Rumor Control: Lil Scrappy Did Not Propose to Erica Dixon at the Reunion Show

Lil Scrappy Propose to Erica

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Did Lil Scrappy propose to Erica and are they getting married? That’s the latest rumor according to multiple gossip blogs. These said sources are saying that Lil Scrappy felt the need to propose to Erica to put an end to his child support woes. With the show’s popularity, it should be expected that everyone wants to talk about what went down at the reunion. We’re still trying to figure out what really went down with Rasheeda and K. Michelle. Unfortunately, there will be more lies than facts emailed to the blogs, while we wait for the Reunion show to air. In fact, the Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion gossip has been so insane, that we’re even finding it hard to keep up.

We have to admit, we don’t buy the rumor that Lil Scrappy and Erica are getting married. Nor do we even buy that Lil Scrappy proposed to Erica. Especially since the sources are saying that it’s due to child support reasons. For one thing, Erica has taken Lil Scrappy off child support. The two aren’t even on the best of terms at the moment, since Lil Scrappy feels like Erica has made him look bad on national TV. He even planned to expose something bad about her on the show. So a Lil Scrappy and Erica engagement just doesn’t seem very plausible. When we asked our Love And Hip Hop Atlanta source if there was any truth to it, they simply replied, “Where do you people get some of this stuff from?” Mind you they have been right several times so far including Joseline’s pregnancy and abortion drama.

I guess Lil Scrappy feels the same way, since he took to his Twitter account to address rumors. Mind you, the reports of Lil Scrappy proposing to Erica hit the web sometime yesterday. Here is his response from yesterday:

lil scrappy propose to erica

So did Lil Scrappy propose to Erica at the reunion? We’re going to believe our source and Lil Scrappy’s interesting tweet on this one. Besides, how can Lil Scrappy propose to anyone right now when he made it clear on the show that he still enjoys sleeping with multiple women when he wants to? I don’t think he’s itching to get married anytime soon.


  1. I figured this wasn’t true. Lil Scrappy doesn’t seem like the type to want to get married ever. He’s relevant again, so why would he want to marry Erica or even be with her again? He’s not that mature.

    1. I think it was real although yes, the show did seem to be scripted at times but no not between erica and scrappy what they have going on is true everyday life sh-t what I saw was a man that f-cked up and realized that his babymom was the one who was rockin out with him through thick in thin basically that she was a \”KEEPER\” smh its ashame how people make up sh-t to hate on people happiness.

  2. The rumor didn’t even seem believable. Why? Because he’s so childish! He wants to keep getting in Buckeey’s cakes anyway. I hope Erica moves on. She’s such a pretty chick.

  3. Oh thank goodness. I was concerned for Erica. I do not want her to get married to Lil Scrappy. He’s just not marriage material to me. I can’t believe he acted the way he has on the show. I didn’t expect him to be so childish and immature about co-parenting with Erica. I was done with him when he had the nerve to ask Erica to take him off child support after he left her…again.

  4. I’m just going to repeat what I said yesterday, Mona is planting these rumors and sending this crap to the blogs. She wants the Reunion to be hyped, and I think a lot of you are going to be very disappointed when none of this stuff pops off. I say this because there’s a new rumor everyday. This is nothing but some shady PR and I know Mona most likely cosigned all of this.

  5. I never believed this when the story broke yesterday. Nothing abut Scrappy screams marriage to me. He’s a momma’s boy and he still acts like a boy in many ways as well. His relationship with Buckeey won’t last either though.

  6. Lil Scrappy needs to take a break on rapping and enroll in some English courses. His tweets are just depressing. Every time I read them I just want to quit my daytime job and become a teacher. This sh-t must stop.

  7. Yea, hard to believe the homie Scrappy would get married! That’s a playa 4 life, he ain’t ready for all that! Hell, he can’t even live with Erica, let alone marry her. He not gonna marry Buckey either. I think Diamond the only one who got that close.

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