Toya Wants K. Michelle To Show Receipts That Memphitz Abused Her

toya and k michelle

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

K. Michelle and Toya just can’t resist throwing shade to each other on Twitter and interviews these days. Ever since K. Michelle revealed that Memphitz abused her, Toya has gone into defensive mode and occasionally uploaded some pretty apparent shade worthy pictures to her Instagram account. It’s to be expected since K. Michelle has put her marriage and husband in a negative light, but some would say that Toya might have taken things too far by finding fault in a woman who is the alleged victim in an abusive situation. Now since it’s evident that Rasheeda and K. Michelle are now beefing over K. Michelle’s comments regarding Toya’s husband on the show, it seems like the Toya and K. Mchelle beef just went up a few notches. But it didn’t help that K. Michelle told Toya to “shut the f-ck up” a few days ago during a Love And Hip Hop Atlanta question and answer segment.

Toya refuses to believe that Memphitz abused K. Michelle and turns out that it’s because she doesn’t have any physical “proof.” When some of K. Michelle’s fans and supporters asked Toya rather or not she knew that Memphitz threatened K. Michelle’s son, Toya responded:

toya and k michelle

I have a feeling K. Michelle and Toya won’t be squashing their beef anytime soon.


    1. Its statements like this that make it difficult for victims of sexual and physical abuse to step forward with the claims of abuse.

  1. Toya needs to shut the hell up! My goodness she wasn’t even with Memphitz when this stuff happened. No one knows every single thing about their spouse, especially what they did in the past. I wish she would use some common sense, but why on Earth would Memphitz confess hitting a woman? What man wants to confess to something like that? Most abusers don’t. I wish she would use her brain and realize that she needs to just stay in her place.

  2. Toya is still defending her little thuggish husband. Please. He already showed what kind of person he is when he introduced that trashy a– TV show he’s trying to get picked up. I knew then that K. Michelle probably wasn’t lying about him.

  3. Toya should realize that just because a man you are married to never laid hands on you does not mean he never laid hands on another woman. It is classless and just downright foul to take shots at K. Michelle about this. If she did not believe her, she could have kept her thought private. However, all of this jaw-jackin on twitter is making her look really bad.

  4. Toya ain’t doin’ nothin’ wrong. She just standin by her man as a good wife should. If K. was abused, why did she never go to the police or somethin. Her crazy butt was probably the one that was abusive towards Memphitz.

  5. I like Toya. I understand why she is going hard for her husband. How would K. Michelle feel if she was married and some woman came out of nowhere and called her husband an abuser when he never displayed any of those characteristics to you? People need to put themselves in Toya’s shoes before they bash bash her. Just sayin.

    1. You can go hard FOR your husband without BEING hard ON someone else. Support comes from her standing by her man no matter what rather than speaking out publicly on something she really doesn’t know about. The only thing Toya has to support her stance is the fact that her husband told her it’s not true. So my question to you Lauren is, have you ever been lied to?

    2. Funny part about this here domestic abuse allegations: 1) He hasn’t put in any type of court order to stop her from saying he beat her ass; 2) K. Michelle has been telling this same story for some years now and it has not changed…she now has a platform for people to hear the real deal; 3) Abusers know who to hit, who not to and how to hit so you wont see bruises or hit and try to make up for the abuse. Have you ever seen ike and tina? That is a very good movie regarding the mental, physical and emotional turmoil of an abuser and the victim.

  6. What’s done in the dark will come to the light. Women should always stand behind one another when things like this happens. Many times women are abused and we never can tell because of the character the guy fronts to be and often its the really sweet ones. Behind close doors that man is capable of doing anything to you….it more than possible! Husband or not this women has been hurt and abused by him. Pretty soon he’ll do the same thing to you.

  7. U can love someone so much for so many years. And once broken up, u can feel embarrassed to even tell. So u really never kno

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