TI Goes Goes Off When People Call Wife Tiny Ugly on Instagram Photo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

TI and Tiny have always been ride or die when it comes to each other and their family. The couple has been together for years, and Tiny was even instrumental in TI’s career as she helped him secure a record deal with the success she achieved in the R&B girl group, Xscape. Although TI and Tiny now can add reality television stardom to their resume of accomplishments, the rawness of this couple hasn’t gone away any. And from time to time, TI has no problem checking their haters on the internet, with his specialty currently being snatching wigs and scalps on Instagram. There’s no better way to get a quick reaction out of TIP than to call Tiny ugly, or make sexual advances to his teenage step daughter who’s become quite the celebrity herself with her successful singing career in OMG Girlz.

When one of his fans decided to post a comment on a picture of TI and Tiny and talked about her looks, TI proceeded to drag the young woman’s entire existence on his Instagram account. Although the young lady suggested that she felt like Tiny was prettier before the cosmetic surgery, TI ripped her to shreds:

Of course he didn’t end things with defending his wife, he also took the time to defend his step daughter’s honor after a teenage boy posted inappropriate sexual advances on her Instagram photo:


Oh TI.


      1. I respect t.i and always had he is like a idol to me and I understand where he is coming from too when he went off on that kid I am 17 years old and just had my beautiful baby girl and looking at this how he went off on that kid makes me think how ima be! It might sound bad but good job for looking out for your family that’s the most important part of your life

        1. OMG, How do you get “ugly” from looking at her?! Shallow people. The only reason I watch that show is because they are such a cute couple and it’s nice to see 2 people so much in love.

  1. I don’t even blame him. People are real disrespectful on the internet. So what if you think she’s ugly, you’re not married to her so what’s the problem? People are stupid as hell behind the computer.

  2. These celebs need to learn how to not wear their hearts on their sleeves. You’re famous. Every thing you do and tweet will be plastered on the blogs in a matter of minutes. This isn’t a good look and he’s acting like he has the Napoleon complex.

  3. Did he threaten that teenage boy’s life? Not cool Tip. He just got out of prison. Is this really how he needs to behave on Instagram. I guess he learned nothing from being locked up the last time.

    1. Well, that teenage boy shouldn’t have made that comment, he doesn’t get a pass because he a teenager, if he going to make an adult comment like that, he gonna to get handle like an adult, T.I had every right to go off on him, I would have done the same thing, only worse. That shows what a good father he is.

      1. T.I. my dog. That boy ain’t no fake. I would put in work for dat dude. If he let me use dat fire power he got busted for. Keep riding these haters Harris. Keep ya foot
        On they throats.

    2. None of you have any place even stating your opinion. When you’re half the person he is in character on the inside or the outside you can speak. Until then, just because the man went to prison and made a mistake does not give you a right to think you have any place saying anything. You’re only upset at yourself because you didn’t amount to anything in comparison.

      This world needs more men like him who will stand up for their family. Go act self righteous to make yourselves feel better somewhere else.

      1. More MEN like him? Children you mean? Foolish, arrogant, self absorbed, ignorant, bipolar, egomaniacal, megalomanic to sociopathic children.

        Grow up “humans (I spit that you call yourselves this name), you fight over the lives of people who do beyond less than 2% of the work you give to your whole lives to become rich and complain about their lives.. while you did and struggle to be an independent whatever they sing about.

        Bought and sold.

        I will leave the rest to you to figure out. And if you can’t, please do us the favor of acting by your own words of self sacrifice and kill yourself.

        When will you all learn that there is deeper things to life? Ask me if you’re curious. More than one oath.

  4. TI has always had a temper. He’s a short man with a whole lot to prove. But I don’t see a problem with him standing up for his family. The way he did it may not have been the best way, but celebs are people too. It’s hard to deal with the constant criticisms by strangers about you and yours.

  5. TI seems to equate his value to how much money he has. I wonder what he’s going to do when he ends up broke like most ignorant rappers. There was no need to talk to a woman in that way. Clown.

