Erica Accidently Confirms that She And Lil Scrappy Faked Breakup For TV

erica and lil scrappy

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Are Erica and Lil Scrappy engaged? Rumors and reports have been popping up all over the urban gossip blogs suggesting that Lil Scrappy and Erica are engaged, back together, and days before walking down the aisle. Although we recently spoke to a source who denied that Lil Scrappy proposed to Erica at the Reunion show, we also got an email from another person who stated that Erica and Lil Scrappy never broke up. In fact, this person even suggested that the couple faked their entire break up for the cameras, and Shay Buckeey Johnson was paid to pretend to cause drama for them as Lil Scrappy and Erica worked on rebuilding their “broken” relationship. The same source even said that Shay Johnson has a photographer boyfriend and hasn’t dated Lil Scrappy since 2011, after he and Diamond broke up. This report sounds more plausible since Erica and Lil Scrappy were caught doing a photo shoot together, where Erica was photo’d wearing an engagement ring. We’re thinking people in the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta camp are denying the proposal due to contractual agreements and to keep the Reunion show full of surprises. But at this point, it’s clear that Lil Scrappy and Erica are together.

As usual, both Erica and Lil Scrappy spill a little too much tea on themselves on their Twitter accounts. After reports broke that Lil Scrappy and Erica did a photo shoot with Rolling Out Magazine as newly engaged couple, both Erica and Lil Scrappy initially played coy about the engagement in their tweets. However, Erica might have accidently confirmed the reports that the storyline for Lil Scrappy and Erica was scripted, and that she and Lil Scrappy never broke up and were together throughout the entire taping of the show.

Peep Erica’s suspect tweet:

erica and lil scrappy

In addition to that tweet, Erica and Lil Scrappy have been spotted together and even photo’d together in Atlanta. And both are acting very much like a couple. I think the more and more things come out about Erica and Lil Scrappy, it’s very plausible that our reader was right when she said that the break up was scripted, and Shay was nothing more than an ex girlfriend paid to keep these two from being kicked off the show.


  1. This means a lot of this is scripted then. Damn. I guess it’s safer to create the drama than to let it play out itself for Mona. I’ll still watch though.

  2. It was obviously fake including that bogus fight! And the scene w Buffy by the pool! That was the last episode I watched the show is just a hot a– mess.

  3. I don’t care if it’s scripted or not, I’m disappointed in Erica. She’s allowed this little boy to make a fool out of her on TV.

  4. Why would you allow yourself and husband to look stupid on tv for a small reality tv paycheck? It’s not like they are making millions from being on the show. Now people are clowning the both of them and no one is excited that they are even getting married. Maybe they needed the money, but this was just stupid in my book. Congrats I guess. ** blank stare**

  5. Let’s be real here. There’s no need for anyone to be disappointed in Erica or say she can do better. She can’t do better. Erica is not some amazing woman you guys are trying to make her out to be. If she was, she wouldn’t have been on and off with Scrappy for all these years. She’s a mess and so is he. Match made in heaven, so let’s all get over it. I am not shocked or appalled when I see two hood rats get together.

  6. Y do alot of plp have negative things 2 say about Erica n Scrappy…. Im happy 4 dem I think a child shld have both parent n their lives # hme wit them only if it wrk out n botj want 2 make it wrk…. Dnt act like u havent bn were they r if u havent good 4 u…. They mite neef da $ if so they getn it cause ur watchn them so dnt hate on dem they doin dem as long as they r happy u shld….. Get off of Eric cock n Scrappy D….

  7. I am happy for them. U can\’t judge ppl in there life. They was living that life before they got on t.v. so Wateva u guys are goin through with your significant other is probably stupid in somebody else eyes. So Jus let them be human and Wateva makes them happy. Just let them be happy

  8. wow its so funny how people on here act as if they never been thu a thing with a man you go thu things you work it out our you move on ether way thats life if its on tv or not..

  9. Its all scripted and that Mona aint too smart. Karly Redd benzino met off set and was approached by mona to pretend to meet for the first time. benzino confirms this while karly repeatedly lies about knowing him before. no surprise tho cuz she’s in her 40’s with a teenaged daughter and lies about being in her twenties. she should be happy she’s in her forties she looks damn good for her age. kudos to her for fixing those messed up teeth. they all a bunch of liars as far as i see it

  10. The only person on that show who really has some sense is K. Michelle. She’s actually going out there putting her talent into light … not in the dark with the rest of those fake a-s “boss b-tches”. She’s not on the new season to focus on her career, and I think that’s what makes her different from the rest.

    As for Mimi, the only relevance to her is the fact she’s Stevie J’s baby momma. Other then that, who are you?

    Joseline is just a mess! She claims Stevie J put on a ring on her finger because she sexy and all that, when really that b-tch was begging for a ring last season! Shooot…Stevie don’t want to marry her prostitute a-s…and even if he did well good luck to you two losers !

    Rasheeda…ugh. You are one of the most prettiest women I’ve ever seen…but also the STUPIDEST. I’ll admit, Kirk can f-ck up, but stop picking little fights with him. I think this is also scripted because some of their fights just don’t make sense. And plus the mother is always throwing some mean comments at him…out of no where. Scripted or nah?

    As for Scrappy and Bambi…EW! Bambi seems like a hoe who doesn’t even know what she’s doing on the show!Acting ghetto, playing wifey , blah blah blah (yapping her mouth!). Scrappy even admitted not being in love with her, yet she still up in his face while he trying to stuff his face in some other b-tches putty tat!

    Where Erica go by the way? I mean, they claim she’s still on the show when really she just pops up whenever there’s an event. Was she only on the show because of her relationship with scrappy? Hmm …

    Karlie Redd…girl what are you doing with that big nosed, scrappy wanna be a-s? Scrappy is the main cheater, and now his a-s wanna come up in the script? You can do soooo much better! Your in your forties! Stop fighting with these young a-s girls and go settle down, get married and act as your age!

    This show is good and all but just too damn CLASSLESS! This show is basically for an hour source of cheap entertainment. Scale from 1-10?


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