Sanya Richards-Ross Gets Congrats Kiss From NFL Husband Aaron Ross After Win

Sanya Richards Ross Aaron Ross

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By: Taren Vaughan

Sanya Richards-Ross was on a mission after placing third in the 400m race in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China. This time around, Richards-Ross was not shedding tears of sadness but she was shedding tears of pure joy as she came out on top finishing the women’s 400-meter race in 49.55 seconds, winning the US’s first track and field gold of the 2012 Olympics. The defending champ Christine Ohuruogu of Britain finished second in 49.70 while DeeDee Trotter, representing the United States came in third, capturing the bronze medal.

Sanya Richards-Ross on her capturing her first gold in the women’s 400-meter:

“The run was phenomenal,”

“It’s very, very challenging to get on the Olympic stage and give your best performance, to balance your emotions and physical. It’s a huge weight off my shoulders. I kept telling myself, `You are the champ. You are the champ.’ To go out there and actually accomplish it is really fantastic.”

In addition to her mother and father cheering her on in the stands, her husband NFL defensive back Aaron Ross was in attendance too, rooting extra hard for his wife to snag a gold medal in the event. Ross took time from training camp with the Jacksonville Jaguars to travel to London to support Sanya in person, something that Sanya is so glad he was able to do.

On top of the kiss that he planted on his wife after her win, Aaron Ross had some words for her afterwards:

“You finally did it, you finally did it, babe,”

“Enjoy the moment.”

For Ross knew how much this win meant to Sanya because she put her and heart and soul into it:

“She worked so hard,”

“All the emotions going through her mind, my mind, her family’s mind, everybody that’s seen the struggles. It’s just a great moment right now.”

Aaron Ross already has two Super Bowl rings under his belt and now his wife Sanya Richards-Ross has her own prize to add to the collection. As there is obviously no competition between them for medals and rings, it’s clear that they are very supportive of each other.

Nothing like black love.

Sanya Richards Ross


  1. Black love is beautiful! This was amazing to see Sunday night. I am really happy for her and Aaron Ross. I like how he left training camp to see her race all the way in London. That was really sweet of him. I hope to meet a man that dedicated to seeing me succeed in my career as much as he is with Sanya.

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