Toya Says K. Michelle Lost Custody of Her Son, K. Michelle Claps Back

k michelle son

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

K. Michelle’s son has now become the target of the nasty  Toya and K. Michelle beef  that has been getting way out of control ever since K. Michelle told a story of an abusive ex on television, which turned out to be Toya’s husband Memphitz. Things started off with daily subliminal tweets and Instagram photos, but now things have escalated to scandalous interviews, and harmful allegations being made on both ends.  When K. Michelle revealed that Memphitz threatened her son, Toya took to her Twitter account to demand that K. Michelle starts showing proof to confirm the authenticity of the serious allegations. But Toya also took it a step further, when she revealed in an interview that K. Michelle’s son was taken a away from her because she’s crazy and suffers from schizophrenia.

Here’s what Toya said (the video is below as well):

“I’m glad you brought that up because she(K-Michelle) went on the Breakfast Club radio show running her mouth and talking about me and my husband! I want her to keep my name out of her mouth!hell a lot of people abused her! Where is the proof that my husband beat on her? Where is the police reports that my husband threatened her son? I need some proof! If anyone knows my husband they have nice things to say about him. Even his ex-girlfriends never came forward to say he was abusive!

K-Michelle needs to find her own story line and stop trying to stay relevant by gaining ratings from us. You know she is bonafide schizophrenic too! She doesn’t even have custody of her son.”

Of course, it was only a matter of time before K. Michelle responded about her son:


k michelle son


k michelle son



  1. This was very low down! Toya is just as trashy as her husband. You never go after the victim! Even f you don’t believe her, you don’t take things this far. Shame on her!

  2. So what did she get these lies from Memphitz too? This is sad and so disturbing. Memphitz acts like an abuser every time he attacks K. Michelle on Twitter. It’s amazing that Toya is too damn dumb to see the signs.

  3. Really though? So now it’s clear that Toya listens to everything her husband tells her, and she obviously doesn’t think for herself. If she would have done the research, she could have figured out this was a lie as soon as he told her this mess. It’s amazing how far Memphitz is willing to go to destroy K. Michelle. It’s very telling of who he really is and why I believe he abused that girl.

  4. F–k you Toya! I will no longer support your show, clothing line, or fake motivational books! How can you claim you’re for uplifting women but you’re tearing down one now? You’re a terrible example to your daughter to behave in such a way. You’re telling her that victims deserve to be abused and destroyed for standing up about what happened to them. Shame on you!

  5. Really Toya? SMH. I can’t even try to defend you on this one. This was low down and you have officially made yourself look bad. This won’t end well.

  6. Schizophrenia? What the hell? That was one of the dumbest lies I’ve heard in a while. Memphitz is the typical abuser. Doing whatever he has to do to make the victim look crazy and like a liar. I’m done with him and Toya.

  7. By the looks of Memphitz’s tweets, I don’t get how Toya is riding for him so hard on this. He’s tweets like an abuser. Period. Take of them damn newlywed glasses and see things for what they are. She’s being real naive.

  8. Ok. This is getting stupid. K. Michelle has proof because she need proof of what happened to get out of her record deal with Jive. She showed them text messages of when he threatened her son, and they released her from the contract and fired Memphitz. That is why he keeps talking about what he’s going to do, and still has done nothing. Toya should put the pieces together and understand she riding for liar.

  9. smh Toya just has no idea what doo doo she just stepped into. Before she just looked like a supportive wife, now she looks just as ratchet as Memphitz. Stupid move.

    1. Well nah Mrs.Wright, for her to ride with her husband on this issue is crazyy!! Bish yo significance is much like MiMi and Sleezy Stevie J, you was a wife of Wayne n he flow showed every women he could except for you…to be honest a lot of ppl never knew he was married n wasn\’t there some talk about Wayne mentioning you getting involved w/a women beater n having his daughter around one Ijs…I guess you are jus tickled to be in the limelight as a wife!

    2. That’s right Shayla, set the record straight! I don’t know Toya but just by listening to her comments, I do know that she is wrong. She said she wasn’t there then, keep at that…She doesn’t know what happened! News flash Toya…Men lie every day!

  10. I just got back from Twitter and yall they are blowing Toya’s mentions up! They are dragging her yall. It’s sad as hell. She should have kept her mouth shut like she had been doing. Now she looks bad. Smh

  11. I was riding with Toya up until this interview. She should have kept it cute and said she supports her husband, and left it alone. But you don’t bring innocent kids up into this. #yougonelearntoday

  12. How is Toya going to say K. Michelle is using them for ratings when she used Lil Wayne to get her show? And it’s not like anyone really knew who Memphitz was before k. Michelle got on TV. Girl stop.

