Jennifer Williams’ Ex Husband Eric Williams Drags Her And Evelyn on Twitter

evelyn jennifer eric williams twitter beef

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Just one day after reports revealed that Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson was arrested Saturday night for head butting new wife Evelyn Lozada, it appears as if the couple now has even more drama on their hands. Although Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada’s friendship took a rocky turn on the last season of Basketball Wives, the old friends have now made amends and have decided to move forward slowly and rebuild their friendship. Too bad Jennifer’s ex husband isn’t quite ready to bury his beef with Jennifer and Evelyn though. Even though something as serious as a domestic violence situation occurred between Chad and Evelyn, Eric Williams still felt the need to make a joke out of the entire situation and even took shots at Evelyn, Chad, and Jennifer on Twitter.

Apparently, Eric Williams still feels some kind of way towards Evelyn, as he still labels her as some kind of bad influence on Jennifer. Throughout his rants that was served in tweets, he seems to blame Evelyn for “changing” Jennifer from some good girl to an opportunist. Ironically, he even claims that Jennifer and Evelyn were once born again Christians, and that he even witnessed both get baptized. He suggests he’s baffled in the turn their personalities have taken with their recent stints on Basketball Wives.

Regardless, he takes time in between exposing dirt on his failed marriage with Jennifer and disgust of Evelyn Lozada to make fun of her new marriage to Chad, citing that the fight is probably part of some grand scheme for Evelyn to split with Chad soon and take half of his money. Oh, and he also thinks it’s karma that Evelyn got head butted, especially since she made fun of Eric’s lump several times on national television with Jennifer.

Peep the tweets and read from the bottom-up.


  1. LOL seriously? I”m not laughing because this is funny, I’m laughing because he can’t even see how pathetic he is. Man, no one even knew who he was before Jenn got on BBW. Sir, have a seat.

  2. I guess this was supposed to be funny but as much as I don’t even like Evelyn, I can’t find any humor in this situation. And he shouldn’t either, no matter how much he hates her.

  3. Didn’t Eric lay some hands on Jenn a few times too? No wonder he thinks all of this is funny. Usually men who make jokes out of domestic violence situations find humor in those types of situations.

  4. Evelyn and Jennifer are two great examples as to why women should NEVER marry just for money alone. These men will treat you bad even though they married you because they know why you married them. Chad had no intentions of being faithful from day one, but Ev married him anyway because of who he is. Look how that turned out for her not even two months after the wedding. And Jenn’s ex threw a damn drink in her face on TV, and had kids out of wedlock like 2 times. For the love of me I just can’t understand why women are slapping price tags on themselves, It’s not worth it!

  5. Somebody just wants attention. I’m always amazed by how slimy this guy is. If you’re going to marry for money, at least have some damn standards.

  6. Gawd this man is so beyond pathetic. He is obviously an abuser himself and a simpleton to boot. I think we can all agree he is a non mother fu-kin factor. ;-p

  7. Call me mean, that shhhhhh was funny as hell!????? I don’t condone a MAN hitting a woman, but…SHE HAD IT COMING!!! She should be grateful he didn’t issue the a-s whooping she truly deserved!!!!!

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