Rasheeda Says Situation With K. Michelle Is Making Her Look Bad & Calls Her A Bully

rasheeda and k michelle

By: Taren Vaughan

A Rasheeda and K. Michelle beef came as a surprise to many as Rasheeda and K. Michelle were rumored to have gotten into a fight on the reunion show, a claim that Rasheeda shut down. Though the two may not have fought, Rasheeda and K. Michelle did do some subtweeting on Twitter not too long ago. Rasheeda, friend to K. Michelle’s alleged abusive ex-boyfriend Memphitz and his wife Toya Wright, has voiced her thoughts on K.’s story and questioned the truth to it. Rasheeda has already revealed  her problem with K. Michelle. And in an interview she did most recently, Rasheeda also addressed the conversation that her and K. Michelle  had on the last episode of the show, a conversation that Rasheeda said she was dreading to have with K.

Rasheeda chatted with Power 107.5 and discussed her situation with K. Michelle and the very last scene from this week’s episode where a very upset K. Michelle stormed out in the middle of their conversation, leaving Rasheeda sitting at the table by herself. Rasheeda spoke on the editing that took place in that particular scene and how K. knew about her friendship with Toya and Memphitz all along. Rasheeda also said that K. Michelle’s feelings towards Toya seem to flip flop, one minute she shows Toya love and the next minute she is threatening her:

“The crazy part about it is the power of editing is so funny. It’s crazy because, you know, I had just established a relationship with K. filming the show…She already had known, of course, who doesn’t know that me and Toya and nem are really, really good friends…Situations went from ‘Tell Toya that I respect her. I got love for her’ to a whole ‘notha story different story. The power of editing in that scene was “Gone up the street with that” and all that. That wasn’t towards me. At the end of the day the situation with the story is, you know, she knows where I sit with this so for me to say, “Why would he apologize for what he didn’t do?”, that’s me speaking my opinion because I hear from the horse’s mouth over there what he has to say and I hear her story. And all I wanna express to K. is yo, if you gone tell the story, just tell the real story, you know what I’m saying, just be honest about what’s going on. People wanna take shots at me, they wanna be mad at me, they say they wanna lose respect. That woman is telling her story and I hear it. And you know what, domestic violence is serious, it’s a serious issue. But at the end of the day, it’s her story, his story and the truth…”

Rasheeda was asked about the subtweeting and she admitted that her responding to K. was out of her character and that she doesn’t understand why K. can’t tell her story without picking fights with people:

“True, I mean you know, she started, she said something…I was so close to not even responding. But at the end of the day, I was like you know what this is something that she does…You know I stepped out of my character and I went ahead and tweeted anyway. And I just expressed how I felt…A woman who’s telling her story, you know, why do you try to bully people so much? Like just relax…from one extreme to the next extreme”

Rasheeda also mentioned that she was supporting K. and her quest for personal growth. However, she said that her and K. were not friends but were, at one point, working on building a relationship with each other. Rasheeda and K. Michelle may not have gotten into a fight but with what has taken place between these two, I don’t see Rasheeda and K. being all buddy buddy at this point.


  1. Rasheeda keeps talking like she knows the what happened but then goes to say no one knows but them. She is so flip floppish and she’s right, this does make people not like her anymore. I’m one of them.

  2. Rasheeda is stuck in the middle because she has a friendship with Memphitz(who tells his side) and she was building a friendship with K. Michelle who tells her side as well. Rasheeda is entitled to her own opinion. No one should pass judgement because we All have skeletons. Dont be so quick to judge anyone envolved because of the 45 mins that we see on Monday nights!

  3. People don’t like Rasheeda because she’s fake and rude. If Toya is your girl, don’t hang out with K. Michelle for the cameras. And to be honest, K. is the only reason we are talking about her now. She used K. for camera time and then dogged her behind her back.

  4. This scene was a perfect example of “it’s not what you say, but how you say it.”
    For Rasheeda to say “but what if he isn’t saying those things because they didn’t happen” is straight up like calling K. Michelle a liar to her face. Immediately, she became defensive because of how it sounded. I don’t see Rasheeda any differently, but then again, I never held her in a high regard prior to that anyway. I mean, this is a grown woman still referring to herself as a “boss chick” with all the accessories your local flea market could ever offer you. *shrug*

  5. I really think Rasheeda needs to just apologize to K. and keep it moving. They really can’t be friends because it’s a conflict of interest. The more Rasheeda talks about this, the more points she’s going to lose. That’s just life.

  6. I don’t think Rasheeda should have tried to even form a friendship with K. Michelle. She’s your bff’s arch enemy for goodness sakes. What made her think this would work out well? But I agree, K. does come off like a bully. The way she comes at everyone who doesn’t believe her is a little too hood for her to be simultaneously speaking out against a form of violence.

  7. K. Michelle isn’t making Rasheeda look bad, she’s doing a good job of that on her own. She can have an opinion but you don’t spit in a victim’s face. It was tacky the way she came at her on the last episode. No wonder K. Michelle wanted to punch her in the face at the reunion.

  8. Rasheeda is so boring. She’s only on the blogs now because of her beef with K. Michelle who is clearly a fan favorite. Instead of hating on her, she should thank K. Michelle for making people even care about her. She doesn’t really bring much to the show.

  9. This is getting silly now. a wise person would know when to just be quiet and stop proving to the world how foolish you really are. Blaming this on “editing” is childish as best. All she had to do was refuse to address the situation and stay away and not get in between Toya and K. Michelle.

  10. Im not believing k Michelle @all first what do she mean she ain\’t report it? She crazy as hell cause trust n believe if u took 2million from my a– that nigro would be his a– in jail then not to mention u tried to r u put your hands on my child please if she wasn\’t mad bout her money at that time when he tried to harm my child and me at that very moment I would have been dialing 911 he wasn\’t go have if I wasn\’t go have !!!!!! What black woman go sweep that under the rug? We trying to get at his a– if they talk crazy she should take advise from eve cause y\’all see eve ain\’t give a damn who he was!!! If she go hurt he go hurt n yeah ya can\’t fight fire with fire but ain\’t no way they ain\’t suppose to pay for what wrong u do and if she ain\’t say nothing when it was going on she shouldn\’t say sh-t now!!!!

  11. Rasheeda keep back peddling! Keep says you weren\’t trying to do this and that but honey this is the difference between intentions and impact. You are now seeing the backlash of your impact. Your intentions are to have a great career but your public relations person should tell you to SHUT UP! Stay out of it. Your right THIS DOES MAKE YOU LOOK BAD! And it doesn\’t make you look like a BOSS CHICK!

  12. I have lost all respect for Rasheeda because she is a grown woman that had absolutely nothing to do with the Toya/husband situation. I’m surprised that she has stooped so low at this point. She’s looking foolish and need to stop this back and forth with K. Michelle. She should have refused to speak on the situation from the beginning because at the end of the day, it’s not her situation. She is in the media fighting Toya’s battles looking really bad. She needs to take a step back and distance herself from this situation.

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