  13. Am I the only one wondering what the result of K. Michelle “showing proof” would be? Then what?
    Sadly, in the times of social media and reality shows, these people are living their lives out loud and it has become soooooo noisy. It speaks ignorance on so many levels for Toya to say things like “none of his other exes came forward to say he was abusive” or that “a lot of people have abused her.” There is a way to be supportive and hold things down at home without tearing someone else down in the process. However, this shows me that Toya AND Memphitz have become very defensive which makes me wonder. I’m sure Toya’s actions are a result of his influence but is she wanting to deny these accusations and discredit K. Michelle to somehow convince herself, and others, that he’ll never do the same to her (assuming he hasn’t already)? If you listen closely to what she’s saying, it’s no longer in defense of her husband……………. There’s no way you’re in support of your husband 100% and asking for proof in the same interview. Girl Bye.

  14. Why is it OK for these stupid wanna-be celebries to make light of a serious disease like Schizophrenia? If it was cancer, no one would dare laugh! But because it’s a “mental illness,” it’s somehow OK. I hate ignorance. Next, it’ll be that K. Michelle’s son is a “retard.” Exactly. It’s not something to make light of or throw in someone’s face because many people struggle with Schizophrenia and do lose custody of their children, because they happen to get sick. Toya should learn more about this before she throws shade at another person like it’s a joke.

  15. Memphiz didn’t beat her. People who can see the lies knows the truth. Everytime she’s about to release a song or get any press time she brings up being beat by him. Like how many times can a person use that to try to step up the ladder. Even her own close friend said she has problems with guys because she knows that shes picking the wrong ones but she doesn’t care. If the man beat you get some therapy hell sit wit stevie j, joseline and mimi but bringing up this while he’s happily married is so childish. Get over it, it’s been years now…like her music though lol

    1. Wow are you forreal, because it happen years before she shouldn’t say anything. Yes, speak out on abuse by any means. & just because he with Toya she shouldn’t say. Not!! And Toya should be more understanding because of of her trials And tribulation. And he should stand up and be a man and admit his fault and move on for the better for they child they have together. I wish them peace and growth as grown ups..

  16. Toya kills me thinking that K Michelle speaking about the abuse is because she hating on her and Memphitz! Toya really need to get over herself. The reason she can’t get over it because that sh-t is still messing up her life now. When Toya had her shows somebody should have told her to stop bringing up old sh-t when she was crying about her childhood and her and Wayne failed marriage then she could probably see where K Michelle coming from.

  17. K michelle keep telling your damn story, but to shut all these haters up Memphitz and Toya and everyone else who don’t beleive you since they want to b stupid and throw you under the bus and make you look bad. Show the proof you have on his a** and then let’s see what people have to say then Toya want to see the proof show her a** and call it a day go get yo money why they a** try to figure out how to pay for that law suit Toya have hanging over her head.

  18. who are we to judge anything on either side? these ppl are human just like you and me, they make mistakes and have emotion like you and me, so stay out of something that you dont know what the real situation is……REALLY…i dont give a f–k cuz i still love them both, so stop sayin toya FAKE, and k.michelle is lying cuz none of us really know but them and GOD…..SMDH….

  19. I heard toya say she is being the supportive wife, well she must not understand the difference between helping or hurting your husband image. Toya needs to understand that some ppl bring out the worst in u and k michelle might have been that person but that don’t excuse his actions. Just because he hasn’t whip her a– yet doesnt mean it’s not going to happen at some point, I had much respect for toya cause she stayed on the back burner of this mess but iv’e lost all respect for her for 1 simple reason dragging a child in the middle of that mess, she is a mother and she knew better.

  20. K. Michelle is a Keisha Cole wanna be… If she has a record deal, then drop the single or album. Stop cryin’ about the past, grow the hell up and quit b-tchin’ & moanin damn. It’s gettin’ boring, I see she is not happy.

  21. K Michelle is Happy as H–ll Now! She may have been down in the past but she is not out! VSOP! is on the Radio. What is Toya and Memphitz doing. I never heard of Memphitz until Toya’s Reality show with her family which was all that! Now they are supposed to be doing another show about Memph. and Toya. No way Im watching that mess! I saw a preview and he was talking down to her like she was a child. Toya may not need him financially but he is controlling! I can see where the abuse came from. He should be glad K admitted it later that it was he that abused her. He said his name first not K. Now cus of all the talk he is trying to become relevant when no one knows him or Toya but her celeb friends that she has made. What is Toya’s talent. K always had talent and Memph did not make her like he said on twitter. K’s talent came from God! Toya need to stay out of their business. Is K talking about what went on with Toya and Wayne? No cus she was not there and dont care! I hope K blows up and collaborates with Young Money Crew or Wayne himself, that will be very interesting. Cant Wait until’ K’s album drops July 30. Im so happy for her and so sorry for Toya! Wow what leftovers in K’s dust! lol. “WE GON’ MAKE THE REST OF K’S LIFE VERY SPECIAL” JULY 30

  22. If I was toya I would ask her husband if he did it and I wouldn’t comment on it because that’s something you don’t play about is abuse and I bet she looks real stupid when he admit to abusing her and look how he ask towards her on the marriage boot camp show he looks abusiive and he verbally abuses toya so what makes you think that he wouldn’t hit a female.

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