Gabby Douglas Doesn’t Give A Damn About What People Think of Her Hair

Gabby Douglas' Hair

By: A.J. Niles

Gabby Douglas’ hair is still a hot debate despite the fact that she just made Olympic history. Gymnast Gabby Douglas winning a gold medal in the Gymnastics All-Around final in London was an amazing feat, but days later folks are still talking about her hair. She was the first African-American to win the gold medal in this event and she captured the hearts of many African-Americans and all Americans in general. Gabby was also the latest African-American to earn gold medals in Gymnastics since Dominique Dawes won a gold medal in the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta. Despite any of this, many people witnessed a controversy that involved Gabby Douglas being criticized by her own people for her hair style.

Somehow, many people surprisingly took to social networks to criticize Gabby and her hair. Many of them felt her hair was un-kept and looked unpresentable for a person on the world stage.

After Gabby was won her medal and caught wind of the said criticism, she issued a response that reeked of a focused, IDGAF attitude about the critics of her hair.

USA TODAY Sports’ Kelly Whiteside reports:

“I don’t know where this is coming from.Where is it coming from? What’s wrong with my hair? I just simply gelled it back, put some clips it and put it in a bun. Are you kidding me? I just made history? And you’re focusing on my hair? I just want to say we’re all beautiful inside out. Nothing is going to change,” she said. Her hair will remain the same in her next two competitions in bars and beams.


With a mature and dignified response, it is no surprise as to how she was able to focus and execute her routines the way she did to win a gold medal. Gabby Douglas’ hair should have never been an issue. And from the pictures that myself and others have seen, we are dumbfounded of the hair criticism, she looked fine. She looked and performed gracefully and represented not just African-Americans in a very dignified way, but she represented America very well. So why all the fuss for Gabby Douglas’ hair?

The worst thing about this criticism is that she was receiving it from mainly people who looked like her; African-American women.

But this silly controversy shows the world that Gabby is able to rise above it all…while others can only sit and discuss someone else’s hair.


  1. Sometimes, all I can do is just shake my head in shame at the actions of my fellow black Americans. We can be like crabs in the barrel.

  2. Crabs in a barrel. #TeamGabby indeed. I don’t what’s worse; black women taking greasy about a 16 year old’s hair or a white woman giving Gabby the Flying Squirrel title and hearing NBC commentators call her that. SMH!

  3. I don’t see what the big deal is. I am sorry but her hair looks ratchet. The track runners manage to have their hair did. Gabby needed to perm those edges. #DontHateOnMyOpinion

    1. And here you have it. What a perfect example of the crabs in a barrel mentality some black women and men possess. If this person isn’t black, this is an example of racism that still exists in the world today. SMH!

    2. You’re probably one of the same ones walking around here with a horrid lacefront wig on. You are in no position to give hair or beauty advice to anyone. Let alone a beautiful young lady who just made history. Go listen to your Nicki Minaj CDs and have a seat you bald headed heifer.

    3. I can tell you are ghetto.. First let’s be clear, a ratchet is a tool and a perm gives curls whereas a relaxer straightens. Barbie indeed. Plastic, fake and empty headed. Gabby has gold to show for her efforts and all you have to show is ridiculously stupid comments regarding a 16 year old Olympian. #ShameOnYou

  4. Some black people just don’t get it. It’s not about black women just talking about other black women. The problem is our acceptance of doing it on such a national level. Why drag a black woman about her hair out of all things on the social networks, in front of non blacks who already told you they hate YOUR hair. It’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard black women defend. And now it’s made national news. Yes you dummies now non blacks know that black women hate themselves and each other. And then these same women have the nerve to tell this child to get a relaxer so she can be cute on TV. Really?! Good job you hateful and bitter females. Ugh!

    1. This is the best comment on here, and there were a lot of good comments. But this one is raw and really sums up the problems in the black community. You said so many truths in your anger. Thank you.

  5. I’m mad an idiot took my name on here. Anyway, I’m proud of Gabby for not caring and understanding that most people in life are stupid as hell and deserve none of her happiness. She’s already learned one of the most important things in life. This young girl is smarter than most grown folks.

  6. I don’t understand the problem. She’s an athlete and she’s competing. She needed the hair out her face and probably sweated out her relaxer. What were people expecting? Pin curls? My people are still on that dumb sh-t I see.

