Ginuwine Gets Dragged and Called A Deadbeat Dad by Daughter

ginuwine daughter

By: Taren Vaughan

Ginuwine’s daughter Tiffany looks to be trying to add Ginuwine‘s name to the list of dead beat dads. This list of alleged dead beat dads appears to keep growing, Bow Wow’s name popping up on there too, him being one artist that was called out a few weeks ago on Twitter by his baby’s mom’s sister for not being a good parent to his one-year-old daughter Shai.  And within these last 24 hours, the R&B singer who used to rock with Missy and Timbaland was brutally called out by his daughter on Instagram for being a dead beat dad.

Tiffany’s rant about her father first started through a series of heated text messages that appeared to be between her and Ginuwine where she slammed him for not doing his job as a parent:

ginuwine deadbeat dad instagram

Not done with the public slaughtering of her father, Tiffany, who goes by @tiffnicole1 on her Instagram account, uploaded a few pics, captioning exactly how she felt about Ginuwine not being a real father to her over the years, shouting out her mother in one of the photos:

 ginuwine a deadbeat dad

And Tiffany says she wishes she never even met him at all:

ginuwine deadbeat dad

She didn’t end her dragging session without sending Ginuwine a final  message:

ginuwine dead beat dad

Oh damn.

Ginuwine and his wife Sole’ have children together and Tiffany’s beef with him probably stems from the fact that she thinks he treats his kids that he has with Sole’ better than the ones he had before her. Either way, she  surely dragged the hell out of him.


  1. I understand she’s angry but this is a very ignorant way to handle a daddy issue. I mean seriously. Some people shouldn’t be on Twitter and Instagram.

  2. Umm why is she exposing this on the social networks? I don’t get people who put their business on the streets and then get mad when folks don’t mind their business. That doesn’t even make any sense.

  3. I think she’s mad because he is supposedly treating the kids he has with Sole better than all his other kids by the other women he had before her. She probably went public to hurt his image, not because she wanted attention. It won’t work though because Ginuwine hasn’t been relevant in like 15 years.

  4. If Ginuwine is a deadbeat, he needed to be exposed for it. Don’t be mad at the daughter for putting an end to the fake a– image he’s most likely been giving people for years. How are you going to be mad at the daughter for pointing out that he’s a crummy father? How much sense does that make?

    1. This girl is grown. She needs to take care of herself and stop looking for handouts or fame or whatever she’s after without the work! She needs to grow up!

  5. Family situations need to be handled off of the Internet. Period. I can’t even rock with this mess. For some people, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are the worst thing that could have happened to them. This is one of those cases.

  6. See this is that bulls-it. I wish people would pick up the phone and drag their loved ones by telephone like they used to do. This new generation of e-thugs are pathetic to me. People used to just call and show up on your damn doorstep back in the day when there was beef. Now they TWEET and make Facebook statuses. Punks.

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