Lil Scrappy Comes Clean About Why He Asked Erica to Take Him off Child Support

Lil Scrappy child support

By: Taren Vaughan

The Lil Scrappy child support drama is still being talked about even though Lil’ Scrappy and Erica are no longer together. At one point, Erica was debating on whether or not to take Scrappy off child support. Lil Scrappy attempted to set the record straight about everything through a Twitter rant that he went on and Momma Dee shared her thoughts, accusing Erica of double dipping, trying to get extra money out of Lil Scrappy to spend on herself and not their child. Ever since the child support situation was aired to the public on Love and Hip Atlanta, everybody, viewers included, has put in their two cents about it, many feeling that Erica should not, and never even considered taking Lil Scrappy off of child support. Once te taping of the show ended, Erica eventually agrees to take Lil Scrappy off child support.

Some people just can’t seem to grasp why Lil Scrappy has a problem coughing up funds to give his daughter’s mother, especially since now he is bringing in money from being apart of this Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast. And due to the very high ratings that the show has, it’s safe to say that the cast members were cut some healthy checks.

So what was the problem?

An inquiring mind on Twitter reached out to Lil’ Scrappy, questioning him about why he was complaining so hard about being on child support. And judging from his response, it sounds like Lil Scrappy never had a problem with giving Erica money for their daughter, the thing was that he wanted to be off child support in order to keep the government away from his money:


Lil Scrappy child support

Lil Scrappy went on the defense when hit with the child support backlash and his parental reputation was on the verge of being scarred. This seems though to be the real reason as to why he was trying so hard to convince Erica to take him off; Scrap doesn’t want the government to “put dem paws” on his money.



  1. Hmm…I still think he’s a deadbeat dad. Erica said enough things on the show to confirm that for me. And a man’s inability to stay committed to a woman says a lot about what kind of parent he will be.

  2. I think he’s having money problems and is trying to get back on his feet. He probably also just wanted the courts out of his family affairs. The courts are better suited when a man is not trying to pay and has shown that he is not reliable. As much as I despise how Lil Scrappy treats Erica, he’s hasn’t done anything on the show to make ME think he’s a deadbeat dad. And I think Erica took him off because he does take care of their daughter.

  3. Scrappy needs to grow up and be a man, His mother has enabled him so badly that I fear he may never grow up. And this is why Erica should have never agreed to take him off child support. What was she thinking? That he’ll eventually wake up one day and realize she’s the one for him? Please. When a man is on and off with a woman for years, it’s because he isn’t happy with her. Erica is not who he wants to be with. She is someone he sleeps with in between (what he sees as) better chicks. He broke down over Diamond, but doesn’t even so much as blink when he hurts Erica. And that should be enough for Erica to move on. Sadly, it’s not. smh

  4. I guess he thinks he knows what he’s doing. I just hope he takes care of his daughter. She’s the most important element in all of this.

  5. LOL can he at least take some grammar courses from a community college. His tweets make me want to go back to school and I have a college degree.

  6. I still think Erica shouldn’t have taken him off child support. She’s letting her heart get in the way of what’s really best for her daughter.

  7. So is this the excuse he gave Erica to get her to take him off child support? I understand she loves him, and I won’t judge her for that because every woman has loved someone she had no business loving. But seriously. I feel like she is doing these things because she’s hoping he’ll come back to her. And he will. When he gets bored and has no one else. As soon as that changes, he’ll leave her again. Come on Erica. Be smarter than this.

    1. No ma’am! I respectfully disagree with that comment. You can absolutely help who you love. In fact, you need to.. When my ex decided he was going to sleep with another woman, I decided that day that I wasn’t going to love him anymore. He didn’t deserve for me to love him anymore. And that is what all women need to understand, you can and need to be in control of your heart at all times. I’m engaged now and happier because I’m not loving someone who would cheat on me anymore.

    1. Here’s what I took away from the tweet. I think he meant Erica is asking for more than he thinks she needs and he doesn’t trust that she’s using it for the right reasons, and then I think he’s saying he’s being paid off the books, so the IRS would get involved. You have to excuse me though, I’m not fluent in ghetto.

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