    1. What woman? See, what the problem is…..people are NEVER ready for real people! All I’m gonna say is, if you don’t want real people problems, don’t f— with real people….i PROMISE YOU….that ain’t what you want!!! #likeTipsaidinsomanywords!

  6. Why did he even do all of this? He could have just deleted the comments he didn’t like, everyone else does. And I saw the pictures. Most of the comments were positive. That was uncalled for.

  7. If ur putting pictures up on afb twitter instagram etc… just know people will always have opinions all dat stuff comes wit being a celebrity I think ti needs to sit down somewhere cause dats not cool I was a fan but now I’m looking at him different n life people gonna talk its not what they call but what u answer too he suppose to be dis humble man sheesh did all that just go out the window

    1. People are entitled to their own opinion. But if you give it for no apparent reason in hopes to insult or disrespect someone they are entitled to go off on you! Its wrong to insult people that have done nothing to you.

  8. LMAO He threatened to make that boy suck his own d-ck rofl. Welp no like this is new behaviori n the history of fathers. Everyone knows if you mess with a mans daughter your gonna regret it. At least a good dad anyway.

    I don’t blame him people are so disgusting and dirty mouthed online. Tiny is perfectly fine leave her looks the F alone. Why is it always sad looking b-tches trying to drag her anyway Hmmmmm?


  10. I think that other people shouldn\’t judge anothers relationship…there with eachother for a reason don’t comment on there picture if your going to be ratchet…

  11. I’m sorry, Tiny is ugly ass hell she look like the pig off the muppet show. Lets keep it real T.I don’t realize how ugly she is because her uglyness has grow on him. What up with her a– that’s the question of the day! Look like some one stuff pillows in her pants. No matter how made T.I get his wife is ugly! Period no body is hating if your ugly your ugly hell. I bet you T.I Boy’s is saying behind his back ” dam don’t Tiny look like a pig”

    1. Well you act like a pig and that is very disrespectful learn to keep you comments to yourself because you are more of a pig than her.

  12. Stopping Hating…..Many will love to be in her shoes…even the young teenager…..Love God Love People….Yep!….

  13. Not my wife not my life got better things to do than get all upset about people who I don’t know or care about we have enough issues in our own daily lives and if u can’t take the insults as,well as the compliments don’t b on instagram Twitter or whatever we live learn and eventually mature

  14. Any real father and husband will do what he did.You don’t go running your mouth about someone’s wife and kid. I wanna see someone saying lets f-ck on your daughter pics and see how u react

  15. I can understand him being upset about his step daughter but as far as his wife goes…
    Uh u can’t be mad @ the truth
    It don’t have anything to do with being a hater her face, body n voice is a hot mess but she seem like a cool down to earth person smh

  16. #Troublman #family man!!!! I would’ve went hamm on that Lil boy to. Show some respect for the young lady. And people need to stop hatting on Tiny she’s a boss and she’s been a boss. She’s got the man family money and power you go girl. And Major its the cutest baby with his smart self

  17. Really ppl!!! They’re fkn celebs putting their whole lives out in the open for everyone to see!!! And yes in my opinion she ain’t very cute at all… To put it nicely… Just saying!!! Some ppl just have more fkn money than they have common sense!!!!! Really b-tch.. who or what are u trying to look like exactly????

  18. my n-gga T.I. has the right to explode on any one that makes fun of his family, This n-gga got arrested for gun charges he a real gangster the last thing you should be doing is making him mad

  19. People need to shut the hell up with constantly feeling the need to express their filthy rotten opinions..calling Tiny ugly! Post up your pics so everybody can see what “visions of perfection” YOU are..Lol..yeah right!! GTFOH!! Ignorant fools saying that Tiny’s “ugliness grew on T.I.” if that were the case, he would have never hollered at her from the start if he never thought she was attractive! I mean he could have any woman he wants but still he chose her. Stop being so damn superficial & making looks the center of everything because physical beauty fades & is only skin deep but REAL ugly is to the bone & it has NOTHING to do with TRUE love..grow up!! Tiny seems like she’s a beautiful person on the inside & THAT is what’s going to really keep a man..that kind of beauty will NEVER fade!! #REAL TALK

  20. But honestly though why did Tiny have to go and mess up her face with plastic surgery? She was beautiful the way she was. She is mulatto so she is going to have characteristics of caucasian and black. I do too. If I were the hubby I would’ve banned her from EVER hitting the knife.

