Is This Karrueche Tran’s Response to Rihanna and Rumors of Chris Leaving Her?

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown and Rihanna have been rumored to be back together secretly and working on their damaged relationship that ended a few years ago due to a nasty domestic violence dispute that left Rihanna badly bloodied and bruised, and Chris forever painted as a bad guy in the music industry, which is a far cry from the innocent teen heart throb he was when he first hit the music scene. However, Chris has been publicly dating his model girlfriend Karrueche Tran for the last couple of years, and despite the many reports that the couple have called it quits in the last month or so, from the pictures, it appears that Chris Brown and Karrueche are still going strong.

While the public still doesn’t know very much about Karrueche and Chris’ relationship, tabloids have always reported that the two have somewhat of an open relationship. Some even went as far as to say Karrueche is fine with Chris loving Rihanna while he’s dating her, and Rihanna seems to find humor in the reports as she has taken numerous shots at Karrueche on her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Despite all of this, Chris Brown’s reps deny that Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran have even broken up and they continue to deny that a romantic reunion with Rihanna is in the works.

Regardless, Karrueche seems to have been mum on the subject, and she rarely feeds into the rumors of a break up between her and Chris.

But the aspiring model may have revealed why she doesn’t really respond to the rumors of the thousands of Chrihanna fans who bury her in her mentions daily.

After bits of Rihanna’s interview with Oprah have leaked to the blogs in which Rihanna sheds tears over Chris Brown and insists he was the love of her life and best friend. Karrueche simply tweets:

karrueche tran chris rihanna subliminal tweet

In related news, Chris Brown has been tweeting a lot less. And rumors suggest it’s because he’s parted ways with his longtime manager, and his new management is working effortlessly to clean up his image, starting with his tweets.


  1. Aww she’s such a pretty girl. I feel bad for her because they slay the sh-t out of her on Twitter every day. I like Rihanna too, but I really think Chris and Rihanna need to move on. I think Chris has, but Rihanna hasn’t. They weren’t good for each other.

  2. Why do people keep trying to make Chrianna happen again? It doesn’t need to. The relationship destroyed both of them in some way. He seems genuinely happy with Karrueche and Rihanna can find a man to do the same for her…she’s gorgeous.

  3. Sorry. I think by Rihanna’s emotional interview with Oprah, it’s clear that Chris has been sneaking around with Rihanna. He won’t stay with Karrueche.

  4. Chris does not want to be with Rihanna. She threw him under a bus to make herself look good when the fight happened. And he will never get over that. All these crocodile tears shed on Oprah’s couch won’t change that. #TeamKae

    1. If I’m your girl and I know your man loves somebody else I think I should talk to u and say don’t be a fool girlfriend its not worth God gots something better for u. When Chris was fighting Drake and she was there that’s when she should have woke up is her life worth dying over mess. Chris looks bad he’s always looking unhappy and Karrueche Tran only smiles when she’s taking pictures with other people. Its like she putting up a front and fans are not stupid. Its a big different with Chris and even his mother knows that’s why she said tell the truth to Chris or Karrueche Tran.

  5. Chris ain’t leaving this girl for Rihanna. He’d lose to much if he did and he worked his a– of to recover his career after the whole thing happened with Rihanna. He may cut up on Twitter but he’s no dummy. Karrueche seems more laid back anyway, and that’s what Chris needs. Remember, Chris has a temper. So he can’t date someone else who has an even bigger temper. That whole thing with Rihanna was doomed from the very beginning.

  6. People want him back with Rihanna because they thought they were cute together. Then he whooped her a– in that car that night. So maybe people just need to let him date who he wants and date people for other reasons than looking “cute” to the public.

  7. People are going to think anyone Chris dates other than Rihanna is a coverup for him being with Rihanna. And they really shouldn’t. People move on all the time from their first loves. Rihanna could too if she actually tried.

  8. I like Chris better with Karrueche. The only trouble he’s been in while with her was sh-t surrounding Rihanna. So that should be a sign that he doesn’t need to get back with her. It will only destroy his life again and hers too.

  9. This girl is the better person for Chris. Like someone else said, every relationship needs balance. You can’t have two hotheads who can’t help but to react to every damn thing together, that’s a recipe for disaster. And look what happened. He’s better off with Karrueche.

  10. I guess I’m in the minority on here because I think Kae is the worst choice for him. She’s a bad influence and has no backbone. She doesn’t seem to know hot to talk Chris out of bad decisions and I think she even does drugs. Rihanna’s not perfect, but she wasn’t afraid to tell Chris about himself. He needs that.

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