Stevie J. Calls Karlie Redd A H-e & Drags Karlie In Interview With Joseline Hernandez

joseline and stevie j

By: Taren Vaughan

Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J. became the star duo of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and are still the most entertaining pair to watch on the show. Karlie Redd and Benzino however sparked some people’s interest on the show, especially when Benzino gave Karlie the keys to his house. Come to find out they knew each other prior to Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. As for Joseline and Stevie’s storyline, it has had so many twists in it from the engagement rumors that circulated from Joseline’s pregnancy that led to her aborting Stevie’s baby. These two are always doing the most but are some of LHHATL viewers’  favorite to see in action. Although Joseline went upside Stevie’s head a few times, they must still be on good terms as Joseline and Stevie did an interview with This Is 50 together. One of the questions thrown at Joseline was about why she decided to get an abortion. And she said that she was too consumed in work to have a baby right now:

“I don’t think I’m ready to have a baby from Stevie like, I just wanna work right now.”

Joseline was also asked about how she felt about Karlie Redd. And with Stevie J. mocking Karlie’s singing in the background, Joseline said that she doesn’t have beef with Karlie but didn’t know what in the world Stevie was thinking about trying to make them do a song together:

“Karlie Redd is alright with me but you, she’s funny,  she’s a cool girl. I’m not never a hater…Yes, but look, I don’t know what the hell Stevie J was thinking talking about doing a song with this thing (Karlie),” “I don’t even know what she was saying. Gucci Louie Prada… anybody can do that.”

The subject of Karlie Redd and Benzino was brought up after Joseline and Stevie took a moment to clown Karlie and the performance that she put on for Stevie on stage. Stevie, unaware that Karlie had a crush on 50 until this interview, said that she is the type of woman that goes from man to man:

“Some monkeys just swing from limb to limb, you know what I’m saying”

Karlie Redd appeared on This is 50 just days before, talking about a number of things including her feelings about K. Michelle and her relationship with Benzino. And she revealed that she had a thing for 50 Cent when asked about the rapper:

“Yes…That’s why I don’t wanna get in trouble”

And from then on, Karlie couldn’t help but drop 50’s name in her responses. When she was asked about what was going on between her and Benzino, she responded but not without shouting out 50:

“It’s a complicated situation but you know, “What’s Up 50?””

Obviously Karlie is out of the loop when it comes to the throwback beef between Benzino and 50 Cent or either doesn’t give a damn one or the other.

To wrap things up, Karlie was asked if she would leave Benzino for 50 Cent. She laughed hysterically and replied:

“And your question is?”

Welp. I think we know what that means.

It was already revealed that Karlie Redd and Benzino have parted ways but even if they were still together, Karlie made it clear that she would leave him in a hot second to get with 50. Stevie J. did say she “swings from limb to limb” though so…


  1. Yes, Stevie is a whore, but Karlie is an opportunist. That’s the worse kind of whore. Stevie sleeps around for pleasure, Karlie sleeps around for a come up. Can’t respect this chick.

  2. She’s trying to holla at 50?! She must not have gotten the word about how he treats the women he dates. He dogged the hell out of Ciara too. Why do these women still want him? Gross.

  3. Yes, Stevie is a male tramp and all, but Karlie is pathetic. She only dates people who can “help” her “career.” She’s pretty but I can dig why even Stevie doesn’t respect her.

  4. She’s getting reckless. I thought she wasn’t supposed to reveal her relationship status before they showed the breakup. It really did seem like Benzino cared for her, but hell, maybe that was scripted too. smh

  5. When everyone saw what LA Reid’s son looked like, it was clear about what Karlie’s intentions are. She’s a user and she does so easily because of her looks. Men need to smarten up. Like someone else already mentioned, Stevie may be a slut, but he’s not sleeping around to get ahead.

  6. “Obviously Karlie is out of the loop when it comes to the throwback beef between Benzino and 50 Cent or either doesn’t give a damn one or the other.” < She knows, just doesn't care. She is really selfish and acts that way on the show too.

  7. Karlie is trash, but I don’t really care about it. I’m mad at my man for falling in love with this chick over just a few months. And Stevie J needs to shut up honey. What exactly is he doing differently than what she’s doing? It’s such a double standard when it comes to things like this. Stevie J is a dog and I believe he gets off on preying on women who have nothing to so that he can be that guy to bring you up and tear you down. One thing that I do have to give to MiMi is that at least she is independent. Stupid, but independent.

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