Drake Angers Aaliyah Fans With Alleged Chris Brown Diss

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By: Taren Vaughan

Aaliyah was one of those artists that captured music heads’ hearts, always coming strong with tracks that her fans could relate to. Stemming beyond the studio, Aaliyah also did her thing on the big screen and was known for her sick dance moves. The tragic death of the talented beauty left the music world mourning for a long time. Even to this day people are still saddened by her sudden passing. But now, we have gotten the chance to hear her on songs again. But shockingly it’s not anything that Missy Elliott and Timbaland are behind.

Rapper Drake has taken on a producer role in the making of an Aaliyah posthumous album. As he is thrilled about paying tribute to Aaliyah, a number of people however, specifically Aaliyah’s fans and super producer and close friend of hers Timbaland, were not too pleased with Drake’s involvement with this project, especially since Timbaland nor Missy were no where to be found on it. When hit with the news, Timbaland spoke on the fact that he was completely in the dark about the whole thing:

“I don’t know what’s going on. The proper way to do that would be for me, him and Missy to be all on the record”

And her fans wasted no time coming for Drake on social media outlets, expressing their dislike of him heading something of this nature, he is now catching even more heat for sliding in what appeared to be a diss to Chris Brown in the song “Enough Said”:

“Selling under 150, you ni—s gotta be kidding, is this even a discussion?”

Did Drake officially clap back at Chris Brown in the midst of an Aaliyah song?

He could very well have seeing as though Chris Brown’s recent album Fortune sold around 135,000 copies in its first week.

Whoever it was directed to, Drake is on a lot of Aaliyah fans’, most likely Chris Brown fans’ too, bad side for this one:

“It was disrespectful that Drake chose an Aaliyah track to diss Chris Brown. There is a time & place for everything & this wasn’t it”

Things I dislike about Drake’s new song : 1.”Enough said” is that he was dissing Chris Brown in a Aaliyah song which is negative.”

Drake actually dug up a subpar unreleased Aaliyah song and then rapped about how he sells more albums than Chris Brown over it. ANGER.”

The angry comments went on for days.

Should Drake have left the “Chris Brown” diss out of this track and focused on honoring Aaliyah?

Better yet, should Missy and Timbaland been included in this project since they are two industry poeple who were extremely close with the late singer, not to mention both incredible musical talents?

Speak on it.


  1. I wish Drake would have left Aaliyah out of his terrible taste in music. He’s mediocre and I feel like Aaliyah deserved better than a Drake collaboration.

  2. It’s not a bad song, but it definitely doesn’t have the sound that we all have come to love about Aaliyah. Drake should have worked with Missy and Timbaland to do this the right way. Lastly, I don’t think he was dissing Chris. Chris has sold over 150,000 units of Fortunue. He’s almost near 300,000. So I’m thinking he was referring to some of these rappers struggling to sell records. That just sounds more plausible.

  3. this song does get stuck in your head so i mean it is a head-nodder. I do miss Aaliyah’s music but i dont think drake is the right person, maybe if someone who s more “seasoned” in the music biz or missy & timb wouldve done it then it wouldnt have been so much controversy surrounding it. I havent heard this much cursing on an Aaliyah song since Back In One Piece feat DMX

  4. Well, all I know is that it’s a little bit suspicious to me for the family to not support the album and he is doing one. I don’t like this. This song is alright but it has that “Drake” sound to it. Aaliyah to me is being water downed and the fact that he dissed Chris Brown on one of the tracks is so freaking disrespectful. Usually beefs help people’s careers, it’s actually destroying his. He could have waited to diss Chris if he felt the need to. He definitely shouldn’t have done it on Aaliyah’s album. And for that, I really don’t like Drake anymore. I’m about to erase any and every song I ever had in my mp3.

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