Lil Scrappy Gets Deep About Gabby Douglas’ Hair & Then Gets Dragged on Twitter

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By: Taren Vaughan

The 2012 Olympics Games continue to bring about huge amounts of excitement and pride amongst the United States population as we have witnessed a countless number of athletes from our country medal in several sports. Gabby Douglas and Michael Phelps were two people responsible for some of the biggest (and emotional) moments in Olympic history as Gabby Douglas received her first gold medal with Team USA and became the first African American gymnast to win the All-Around, an accomplishment that has made the 16-year-old phenomenon an iconic symbol in sports. As we hope to see Gabby Douglas compete in the 2016 Olympics in Brazil, Champion Swimmer Michael Phelps has said goodbye to the Games as this year was the last time he will swim in them, going out as the most decorated Olympian of all time.

Many congratulatory tweets from fans, celebrities, fellow athletes and President Barack Obama were sent to Douglas and Phelps, allowing the positivity of their accomplishments to be heavily recognized. But as we know, some simple minded folks were too concerned about Gabby’s hair and not her awesome routines which is something that her fans and celebs  defended her on, one of them being Lil’ Scrappy.

While Scrappy normally gets retweeted when he is clearing up rumors surrounding Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and anything related to his new music that is out now, his recent retweets were related to a tweet where Scrap was trying to deliver his opinion on the controversy surrounding Gabby Douglas while attempting to give props to Michael Phelps in the process:

Lil Scrappy Michael Phelps

Scrappy could have made a careless error while tweeting as we are all guilty of that. Or maybe he isn’t that hip to the Olympic athletes’ names like that. Who knows.

Either way, once some of his followers caught a glimpse of his tweet, their responses started rolling in:

Lil Scrappy Michael Phelps

Lil Scrappy Michael Phelps

Lil Scrappy Michael Phelps

Lil Scrappy Michael Phelps

It was nice to see Scrap express his opinion on Gabby Douglas and how he thinks we as Black people should stop downing each other. But the error in the first part of his tweet nearly overshadowed the point he was trying to make, well actually it did.



  1. Did Lil Scrappy even graduate from high school? This is my beef with these rappers. It takes only a couple of hours a day to educate yourself with current events and proper grammar usage. He’s too old to be this ignorant. I appreciate the point he was trying to make but it was overshadowed by his terrible grammar skills and lack of knowledge of current events.

  2. As stupid as that tweet was, Lil Scrappy has more sense about the subject than the black people who criticized that baby’s hair do. So I won’t criticize him for this one.

  3. Is anybody surprised that the man who says “You feel me?” after every few words has poor grammar skills and can’t spell one of the greatest Olympians of all time’s last name. You guys can’t be shocked.

  4. Besides mis-spelling Michael Phelps name, there was nothing wrong with Lil Scrappy said. He does deserve some slack.

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