Gossip: Did K. Michelle Come to Blows With Rasheeda At The Reunion Show?!

By: A.J. Niles

When it was revealed that Love and Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Reunion Show was to be shot in New York on July 31st, one could figure that something explosive would happen. There has been just entirely too much tension between the various cast mates at times; from the Stevie J. love triangle with Mimi and his artist Joseline to Lil Scrappy and Erica failing to work out their relationship issues. Just from watching a few episodes you’d figure that K. Michelle and Karlie Redd would apparently attempt to brawl as well as a possible rematch between Stevie J. and Lil’ Scrappy. However, something more explosive apparently went down and surprisingly, Rasheeda is in the middle of it.

A reader who was in the audience where Mona Scott hosted the Reunion sent us an email explaining what went down with Rasheeda.The email was to originally set us straight on Karlie Redd and Benzino, but she revealed some bigger news.

I recently read the article you wrote about Karlie Redd and Benzino being together. Well at the reunion, you could clearly see that those two are indeed broken up. The breakup seems like it’s a recent one, but I can’t elaborate on why they broke up  (they took down all our information).  I also knew that K. Michelle and Karlie Redd could get into it (which they did) but no one told me that Rasheeda and K. Michelle had beef. Rasheeda called out K. Michelle on her immaturity and K. Michelle just went in on her, talkin greezy about Rasheeda’s family and rap career. Then all of a sudden, they started fighting on the set. Security rushed on the set and broke it up but they went at it! I couldn’t believe it! I thought they were friends on the show but Rasheeda looked like she handled K. Michelle. Oh and Stevie has a new girlfriend. And Joseline and Mimi aren’t too happy about it either.

At first, when we read this, it was difficult to believe. Mona is forcing her cast to be tight-lipped about future happenings on the show and we figured that she would keep audience members quiet as well. But then we start to do some digging and quickly remembered that Rasheeda is apparently real good friends with K. Michelle’s number one enemy: Toya Wright.


It it absolutely plausible that this did occur and we suspect that Rasheeda handled K. Michelle for other reasons than being immature to the cast members.

This reunion is going to be good.


  1. Damn it! Why didn’t they have the reunion in Atlanta so I could go and see this f-ckery live? They just had to do it in New York. Lame!

  2. Yall work fast as hell. My God sister went and she just told me that K. Michelle and Rasheeda got into it. I thought she was lying because I thought they were cool. But now it does make sense that Rasheeda was juts putting on for the show. She’s too damn cool with Toya anyway.

  3. Stevie J. has a new chick? WTH! You mean to tell me someone watched the show and still wanted him after the fact? I just can’t. No really, I can’t.

  4. I do not get it? I thought Rasheeda and K. Michelle were cool. If this is true, this may put K. in a bad light. If she isn’t careful, K. might be black listed.

    1. Too late. She already is. Most of the big dogs in Atlanta don’t f with K. Michelle like that. Most of them are Team Toya. I felt bad for K. Michelle until I saw how stupid she acts on the show.

      1. On top of that, I find it really hard to believe K. Michelle with the whole abuse thing. Your saying one thing and your acting a whole nother way. It just doesn’t add up.

        I didn’t like how Karlie Redd lied about K. Michelle being in a sex tape, but she said her reason for doing that is because K. lied on her too talking about having a child she won’t accept. That’s foul if K. Michelle was lying about that. It was just a classic case of fighting fire with fire and K. Michelle couldn’t take the heat and started throwing stuff.

        And I’m more on Karlie Redd’s side of this because when she called K. over to squash it and just be cool, K. acting like she couldn’t have an adult conversation with her. Talking out the side of her neck and all that unnecessary childishness. Like seriously, what adult does that???

  5. What in the hell? I thought K and Rasheeda were friends? I do see Rasheeda’s point though because K. acted really immature and childish on the show. The way she comes after Karlie is real high school like too. And I did hear Stevie has a new girlfriend and they have already started saying she’s pregnant. But I saw someone say on Twitter that she isn’t. This show is crazy as hell but so addictive.

  6. Ok I don’t know how true this even is but I know that K. Michelle seems to start all the fights she’s gotten into so far. The thing with Karlie was petty, and this thing with Rasheeda most likely is too. K. Michelle’s mouth is too big and she says too much too soon. All I can say is I will have my popcorn ready.

  7. Oh please! K. Michelle just keeps on burning her bridges. What is that woman’s problem? Why can’t she just learn to keep her mouth shut (legs too)? I was rooting for her but I can see now that she really is her own enemy. Rahseeda though? She doesn’t even bother anyone.

  8. Mona Scott is K. Michelle’s new manager. So obviously she still has some bridges! She is very childish but those other broads are not innocent and neither is Toya. Her husband admitted to Jive that he abused her and that’s why they let her out of her contract. Come on people… It’s her story and if she was lying Memphitz should have been issued a cease and desist through his attorney! Which he claimed he would do on Kandi Koated nights weeks ago. Toya and all her fake ass fans should just accept he’s abusive towards women.

  9. Rasheeda is no kind of friend. She’s only friends with Toya because she’s friends with the woman beater…just like because she’s friends with Scrappy, she friended Shay. She has no loyalty to her female friends. sheeeee…She doesn’t even have loyalty to her own husband. puhleeeeze. I liked her when the show first started, but half way through, I wasn’t feeling her at all.

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