  21. Really yall? B forreal! To hate on somebody u dnt even know is just straight desperation for a life im srry but if u got somebody on ur mind so much that u got to blast their name on the net ur deffinately considered a hater, i mean shes had how many kids n still looks that good sh*t u go gurl n so f***ing wat if she got wrk done yall just mad cuz u cant afford to fix ur own uglyness the funny thing is if she dnt like it she can afford to fix it to her likeings but u haters moneys just cant fix inner uglyness just sayin obviously ti thinks shes beautiful and honustly that all that matters the way i see it if u dnt like it then f*ck wat u think dnt look n that lil boi who disrespected his lil gurl u lucky he fair warned u first cuz if it was me i woulda whopped his lil a*s first then sued him and his family for slanderism n sexual harrassment on an underage child the way i see if u dnt like wat he says or does or wat his family looks like then mind ya own n stay outta his. Get a life!

  22. First, I understand that both comments, towards TI Fam, was very disrespectful but would you feel different if he wasn’t a celebrity. I know in each of your own lives everyday you see someone calling names to other people. Do you go on a rampage and voice your opinions to help out those people. I guess the answer would be no. I totally understand TI wanted to defend his family but it is a way to do all things. Should threats be made to you everytime one voices there opinion either publicly or private. If this was true where would legislation be, where would we be. I know it happens its life but if we all thought a little harder about how to react to an action we would all be better people. TI actions are not validated because of his financial status nor by his celebrity. He chose this lifestyle to be a public figure, to be the object of ridicule and praise. So he and we have to learn to take the good with the bad. He wouldn’t have even took the time out to respond to any of you if you agreed with him but disagree you get your head chopped off lol you people can not be serious.

  23. What are you 12 TI? Get off the Internet and go ride that fancy Cervello up more then just your driveway. You’re a skinny a-s, is anyone really supposed to be scared of a stick figure? When you have had a time out from the internet, go make some better music and save Hip Hop from itself. Oh and spelling like a 12 year old doesn’t help. Better yet, I’d like to see you actually fight with that teenager you threatened. I bet without entourage and gun you’d get that a-s handed to you real quick.

  24. Are yall serious!? If they werent famous yall wouldnt even be sweatin them. The fact that ti wit a real woman and not a gold diggin slut, shows he a down to earth man and they luv is real! No matter where hes been or where he is goin he is down for his and thats whats up. The world is sooo superficial these days. Plus a-sholes are like opinions everybody got one. Tip and tiny, keep doin yalls thang! And i wish only the best for yall:-) A.d to lil major, omg u r too cute sweetie!!!! Best wishes to the harris fam


  26. How some people can be so hurtful to people is beyond me! what if they said that about their mother? i’m sure they would feel the same way as TI ! They make a wonderful couple and are good parents!


  28. Wow some people say the most hurtful sh_t yo, like they have room to talk! Tip spoke on impulse that’s all. You don’t f_ck wit a man’s fam and expect him not to FIRE BACK!! He may…could have worded it different, but sh_t the lil nigg_ should of kept his mouth closed before he got it wired shut!! I’m jus saying, every celeb has a breaking point, or just basically had enough of readin bullsh_t everyday allday. I know their in the public eye, but that don’t give a motherf_cka the right to keep saying the same sh_t the last motherf_cka done said..ya feel me!!! So to all you hatin ass “individual’s” (I’m being NICE sayin that) need to quit di_k riding, and let the power couple have they shine. Tip still gonna be the KING, and Tiny still gonna be his QUEEN! Ya’ll dam for sure ain’t stoppin that! Yea these blogs are here so we can voice our opinion’s. But dam at the end of the day, these celebs is ordinary people yo just like you and me. They just got superstar status. And that’s the perfect brew for Jealousy and Envy lmfao! Fan’s Build em up, they don’t tear em down! I’m a loyal fan nigg_h!!! You nonfactor’s GTFOH!! Keep ya head up Tiny Tip got you! And keep up that “FAMILY HUSTLE”