      1. Gabby I understand that
        you have to keep your hair back but I’m still trying to understand why people aren’t understanding that you are 16 years old and you just made history that’s an huge thing to do when your only 16 years old just don’t worry about the comments a least you made history that’s all you got to think about you made history

  7. She really does have the right mentality in life. Don’t let no one take away your joy or your focus. A lot of people are worried about the wrong things and hair is one of them. I’ve seen pictures of her when she’s not competing and that hair be LAID. So this was totally unnecessary and a lot of black women just made themselves look real bad.

  8. I love how she said “Nothing is going to change.” Translation, b-tch I’m going to continue to wear my hair the same way. You mad? lmao I heart this child. I really do. Her momma raised her well you hear me!

  9. And she still looks prettier than the chicks with the lace front wigs. If I was 16 again, I would try to holla. And shorty got gold medals too. Man, females consider the wrong things important I see.

  10. Here’s what I don’t understand: Has ANYONE else noticed that the white girls do the same thing with their hair and no one says a damned thing? Like she’s supposed to be out there with a press ‘n curl or something. I am so sick of black people dragging successful blacks through the mud every chance they get; be it Gabby, Serena, Venus or Obama, black people just can’t stand the fact that they were afforded some of the same opportunities as these people and didn’t make it themselves. That is not their fault. They did not make you a loser who never went for your dreams and has been unsuccessful in life and relationships, and will never be any better than you are because of the circumstance that you created for yourself and are too foolish and proud to rise above. You don’t love yourself — In fact, you hate yourself. That’s a personal problem. We didn’t need to know that, but now we do. Some people think they are being outspoken or different because they are willing to look like an ass and share their ignorant and unresearched opinion with the public, but all that actually does is reveal your true insecurity. Yes, shame on you. No, you do not have an argument. Yes, you are a hater. No, Gabby will not, nor does she need to change her hair for insignificant, small minded, brainwashed people such as “barbie”. And yes, I am really pissed off that this has to be news. The world laughs at us for the things that we as a whole consider important. Black people are a joke to the world and until you fools wake up we always will be.

  11. Kinda hard to keep black hair kept up when you are constantly sweating and have to keep it out of your face while your doing your trade. Seriously, she’s one talented young lady and I really don’t care if she dawned a rainbow Afro

  12. She’s an awesome representative of the USA, of the faith, and what a young lady or anyone for that matter should be.
    Never noticed anything wrong with her hair – just that she’s a champion and a beautiful person inside and out !

  13. I realize that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but, When this girl is working/training hard who gives a damn about her hair. It isn’t a hair battle. While ya’ll at home judging her hair shes IN the Olympics winning and representing USA but instead of congradulating the girl yall wanna try to tear her down about her hair,huh. You go with ya bad self Ms. Gabby, Its good you have thw confidence about yourself to not care what people are saying about you/your hair it’s crazy what people find to complain about. Keep ya head up and Keep winning!

  14. I can’t fathom how people can be so ignorant. Who gives two figs what her hair looks like. That little girl just did something no one judging her hair could ever dream of doing. So all of you sitting back collecting your food stamps, unemployment and walking around looking a hot mess, Gabby worked her butt off for years, flew to another country ( which most of yall will never do) and brought home a gold. So compare that to your 4 kids, 2 baby daddys, red blue and purple weave and your food stamps. You rock Gabby! Your hair was looking perfectly fine from where the intelligent Americans sat watching you. do your thang girl!

  15. Gabby is my idol. She is such an amazing person inside and out. I will NOT sit here and believe that people from this country that SHE worked so hard to proudly represent in the Olympics can argue about something that isn’t a flaw! Her hair does not matter when she does a routine, and it shouldn’t matter to anyone sensible. Haters like to find little picky things about people that come out as drama over nothing. Can all the haters out there please do me a favor and read the book “Grace, Gold and Glory” it’s an autobiography by her and a writer to help of course. She is truly inspirational. I am a 13 year old girl who just got a nook for Christmas, and that book is the first one I bought! I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but here is a FACT: her hair is just like the other girl’s hair, which noon cared about. McKayla Maroney’s hair was the EXACT same way. Thank you, for your consideration (Katniss Everdeen). -GabbyFan

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