Joseline Hernandez Talks About Her Mother’s Drug Abuse Past and Troubled Childhood

joseline hernandez parents

By: Taren Vaughan

Are Joseline Hernandez parents to blame for her rough childhood?  Joseline Hernandez has been quite the character to watch on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Throughout the show, Joseline has been knee deep in drama including firing  Stevie J. as her manager, involving herself in the Lil Scrappy Stevie J. Fight and getting attacked off camera at a nightclub. Joseline also caused quite a stir when she attacked Stevie J. in the therapist office after discovering that he was trying to work things out with Mimi. Things about Joseline Hernandez parents and family are other aspects of Joseline’s life that have been revealed to the viewing audience, along with her past as a stripper and alleged prostitute. As Joseline’s personal life outside of the show was been something that has been touched on only a few times by her, now it has become a more discussed issue.

Joseline Hernandez exposed more about her troubled past with her parents in a bonus clip from Monday night’s episode. In the clip, Joseline sat down with her parents to talk about the past and how things were for Joseline growing up. Throughout the show, Joseline made references to how she grew up, saying that she was under the care of multiple men and came from a rather large family. The conversation with her parents started off with Joseline’s mother telling her that they feared they would never see her again and she thought that Joseline had completely forgotten about her family. Joseline responded saying that she felt like her mother never really cared about her and always put herself first:

“She really wasn’t no mother to me. She really was just in her own little world…”

In the midst of it, Joseline admitted to using drugs at one point and becoming a stripper at a very young age:

 “And I know she did drugs before and it’s okay ‘cause I’ve done drugs before too, cause I didn’t know any better. But that pushed me to stripping at 16 years old and doing everything at a young age”

Joseline’s mother admitted herself that she drank, was on drugs and ran the streets a lot but Joseline’s parents told her that she shouldn’t place all the blame on them for what happened. And this was when the conversation came to an abrupt end as Joseline walked out in the midst of it. Looking at what kind of effect talking with her parents had on her shows that Joseline hasn’t gotten over her rough childhood.

Peep the conversation that took place between Joseline and her parents:


  1. Jose has to learn forgiveness. Her parents are part to blame for things that may have happened to her in her past but the way she is now is her own doing. Taking responsibility is a part of growing. She seems stuck right now.

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