  29. TI could have done better. He took a drug charge for her and he is still with her. But I guess he did it all in the name of LOVE for the KIDS

    1. HExactly. They dont have a problem hoing they daughters out for “rave reviews” or for people to say NICE things about them. The 2nd we dont show undying support or even better express very human emotions like wanting to fuck an attractive person, we are “undeserving of their magnificence.” Ofcourse he defends her and HER kids. Without her ugly ass he would be living a street over as the jester not the king. Never bite the hand that feeds you.

  30. You can say whatever, but every woman would love to know that her man loves, respects and STANDS UP for her and their family. I find it funny how all these Lil Punks say Tip needs to grow up…looks to me like many of you need go take”How To Become a Real Man 101″ taught by Tip. He addressed nothing extra, no one extra, just those and what needed to be addressed! I love it when I see a man with more balls than the “girlballs” I got…and mine are pretty big!! To all men of the earth hiding……MAN UP, Lil’ Beeeoches!

  31. Tiny haters will be haters T.I. You and your Queen don’t worry about nothing but your beautiful family. I love how you guys hold each other down by any means necessary. I love to watch yall. Enjoy your lives and keep up the great work with your family and Kids….

  32. Look tiny is ugly..there’s no doubt about it..her mouth her nose..she is just not even cute..so why is he mad?? He’s the one that decided to wife her down syndrome azz…so he needs to realize people will have things to say..ok I could see if she was smart and had a killer personality …..but when she speaks it’s like she dropped out of first grade…she can’t speak.at all..I just don’t get TI..a charity case this seems like

  33. I am a 65 yr old woman who tries to stay abreast to all situations. I admire the devotion to his wife and family. I watched her other reality show. I love TI. I like the fact they are going for the gusto. I hope they never separate as a family. Who are we to criticize anyone’s looks. All those hater obviously does not have any mirrors in their residence. You, without flaws, faults and errors in life may you throw the first the first stone. Don’t let the southern accent that Tiny has misled you. She is far from ignorant. GO PROSPER TI AND TINY

  34. She is ugly. Really ugly. When I watch her on the show all I am thinking is ” wow she is so ugly”. Occasionally she looks kind of cute ,but that is all dependent on the type of weave she has on. In my opinion he sticks by her out of loyalty and she is the mother of his children. However, if you do not think he is a prolific cheater then the jokes on you.

    He is also a hypocrite. He danced around completely naked women with Robin Thicke looking every bit like the misogynist. In turn he gets mad that a boy makes sexual advances towards his stepdaughters attention getting selfie. Where is the sense in any of this? He is a thug.

  35. Ti shouldnt even. Feed into. Bullsh-t they famous on they page you went through all the comments to curse the bo out like n-gga look how she dress he just said whats on his mind ti is not the only rapper who family get comment on just dont feed into block um that still somebody child you disrespecting and tiny just have to deal with themcalling her ugly its life

  36. Umm, sorry TI but your wife is disgustingly ugly. The distance between her upper lip and nose is frighteningly long. Just own it and move on. If she wants to be in the public eye then you BOTH need to be able to handle criticism. She is ugly. She obviously agrees or she wouldn’t have resorted to altering her looks. Get over it.

  37. Yooh! Why you guys making a big fuss over tiny???? She is a beauty nd I like her style nd that’s it!! Tiny Girl don’t you worry cause its jealousy, and your man got ur back that’s a fact:) so #haters keep on hating

  38. Ummmm, tiny is ugly, that nose has to go. She was actually prettier before the surgery. She has lost too much weight her butt looks so funny. TI shouldn’t get upset people have the right to their own opinion just like he does. TI go sit down with your ghetto self if you are so magnificent why are you indulging in this petty mess?

  39. I respect them both love yall show keep up the good work forget those haters T.I keep doing your thing wit yo fine self N Tiny keep ur head up girl forget the haters

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