon Reveals That She Lied About Having A New Boyfriend

Erica Dixon boyfriend married

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Erica Dixon’s new boyfriend drama continues. Erica Dixon made news about a supposedly new boyfriend a few days ago, and has been making the blogs for what it seemed to be as her genuinely moving on from Lil Scrappy. As we reported here first, Erica recently revealed via her Twitter account that she had a new man. All was cool until one blog in particular found out that Erica’s new boyfriend was married, and they even went so far to publish pictures of the young man on his wedding day that took place only a few weeks ago. Since then, Erica Dixon has been label as a homewrecker and accused of doing the one thing that people called Buckeey out for doing that led to the breakup between Erica and Lil Scrappy. Although she’s remained quiet and changed her Twitter name since the scandal, she’s now speaking out about the whole situation in a recent interview with Sister 2 Sister.

Apparently, Erica lied about having a new boyfriend:

“When the first picture came out, I was like, ‘so what?’ Nothing is credible about MediaTakeOut,” said Erica, who credited MTO with first publishing the story.

“He’s my friend. He’s been my friend for a while, and the media has just taken it and twisted it all out of context. They’ve taken just a simple photo and made it something that it’s not,” she said. “This is just the devil trying to ride my back.”

After the rumors of her dating a married man emerged, Erica tweeted that she already had someone, but she later admitted, “That was just to shut [the gossip] down.”

However, she is actually single and “open to dating,” but is more focused on her daughter right now.

“They reach out, but I just feel like it’s for the wrong reason. I’m not about a publicity stunt or anything. So, I’m good. I’m focused on my career. I’m focused on being a mother. That’s pretty much it right now,” she said.

Okay. I love me some Erica, but how are you going to try to “shut the gossip down” by creating the gossip yourself and lying? I just don’t get her logic. Now I can understand that women like to look like they’re moving on to get through the blows of seeing your ex move on, but this was a bit much for such a beautiful woman. Erica makes Buckeey look like a cheap knockoff. There’s no need to make up stories of having a man when we all know you go out and easily can get one.

Besides, we all know how Lil Scrappy and Buckeey will most likely end up. So if I were Erica, I’d just let things play out the way they will eventually.

Never let them see you sweat.


  1. SMH! I guess Lil Scrappy’s new relationship with Buckeey is putting pressure on her to get in a new relationship too. But she should just take her time because Scrappy is going to hop in and out of relationships. There’s no need to try to keep up with him. Just get your own piece of happiness and a man will eventually follow. But leave these boys alone.

  2. Girl bye! Ain’t no need to be jealous of Scrappy and his raggedy azz girlfriend. Neither one of them are worth your emotions. Just move forward and do you and something better will come along.

  3. I can’t believe she just sat there and lied about everything. I know she’s hurt but that’s real desperate. It’s not like she lost anything when Lil Scrappy left her. He’s a clown, so let Buckeey have him. Both are two pure idiots and they deserve each other.

  4. Erica probably has very low self esteem since Lil Scrappy keeps leaving her for other chicks that are hot at the moment. After a while, it will take a toll on some women. So she most likely made more out of something than she needed too. And I don’t believe she knew the man was married. That’s just my opinion though. I hope she learns from this and gets someone who will treat her better.

  5. I don’t know why everyone keeps saying Erica can do better, she’s been on and off with Lil Scrapy for years. Then she pretends (side eye) that she is dating a married friend. Erica is showing yall that she can’t do better and it has nothing to do with her looks. She has bad taste in men and that won’t change because she’s not trying to date a different type of guy then what she’s been dating.

  6. Erica really played herself and made herself look stupid. Don’t blame the bloggers when you’re the one that said you had a man and then tweeted a picture of the guy right after. She wanted the attention and she was fine with everyone thinking she had a man. And I’m sure it’s because she wanted to make Scrappy jealous. But why even try to make someone jealous when genuinely moving on always hurts them the most anyway.

  7. I wish Erica wouldn’t make herself look so ridiculous. None of this was necessary. She’s letting Lil Scrappy and what’s he doing get to her and she shouldn’t. He’s not for her, so don’t put so much energy into trying to get his attention.

  8. How was the first day of school CHILD? This site is for grown ups, children aren’t allowed so take your angry a– to bed.

  9. People are acting like she made up some big elaborate story.
    Whose to say she was not dating a bit here or there. This story seems to really be reaching,

    1. Uhhh did you even read the article? It’s an interview. That means Erica said these things herself. She said she lied about having a boyfriend. And yes, she looks stupid as hell. You Erica stans are just as delusional as she is sometimes. How is an interview reaching though? LMBO you got to be joking.

  10. Hold up please tell me why Erica has stans? What talent does she even have? What has she contributed to society? She had a baby with Lil Scrappy and keeps taking him back after he plays her a–. She’s the more ghetto version of Mimi so why are some of y’all going in so hard on people for telling the damn truth and that is that she looks stupid as hell right now. Don’t get mad at the bloggers or anyone else for writing what she SAID on her own Twitter account. How much sense does that make?

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