The K. Michelle And Toya Twitter Beef Just Got Real, K. Michelle Threatens Toya!

k michelle and toya twitter beef

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The K. Michelle and Toya Twitter beef just got realer than it has ever been. Just one day after Toya publicly revealed in an interview that K. Michelle lost custody of her son Chase, K. Michelle has responded on Twitter in a way no one saw coming: directly. Yes y’all, the beef has officially been escalated. Just hours ago, K. Michelle confronted Toya and actually mentioned her in several tweets. In these tweets, K. Michelle reminded Toya that she was not with Memphitz when the relationship became an abusive one, and that the proof of the abuse is Toya’s engagement ring! The K. Michelle and Toya Twitter beef didn’t end until K. Michelle told her exactly what she’s going to do to her if she catches her on the street.

After a series of subliminal jabs, K. Michelle got real and told Toya that she’s crazy enough to slap Toya on the streets if she continues to bash her and make up lies about her child.

Peep the tweets:

k michelle and toya twitter beef


Toya has not responded. So we guess this officially puts an end to the K. Michelle and Toya Twitter beef.


  1. I didn’t expect her to actually mention her. Wow. I know Toya won’t respond. I’m kind of glad. This mess needs to end. It makes all of them look bad.

  2. I don’t even feel bad for Toya. She shouldn’t have went there about K’s child. That was just going too far. I think Toya is going to lose a lot of fans after this whole thing. It was better to just remain silent, and support your husband in a much more mature way.

  3. K. Michelle punks Toya again. She mentioned her and Toya says nothing. Yet she has a lot to say on Instagram and in interviews. Lame.

  4. I’m sorry, I hollered when I read those tweets. K. Michelle has a lot of balls. I never thought she would actually come for her and mention her on Twitter. As crazy as she is, I respect her for just keeping it real and going straight to the source. That subliminal mess is lame and they need to cut it out. Now if Toya won’t respond to her directly, she needs to shut up and stop taking indirect shots like she’s been doing for the last 2 months.

  5. B-tch (K michelle) you need to stop lying! If what you saying is true were is the proof, I believe Memphitz if you could not talk for months in lost a record deal, should’nt you have went to the hospital or something. Where is the papers, in why is nobody else in the record lable defending, would’nt they have seen it. You are lying in you know you are, nobody really likes you in now you are in a big mess with a lot of people in like you say you be on that bullsh-t because what your saying is bullsh-t!! Get money h-e!!! You just mad because you are not the wife go suck on some grapes in let people live their life!!!

  6. that is crazy why would someone lie about gettin the sh-t beat out of them i think it is ignorant for people to judge her cause she is telling her story when or should i say if it happeneds to toya then people will be saying oh she was telling the truth and it will happened cause once a beater always a beater.

    1. Totally agree. This will not be the first nor the last time that a woman does not press charges when they have been abused. She admitted that something she said could have been a trigger of what went on. There is still no excuse for what he did. Of course he is not going to treat his current wife like he treated k. We all know what would happen if he brought chaos into her daughters life. So he will definitely fly right with his wife. Glad to see that k is not taking it lying down. She is a motivator for woman who were or are in her situation that didnt speak up. Not too many people made it to tell their story.

  7. Oh wow why Tf would k mke up sum stuff like datt really ppl juss need to bak off n listen 2 her she aint mken it up trusted me my mother have been abused by his ex n he did da sme thing he was telln evrybodi sumthing different soo I think Memphis did it mf\’s actin like dey kno him personally yu can\’t put nothing pass nobodi soo SHUT TF UP PPL n at firsted liked toya bhutt now idk mf\’s wasn\’t goin sayn she was lyin abt da sh-tt she putt n her lil book abt lil Wayne so imean really like k said(kno watt yu ridin 4) be smart bby ok yu got a daughter ok SMFH

  8. k michelle was a NON MUTHERF-CKING FACTOR before the show,during the show and most important since comming out with these abuse allegations she is STILL A NON MUTHERF-CKING FACTOR. If she got her a– beat years ago thats her problem not the worlds maybe she should just shut up about it already and let the evidence(if any) speak for itself or better yet take this case to court and let them decide who\’s telling the truth. I think she\’s using this situation to try to help her career and keep her self relevant. Maybe if she spends as much time on her career than she does on this foolishness maybe then she can get a life

  9. why do everybody has something to say noone knows toya or k but k do need to shut up all ready about the situation nothing has been did yet therfore nothing wont be did toya is to grown and classy to sit and argue with k in\m not taking sides toya was wrong for bringing the child in now she dont want anybody tking about nae…so toya dont entertain the foolishness and k stop making yourself look foolish #ack like grown women

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