Gossip: Rihanna’s Friends Think She’s An Alcoholic & Will End Up In Rehab

Rihanna drinking

By: Taren Vaughan

Rihanna is one celebrity that comes off  to many people as a person with an extra hard shell around her, one that is not easily broken by anyone’s criticisms or comments about the way she looks, carries herself or the things she does and says. And the pop star’s “I don’t give a f-ck” attitude has started to cost her some major endorsement deals, the one she had with Nivea being one of the most recent ones Rihanna lost.  But there are still some things that drive Rihanna to tears as she got emotional talking about ex-boyfriend Chris Brown in a recent interview that she did with Oprah Winfrey. Despite losing her deal with Nivea and shedding tears over Chris Brown, Rihanna seems to be enjoying herself, continuously posting pictures of herself partying with friends, having a good time.

According to Daily Star though, some of Rihanna’s close friends are in fear that she is overdoing it when it comes to her drinking habits, saying that Rihanna is never spotted without a drink resting in her hand:

“She cannot put a drink down. Even when she’s in the sea on a surfboard, she’s got a beer.” “You really don’t see her go without a drink on any day of the week, ever.”

A source also told DS that Rihanna’s friends thought at one point that she was extremely close to having to enter into rehab for her excessive drinking:

“There was a point when all her mates thought she was within hours of going into rehab.”

Not only do some of her friends want Rihanna to slow down with her drinking, they also say that she never gives herself a chance to breathe:

“She never has a break between albums. Her singles come out at such a fast pace.” “She is always filming a video or doing a new photoshoot. She is so hardworking.”

It was rumored at one point that Jay-Z was calling for Rihanna to get dropped from the label if she didn’t check into rehab. And this is not the first time those close to Rihanna have spoken out about their fear of her drinking too much. Rihanna apparently doesn’t think she has a problem that needs help though as she continues with her normal party routines.


  1. Rihanna ain’t no alcoholic. She’s a normal young person who considers drinking and clubbing as a fun thing to do and a way to get a break from work. When she starts coming to photo shoots and etc. drunk, then I’ll give her the alchy label.

  2. I can see her having a drinking problem. She’s still hurting from the whole incident with Chris. But she strikes me as being a strong person, so I’m not too worried about her. She’s young and she’ll figure it out.

  3. People are so dramatic. I drink and party quite a bit. But it’s when I’m not working and my business is handled. I think Rihanna is the same way. I agree with the other poster, if she stops handling her business and starts showing up to work drunk, then she has a problem.

  4. There may be an issue here. Performing intoxicated at concerts and her father saying something publicly are raising red flags to me. It just makes you wonder if this is really true. Many celebrities and public figures deal with many substance abuse issues.

  5. I went to one of her concerts a few years ago and she seemed to be a little odd on the stage to me. She does exhibit erratic behavior so I believe she has an issue too.

  6. You all need to leave Rihanna alone! These can’t be her real friends because real friends would not drag their friend in the press like they did. And most likely, she isn’t a drunk they are just salty.

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